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Home Additions In Antelope, CA

Home Additions in Antelope, CA

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Home additions are various improvements people make to their homes to increase the living space or to use the existing space more efficiently. For example, a family got bigger, and the children now need their own room. People often make a lot of changes to a newly purchased property. The reasons are different. Maybe the design or the planning is outdated. It is also possible that the previous owners did not take care of their property too well, so a total home renovation is required. The key thing for perfect home remodeling is to hire a good and reliable contractor.

Some people choose to make home additions by themselves. They might be on a tight budget, so they try to save money on labor. Some of them had a bad experience with irresponsible home renovation contractors. Homeowners also tend to think that home remodeling companies create very complex and expensive projects to get more money out of their customers. If money is something you are worried about, consider how much your mistakes can cost you. DIY is a good idea for small things like repainting kitchen cabinets. However, if you want to build a second floor or make a new roof, it is safer to work with a team of professionals.

Antelope homeowners choose A+ Construction & Remodeling for their home addition projects. This team can carry out tasks of any size and complexity. Whether you want to make some minor home improvements or remodel your entire home, our company can do it by a deadline and for a reasonable price.

Why Building Home Additions in Antelope?

People decide to build home additions when they are somehow unhappy with their current dwelling. There are many kinds of home renovations you can consider depending on your budget and needs. Your project can include exterior and interior operations.

Exterior home remodeling

This category includes any job you do from the outside of the house. All the things that you can see from the street would be an exterior part of your renovation project.

Here is a list of tasks frequently requested for Antelope home remodeling:

  • Repair or make changes to the roof.
  • Add a new door or brick an existing one.
  • Build a new construction: a garage, a terrace, a swimming pool, etc.
  • Change the design of the backyard.
  • Fix the siding.
  • Make or brick the windows.

When you are planning to make changes that will affect the exterior of your property, keep in mind the climate you are living in. For example, if you wish to glaze the balcony in a region with warm average temperatures, like in Antelope, CA, think of the ventilation of your home. A comfortable house must have enough air and livable temperatures.

Interior services

As the name suggests, these are all the changes people make inside their homes. Homeowners may not like the number of rooms or the size of the rooms, the overall planning of the house, and so on. Home additions usually take up some extra space from the outside. But there are a lot of things you can do inside your dwelling to add some square feet you can use.

Interior home remodeling may include these changes:

  • Having the kitchen remodeled;
  • Building a master bathroom;
  • Double deck construction;
  • The whole house remodels.

If building an extra room is impossible, there are a lot of space-saving techniques you can use. You can reevaluate the available space and find better ways to use it. Sometimes people resort to breaking some internal walls to make the rooms more spacious. In other cases, house dwellers add new walls to create more rooms. You also may decide that all you need in your project is to rearrange the kitchen cabinets.

Contact A+ Construction & Remodeling to help you with building home additions in Antelope, CA. Our team of professionals can give you answers to all of your questions about home renovation, help with planning a new project, and carrying out all the operations. Keep reading to find out what services we provide.

Room Addition Services in Antelope, CA

The previous part of the article covered the two categories of home addition tasks that can be included in a project. Now, let us talk about services you can hope to get from your home renovation contractors.

Popular home remodeling services usually include the following:

  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Home Remodeling


Before building any home additions, it is a good idea to create a detailed plan. An important thing to consider is the local law. Are the constructions you want to build legally in Antelope, CA? Will you be allowed to remove a bearing wall? If everything is fine, you can move on to creating a home remodeling design. Make a floor plan that will feature all the rooms and include things such as plumbing and electrification. The optimal solution is to hire a home remodeling company to help you with the design.


Home addition typically involves the construction of new objects like a room, a porch, or a garage. Let a professional architect create the design. A project like this requires expert knowledge of the local climate, types of building materials, the landscape, and how all of the above will affect the structure you want to build. If you do the job badly and make a lot of mistakes because of the lack of knowledge, you will need to spend extra money on fixing your home additions. The cost of the project will increase drastically.

Home Remodeling

This type of service involves making changes to your dwelling without attaching new square feet from the outside. You can create a custom home even by reconsidering the space you already have. Think of the things you are unhappy with in your current home. Have you not got enough bathrooms? Is your kitchen too dark? Do you want to install a panoramic window? Home remodels can improve your quality of life at home without spending too much.

A+ Construction & Remodeling provides all of the services listed above. The benefit of working with this company is having everything organized and controlled by a general contractor, which will save you time and effort. You will also learn about new materials and innovative ideas that will help you make home additions in a better way than you could imagine.

Turnkey Home Addition Design & Build


Add square footage to your existing structure and add value to your home with an addition.


For growing families who love their neighborhood and don't want to move, this is a great solution.


Give yourself the room you need to grow and increase the square footage of your home.


Consider building a Junior ADU to maximize your living space and rental income.

Convert a space that’s currently underutilized

If you’re looking for a creative home addition idea, consider repurposing your garage. We can turn it into a gym, a guest bedroom, or a study.
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An attic has unlimited potential! Take advantage of the extra footage and turn it into a master suite, a kids playroom or an office.
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Benefits of Additions:

  • Additional Income: having additional living space in your home that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners convert to alleviate their mortgage payment.
  • More Living Space: garage conversion will give you an option to host guests, finally give you the office you always wanted for yourself, or an additional room for the kids to play and sleep in.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own home, having this space will make it possible for them to live close to you.

How to Find the Best Home Addition Contractors?

For any remodeling project, it is a good idea to hire a team of workers to help with the construction. Find local contractors in the Antelope area, and ask them about remodeling projects and prices. If you need something specific, as only a kitchen remodel, make sure the company has experience in that area.

Antelope home remodeling companies are different in size and experience. Big companies carry out the role of a general contractor who is responsible for the whole project. Individual workers may come and leave because of various circumstances, but the work will continue. Small family-owned businesses can also build home additions, but you have to make sure that they have the qualifications to fulfill all of the necessary tasks.

Ask yourself these questions while choosing the company to work with:

  1. Have they got the website?
  2. Can you look at the certificates?
  3. Have they got reviews?
  4. Do they answer the phone call in a professional way?
  5. Do they come to a meeting on time?
  6. Do they talk too much about irrelevant things?
  7. Do they pressure you?
  8. Do they offer a free estimate?
  9. Are they transparent about the costs?

It is essential to choose a trustworthy contractor. Home remodeling is probably something you want to do once in a lifetime. Nobody wants to spend time and money fixing the mistakes of irresponsible workers.

Now, let us look at some of the red flags that should raise your suspicions about the contractor:

  • They do not have a license. It is illegal to work without a license. Property owners often have a temptation to hire such workers and pay less. In fact, this will only create a lot of trouble.
  • They do not provide details and explanations for their estimates. Every contractor should know exactly how much each home remodeling task costs. They need to be able to separate the price of a lighting fixture from the cost of installing this fixture. If the contractor is vague when talking about the prices, consider not hiring them.
  • They do not set deadlines. For various reasons, even a responsible contractor can miss a deadline. But if they do not even set it, your project may never be completed.

A+ Construction & Remodeling has been on the market for decades and has done an amazing job for many households. The company also provides excellent customer service and high-quality work. Working with our team will give you the best home remodeling Antelope experience and help you create your dream home.

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How Much Does Antelope Home Addition Cost?

Every home remodeling project would have a different cost. Various factors play a role in each specific situation. A big home addition will be more expensive, whereas a couple of small changes will be quite cheap. A DIY option can significantly reduce the cost if you know what you are doing.

The cost of home addition depends on the following factors:

  1. Size. Building a whole second floor is more expensive than building a porch.
  2. Price of building materials. Some materials are produced locally. Other ones need to be transported from afar. There are also modern high-tech objects that require a factory with multistage production. All of that affects the price.
  3. Labor. A simple job that anyone can do is typically cheaper than complicated tasks for which you need years of studying and experience.
  4. Complexity. If you only need to add a room without thinking about floor heating and air conditioning, the project will be a relatively cheap one. But a full home remodeling can become quite expensive. For example, a house built a hundred years ago may not have all the modern amenities, so you will need to install them.

When you talk with your general contractor, always ask for a detailed estimate of the project. It must feature the price of the materials as well as labor costs. Sometimes an online calculator is provided on the website of a company which you can use for a rough estimate of your expenses.

A+ Construction & Remodeling has completed thousands of home remodeling projects. We have good deals with the best local suppliers and work long-term with qualified employees. All of that reduces the cost of home addition projects, so we can provide you with a high-quality service for a very reasonable price. We know how important it is to save the budget, and we work hard to get better at our job. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How To Check A Contractor's License

All the contractors are required to have a license. They must present it at your request and include it in the ads, flyers, etc. General contractors usually have a website where the number of licenses can also be found. It is not recommended to hire contractors without a verified license. The quality of your home improvements may be below your expectations, and you also might face legal problems.

What is home remodeling in Antelope, CA?

Home remodeling in Antelope, CA, is an assortment of services provided by a number of top-notch home remodeling companies. Residents can make all sorts of improvements to their dwellings, including bathroom remodeling, garage construction, and other projects.


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