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As a resident of Citrus Heights (CA) and a property owner, you might be thinking about some home renovations. House renovation is becoming a more and more popular practice among property owners because a renovated house serves some specific purposes and satisfies the family members’ needs better than the one they originally obtained.

Citrus Heights residents are facing a housing crisis now. In other words, it becomes harder to get additional living space for the children who grow up and get older, for example. That is why people came up with the idea of transformation of the existing space in a way so that there were additional living opportunities. One of the solutions for this problem is building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

Now, if you are seriously considering getting an ADU in Citrus Heights (CA), we recommend you get acquainted with the services that our A+ Construction & Remodeling company provides.

When you decide on what kind of accessory dwelling unit (ADU) you are interested in, attached or detached ADU versions (we will consider the types of ADU in the following sections), you us, and we develop an individual ADU project for you. This project development, in a sense, is a program with several steps.

Let us demonstrate what kind of steps this program implies and what we, as your future contractor in Citrus Heights, will do.

Citrus Heights Accessory Dwelling Unit Builders For Hire

The first step of our program is listening to your desires and trying to bring your ideas to life by suggesting different design options. When you are acquainted with the list of ADUs allowed here, in Citrus Heights, together with our designer, we will create a model of your future accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that you will have to confirm. Once the visualization is pre-approved, we can continue developing the ADU project.

Pre-approved ADU plans

The planning division papers pre-approved ADU plans (that later will become officially approved) that will serve as a navigation tool for both our team and Citrus Heights homeowners. This step of the program is important because only after you sign the plan, the actual works can begin.


The choice of materials is probably one of the most important choices connected with creating an ADU. Feel free to choose those materials that seem to be more attractive to you and more appropriate for your exact building.

ADU Contractor in Citrus Heights

Both us and Citrus Heights, property owners, are interested in what we call “in-law units” — those ADU options that correspond with the local laws. That is why homeowners, when creating their ADU, have to obey certain rules — the building has to comply with the ordinance. This is a specifically significant step of the entire program.

For example, there is a specific ordinance that concerns the detached ADUs: such a unit cannot exceed 1200 square feet — it is its maximum size. As for the maximum size of the attached ADUs — they should not exceed 850 square feet or half of the primary home (whichever is greater).

There are some requirements for the maximum height as well. In general, maximum height requirements depend on the ADU you have — either you have a detached or an attached version. To get more information, you can either search for the corresponding documents about Citrus Heights legislation on the Internet or address A+ Construction & Remodeling company for advice.

Usually, there are parking requirements as well. For instance, there has to be an additional parking space for an additional bedroom on the territory of your property in Citrus Heights.

But, if you choose our company, you will not have to worry about legislation — we are a responsible contractor, and we always support our customer community of Citrus Heights in this area.

ADU Unit Construction In Citrus Heights

There are different types of ADUs in Citrus Heights, and you can choose the one that will correspond with the building permit in your individual case. Let us briefly describe the main types of ADUs.

  1. Attached ADUs

Under the attached ADU, people usually understand those accessory dwelling units which represent some sort of a “physical enlargement” of the primary home. The primary home thus refers to the original residential properties, the general initial building where the family lives. Another logical feature of the attached accessory dwelling units is that they share one or more walls with the single-family home — sometimes, you can reach an ADU via the door without leaving the single-family home.

  1. Detached ADUs

A detached ADU is an accessory dwelling unit that is located within the territory of the residential properties. However, it does not share common walls with the primary home. Usually, this is a new construction that is contained as a separate building.

  1. Garage conversions

Garage conversions usually refer to those accessory dwelling units that used to be ordinary garages but then were transformed into a living space. A general rule for each garage conversion ADU is that it has to provide at least 500 square feet as the minimum lot size of traditional living space (or more).

  1. Lower level ADU

This type of ADU means that this accessory dwelling unit is located under the ground. This is a slightly less popular option among the ADUs allowed, but it is still a solution if you need additional dwelling units.

  1. ADU above the garage

One more option to consider is building accessory dwelling units above the garage. If you are living in your own house, the chances are that you have a garage. Think about what you have on top of it: do you use the available space smartly? You can transform the roof of your garage in Citrus Heights into a fully-equipped ADU as a complement to your primary home. Look for more information concerning the local state law or simply contact us — A+ Construction & Remodeling — we have been building accessory dwelling units in Citrus Heights for a long time, so we know how to create an “in-law unit” for sure.

Citrus Heights ADU Construction Company

If, at this point, you are still doubting about creating an ADU on your property in Citrus Heights, let us make things clear. There are several key reasons why you do need an ADU, and here they are:

“Granny flat” for other relatives

If your family is expanding, and you feel like you lack free space in your primary residence, creating an ADU will be a smart solution. Or, for instance, if you want your older relatives to live closer to you, but not in a complete 24/7 contact. These “granny flats”, referring to ADUs, will keep your relatives close enough, but not too close. This is a great option for those who especially appreciate private space.

An ADU is usually completely equipped for a normal life — if you build it with a contractor, the service usually includes plumbing and electricity issues. It has enough free space for one or two people (depending on the size, of course) and is a great alternative to the “room upstairs” in the house.

Extra income

This is an obvious advantage of having an ADU — you can invite other people to live there and get money from the rent. If you live in a city with a great number of universities, this is an especially smart idea. Students usually look for such “granny flat” options to live next to the place where they study, and they are ready to live there “not for free”.

Or, you use an ADU for the short-term rentals: invite guests to stay in the ADU for a day or a week. This strategy will work well for those who live in the so-called tourist towns, or simply in the place where people will find to take a look at, like Citrus Heights.

That is why this is a resourceful way of using your property — to provide a “renting service” and earn money!

Increase the price of the property in the future

This is a long-term strategy that will work if you think of selling your property in the future. According to the research, property units with an ADU are sold at a price 30% higher than the initial price of the house. Of course, building the ADU will demand resources as well, but if you are planning to use it, it will pay off when the time of selling the property in Citrus Heights comes.

Personal needs

We all are alive human beings, and sometimes we need some free space to get some rest and restore our nerves. In this situation, having an ADU might be salvation. When you feel that you do not want to contact anybody, that you want to spend a couple of hours in a quiet place, you can do it in the ADU. In a sense, you can use your private property to provide yourself with a relaxation service!


In the modern world, getting remote work is becoming a more and more frequent case. This means that you need some private space to contact your colleagues via calls and go about your duties without getting disturbed. Use your property smartly — build the ADU and use it as an office. Since the majority of ADU options are equipped with plumbing and electricity for the entire day, you might not even need to leave this place.

Benefits of ADU Building

Benefits of ADU Building

  • Additional Income: having an ADU on your property that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners are adding an ADU to alleviate their mortgage payment in the long run.
  • Guest House: an ADU will give you an option to host guests without disturbing your lifestyle. Having guests stay on the property but not necessarily in your home, makes it easier for the homeowner.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own space, having an ADU will make it possible for them to live close to you and yet let you have your own home for comfort.

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Building ADU In Citrus Heights

Now, when you decide that you do need your own ADU in Citrus Heights, we are here to help you remodel your property. If you address A+, you will definitely receive the following range of advantages of working with us:

  • Saving time

If you decide to create an ADU on your own, you will hardly manage to do it quickly unless you are a master of the craft. Sometimes people think that building their ADU will take years with the company and decide to try on their own. Obviously, they fail because this is a kind of work that requires skills and knowledge. With A+, you will get your ADU in less than a year.

  • Saving nerves

If you address our company, you will not have to worry about anything: all steps of ADU production from start to finish are completely our responsibility.

  • Saving money

Creating ADU without our help and your personal experience means several failed attempts before your get something you will be satisfied with. This means that you will spend two or three times more money on materials than you could if you had addressed A+.

Prefab ADU Construction

We have been creating ADUs for people in Citrus Heights for years, and now we can state that we are indeed experts in the field. Each master of our team had to pass the selection procedure — we work only with the best of best, especially when it comes to the ADU in Citrus Heights.

ADU Housing

Getting an ADU in Citrus Heights might seem to be a scary and complicated process. However, with experts who are ready to help, things are going faster and easier. That is why A+ is always here for you when you consider getting an ADU or planning other remodeling issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum size for an ADU in California?

Private properties in every city of CA are regulated by special legislation. In other words, local residents cannot simply expand their housing abilities by building whatever they want. These laws also cover the sizes of the ADU. There is a general rule that a simple accessory dwelling unit cannot be less than 150 square feet. Besides, there are rules about ADU concerning its maximum size, fire safety, and many other issues.

Can I build an ADU on my property in California?

All people of CA in each city who have private immovable property can improve their housing conditions by expanding these pieces of property — in other words, by creating an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). To do this, we recommend you collect information about your primary home (to track the restrictions of the future ADU) and contact the local contractor. The firm will develop a program and will provide you with more information about the peculiarities of ADU building.

Do you need a permit for Adu in California?

If you are planning to build an ADU on your property, you will need a permit to do it in every city of CA. If you are new in housing affairs, contact a professional, a contractor that will provide you with all necessary information on the topic. The majority of the companies help their customers get all required permits when they want to “expand” their property via ADU. For example, this service is provided by A+ Construction & Remodeling.

How much value does an Adu add in California?

The phenomenon of ADU is not a new one, so people have had the time to study it. The research demonstrates an overall increase in price for the property with an ADU of approximately 30% of the initial price. Of course, the statistics might slightly vary depending on the city, but developing an ADU project on your private property will increase its price when selling for sure.

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