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Home Additions In Carmichael, CA

Home Additions in Carmichael, CA

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Do you ever feel tired of not having enough space to live in comfort? Then maybe it is time to get some home remodeling services from your local contractors. A general contractor in Carmichael, CA, can do an excellent job on home additions that can extend many homeowners' living spaces. Whether you want a bathroom renovation to make it bigger or you wish for a kitchen remodel to extend the cooking zone, room additions can really help.

A home addition is used to increase the functionality of your housing by adding some extra rooms, creating a new floor, or even converting a garage. Especially for those who have owned houses for a long time, the problem of lack of space becomes more urgent as the family grows and the needs change. While the whole house remodels might sometimes be unattainable financially, making such home improvements as additions of new rooms will not hurt your wallet as much.

If you are looking for remodeling contractors in Carmichael, CA, contact A+ Construction & Remodeling. With excellent customer service, our professional team will deliver an outstanding job in a timely manner. We provide service for affordable yet competitive pricing, which creates the best home remodeling Carmichael experience for our customers.

Why Building Home Addition in Carmichael?

Before making the first steps of your home remodeling project, you should decide what kind of home addition you want to make. It all depends on your goals and preferences, as well as on the room you are planning to renovate. Remodeling contractors can advise you on a particular solution, but the final decision is always yours. Let's take a look at the possible home remodeling options.

Here are some of the most common home additions that you can improve your living space with:

  • A bump-out;
  • Room addition;
  • Room remodeling;
  • Sunrooms;
  • Garage additions and conversions.

To decide what type of home remodeling would be perfect for your house, consider your budget, the market price of your property, and most importantly, the functional goal of your future renovated room. While the financial and practical aspects are often considered by the property owners, the market value of the Carmichael home might be forgotten about.

It is important to keep in mind the possibility of selling your dwelling unit. Creating a new house according to your personal needs might highly increase the property price and make it non-competitive with other houses in your area. However, if your home value is not as big as it could be, a home addition is a great chance to get on the same level as other housing units.

Turnkey Home Addition Design & Build


Add square footage to your existing structure and add value to your home with an addition.


For growing families who love their neighborhood and don't want to move, this is a great solution.


Give yourself the room you need to grow and increase the square footage of your home.


Consider building a Junior ADU to maximize your living space and rental income.

Convert a space that’s currently underutilized

If you’re looking for a creative home addition idea, consider repurposing your garage. We can turn it into a gym, a guest bedroom, or a study.
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An attic has unlimited potential! Take advantage of the extra footage and turn it into a master suite, a kids playroom or an office.
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Benefits of Additions:

  • Additional Income: having additional living space in your home that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners convert to alleviate their mortgage payment.
  • More Living Space: garage conversion will give you an option to host guests, finally give you the office you always wanted for yourself, or an additional room for the kids to play and sleep in.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own home, having this space will make it possible for them to live close to you.

Room Addition Services in Carmichael, CA

To make sure that you choose the right kind of home addition for your Carmichael home, we recommend you read through our detailed descriptions of each type of renovation. And A+ Construction & Remodeling is ready to help you with the project you decide on from start to finish.

1. Bump-Outs

A bump-out is a solid construction that extends already existing rooms in your house. Want to turn your bedroom into a master bedroom without breaking any walls inside? A bump-out is a great solution for that! It is also good for existing kitchen remodeling, as you can easily add some extra space for more kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets.

Adding a bump-out in your kitchen project can be a life-changing decision, as the kitchen is often the most used room in the house. Proper kitchen remodeling allows you to organize the cooking equipment and food supplies in a convenient way, as well as leave some space for your family to gather together for meals.

This home addition varies in its cost depending on the size of the bump-out: the bigger the extension is, the higher the price gets. However, the size of this project cannot exceed three square feet, as with the bigger bump-outs, you will have to mount some extra support. Nevertheless, it is a perfect option for those who do not want to reconstruct the whole housing unit or rearrange the rooms inside it.

2. Addition of a Room

A room addition is another popular kind of home addition in Carmichael, CA. With a solid construction design, you can turn this new space into literally anything. Create a family room for your loved ones to spend time together at, or have your own cinema in the house. This home addition option is also good for bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodels projects, as you can add new ones without extending the existing zones.

A room addition is also often used when an extra bedroom is needed. Building the room from scratch allows you to design the project the way you like and make some personalized space. You can also add a new bathroom along with your updated bedroom to make it as comfortable as possible.

Although having such a home addition seems quite easy, the task of connecting all the systems, like heating, plumbing, and electricity, might take a while. A person with no experience can make a lot of mistakes during the whole process, so it is better to hire a good contractor to help you. Luckily, A+ Construction & Remodeling is ready to provide you with exceptional work for the best price.

3. Room Remodeling

You might want to start your home remodeling process with a particular room remodeling. Whether you are tired of the old home layout or you do not have enough space to do even simple everyday tasks in your Carmichael home, a remodel can help.

Some of the most common remodeling types include kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. Both bathrooms and kitchens are very frequently used and need high maintenance in order to keep functioning properly. Remodeling contractors of A+ can help you with creating a solid construction design to remodel everything properly.

4. Sunrooms

One way to spice up your Carmichael home is to add a sunroom. If you are unfamiliar with this home remodeling option, it is basically a room with walls and a room made of glass. Such a unique space allows you to enjoy the outside looks without bearing all the temperature changes. Doesn't matter whether it is cold or hot outside; you can always spend some peaceful time under the natural lighting in your sunroom.

General contractors usually install a new roof and new floors to create a solid construction. Many families prefer to have their sunrooms without any heating, especially those who live in warmer places. However, you can always ask the general contractor to make the room fully equipped.

If your sunroom is done by professional contractors, you will receive quality work results in the end. With such a beautiful room, you can enjoy the natural landscapes from the comfort of your home all year round. The best services of sunroom construction are provided by the A+ team.

5. Garage Conversions and Additions

Many family-owned properties have some unused constructions, like garages, sheds, or attics. To make the most use of this space, you can make a conversion, which would add some extra bedrooms and bathrooms to your lot. A garage conversion is a great idea if you always have guests over and need some place for them to stay.

What is more, a converted garage can be turned into a home office. Those who work from home will appreciate having their own little corner with a proper working environment and no distractions. General contractors can also turn your garage into a workshop or a studio if you need it.

If you feel like a one-story garage is not enough, you can add an extra floor on top of the already existing structure. Such an additional dwelling unit will add to the cost of your whole property and place it higher in the housing market. Also, you can rent out the renovated garage to some tenants and get additional income from it.

For remodeling contractors near Carmichael, CA, go to A+ Construction & Remodeling. Our company will provide you with solid construction design and professional building services. Whether you need a small bathroom addition or a whole room extension, our contractors are ready to help.

From interior painting to the major reconstruction of your home, the skilled specialists of A+ will do all the work on the highest level.

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How to Find the Best Home Addition Contractors?  

A+ Construction & Remodeling is a business that has been family-owned for several generations now. With all the years of experience and successfully completed projects, the entire crew of A+ has gained the love of customers and the respect of the competitors.

When it comes to remodeling business in California, one company stands out, and it is A+ Construction & Remodeling:

How Much Does Carmichael Home Addition Cost?

The cost of arranging home additions varies depending on the type of work you want to get done, but you can always get a free estimate in the beginning. If you want to remodel the existing kitchen, the service provided by the remodeling business might be less expensive. A bump-out or room addition is more complicated, and therefore, they are more costly. At A+ Construction & Remodeling, you will find only reasonable prices without any hidden expenditures.

A+ Construction & Remodeling is a business that has the goal of making people happy with their homes. Whether you need a simple bathroom remodeling or want to freshen up your whole housing unit, our specialists are ready to help you all the way through, from the preliminary plan to the completed home of your dreams. Book the first appointment now and get free estimates for your future project right away!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a general contractor?

General contractors are responsible for the construction and remodeling of customers' properties. The contractor service includes many different tasks, and all of them are written out in the contract that is signed by the company and the client before the work starts. Contractors take care of the materials supply, management of the job site, and the overall remodel process. If you are looking for a contractor business to work with on your Carmichael home, go to A+ Construction & Remodeling.

What are home additions?

Home additions are some extra rooms or floors added to your existing housing unit. A home addition might be made in the form of a bump-out, which is an extension of an already existing room, or a room addition, which is a newly made zone. Garage conversions and sunrooms are also considered home additions. The service of making customized home additions is provided to Carmichael customers by A+ Construction & Remodeling.


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