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The construction industry, as well as other spheres of the economy, were suffering during the previous two years. The COVID-19 pandemic caused difficulties in the supply of materials and social interactions which definitely affected the efficiency of our work. However, A+ Construction and Remodeling introduced several changes into the work process to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of clients. It helped the company to grow when other competitors could not keep the same positions in the industry.

Thus, the growth of A+ was evaluated and included in the Top-250 of INC 5000 rating in 2020. It means that the company is known as a fast-growing business in the USA, and A+ professional team does not want to stop the development of the company. A+ always upgrades the technologies and educates the specialists to enhance the quality of our work and attract more customers.

Being focused on customer satisfaction, A+ continues to develop new projects for homeowners in California. A+ Construction and Remodeling have already constructed dozens of new units, worked on the functionality and design of kitchens, and installed high-quality appliances in bathrooms. A+ team of experts has a great experience in any kind of renovation and produces only high-quality results. You can check it on our website by looking through the implemented projects. Additionally, we stay in touch with our potential customers on Facebook. You can follow the process of construction and remodels there as we update information about our projects on Facebook.

Another confirmation of the company’s upgrade is the opinion of clients. Previous customers of A+ share their thoughts about the remodeling performed by this company on such well-known platforms as BBB and Yelp. Moreover, you can check the overall rating of A+ there which reaches the maximum of 5 out of 5 stars based on the reviews.

The reason for a good reputation of the A+ and fast growth of the business is an orientation to clients’ needs. The pandemic made some companies increase prices for their services and limit the number of projects they can manage. On the contrary, A+ tried to keep the pricing affordable for everyone and offered more services for old and new customers.

Furthermore, social contacts were dangerous during the time of the pandemic waves. That is why A+ Construction & Remodeling provided remote consultation for clients and followed the regulations related to social distance. Of course, constructions and renovations are impossible to implement without in-person meetings. For this reason, specialists of A+ used protection means while working with clients. Also, all instruments and equipment used by A+ were disinfected to protect the clients from virus spread. The company still follows the basic sanitation rules to reduce the risks of infections for the clients.

Even though the situation with the pandemic is not so critical now, we still offer online meetings for our clients because it can save time for transportation to the A+ office. You can create an appointment for any format meeting at our website. It is crucial to book a slot for your consultation because it will allow specialists of A+ Construction & Remodeling to prepare for a meeting and be concentrated only on your needs.

A+ Construction & Remodeling remains developing and making the conditions of work suitable for all customers. Contact the company remotely or in person at the office located at 3612 Madison Ave #33 North Highlands, Sacramento, CA, 95660. Do not forget to use a face mask during offline consultation to make the meeting safe for everyone.

A+ team activity is aimed at the constant improvement of service quality. The renovation company will try to achieve even faster growth in Spring 2022 and satisfy clients with perfect results in construction.