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Kitchen Cabinets In Citrus Heights

Kitchen Cabinets in Citrus Heights

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With the help of new kitchen cabinets and hardware, you can change the appearance of the room dramatically. However, the choice of new kitchen kits, as well as refinishing of the old ones is always a challenging task that should be approached responsibly. How to find the cabinets of your dream without compromising decor and functionality? There are two ways to do that.

The most evident solution is repair of the kitchen done by your hands. It means you’re in charge of everything starting from painting walls and installing furniture and finishing by design plan and accessories.

How to perform the process correctly?

First and foremost, you need to decide what exactly you want to do. You live in an old building and need to change everything? It’s better to buy the new island or U- or L-shaped countertops. Or maybe you want a slight refinishing in the kitchen? Then hire a painter to alter the colors of the furniture and reinstall them in a more convenient way. The approach should be based on your needs.

To get inspiration, it’s recommended to go to an expo or a showroom. Magazines with numerous images are also here to help you. Here are some professional hardware ideas for making a perfect kitchen cabinet:

  1. The construction should have solid, damage-resistant doors, drawers and handles – it should stand the test of time because you’ll use the cabinet daily.
  2. Make sure that there are enough lights above the cooking surface.
  3. Avoid using dark wood and gray, black, or dark green and blue for the cabinets – they make the room smaller visually.
  4. Choose waterproof, long-lasting materials for the furniture.
  5. Prefer countertops with a corner drawer that pulls out – it adds boatloads of storage space.

When the cabinet is bought and the installation is finished, it’s time to add decorative elements. Don’t be afraid of introducing contrasting colors and textures. Bright wall pictures, glass vases, pots with exotic flowers – all of that will add zest to your kitchen making it something truly special and cozy.


If you are going for a modern look, contemporary is a great choice for any kitchen. Elegant and stylish.


A perfect blend of traditional and modern with a focus on practicality that complement each other.


This style cabinet is still today’s most popular choice, pulling in timeless elements with classic details.


This is a good option for those who want their kitchen to look luxurious, without the price tag of natural wood.

How to pick best kitchen cabinets in Citrus Heights, Sacramento area, California

Before making purchases, measure the dimensions of a kitchen cabinet depth, width, and height – it should fit in the room and be combined with kitchen appliances (stove, sink, oven) perfectly. Search for “kitchen cabinet store near me” and estimate the price of variants: you should know beforehand that your budget will be enough for this or that model.

With so many stores in your city, you may wonder where to get high-quality furniture for cheap. People manage to save an enormous amount of money by:

You can also type “kitchen cabinets for sale near me” in the search bar and check out which shops organize sales and have special offers. If you like some particular piece of furniture, but it’s absent in stock, don’t hesitate to ask shop assistants whether they have it in a warehouse.

If you want a custom kitchen cabinet, prepare to pay a bit more: the work of makers and a painter is quite expensive. However, it will save your time and effort on finding a ready solution. Alternatively, you can order the refacing of the old kit.

Why hire kitchen cabinet contractor in Citrus Heights, Sacramento area, California

A+ Construction is on the fronts of the reconstruction industry! We provide services in the Sacramento area and Bay area, particularly in Citrus Heights, Davis, Lincoln, Albuquerque, and other towns. Our team can help you to perform both a small upgrade or an overall kitchen repair. We help our clients to design, select and install kitchen cabinets so that the furniture would satisfy all the requirements fully.

Practice shows that the reconstruction was done on one’s own often leads to even higher expenses and numerous mistakes that cannot be eliminated further on. So why not trust all the work to professionals?

There are at least three reasons to work with A+ Construction.

First, we perform all construction, painting, design works for you – paying to separate specialists would be more expensive, not mentioning that you need to find decent designers and repair men somehow. Hire our team, and you won’t have to continue your search for specialists. The more services you order, the higher the discount we can offer you.

Secondly, A+ Construction does NOT propose services and kitchen cabinets our clients cannot afford. We monitor the prices on the market and can always inform you about sales, discounts, and outlets. This way, you can purchase materials and furniture for a way lower cost than expected.

Thirdly, we do our job responsibly and accurately. There’s no risk of mistakes which means there wouldn’t be any additional expenses.

We can help you at every single stage of kitchen remodeling and redesign. Our team is always eager to help you create the room of your dream.

Consider looking into kitchen cabinets in Davis.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to refinish kitchen cabinets in Citrus-Heights, CA?

In case you need to refinish kitchen cabinets in your house in Citrus Heights, CA, and want the work to be performed with due diligence and at a reasonable price, choose our general contractor company.

How much do kitchen cabinets cost in Citrus-Heights?

The prices of kitchen cabinets in Citrus Heights, CA, depend on the chosen materials and configurations mainly. Our specialist will help you find the perfect furniture solution that will both harmonize with the kitchen interior and fit in the budget.

How to paint kitchen cabinets in Citrus-Heights, California?

Painting kitchen cabinets involves a wide range of time-consuming processes, so, it is better to entrust that to a specialist. If you live in Citrus Heights, CA, the best choice is A+ Construction & Remodeling.


Clients Share Why You Should Choose A+ Construction & Remodeling


  • I decided to make a surprise for my wife and remodel the kitchen cabinets - they were not functional enough, and couldn't fit all the appliances she uses for cooking. A+ Construction team came up with a few great ideas, and together we've managed to perform a perfect refining in the kitchen. My wife admitted that before and after were completely different states of the room. Now she enjoys our kitchen enormously. Thank you, guys!

    Luke Citrus Heights
  • I didn’t know what to do with my 6x6 tiny kitchen – it just wouldn’t fit in everything I needed. When I despaired, I asked for help in A+ Construction. Their team showed me so many great design solutions for organizing space in small kitchens that I was fascinated and even lost in choice. Together we’ve managed to find a perfect kitchen cabinet that creates a splendid atmosphere in the room and the entire house.

    Lussie Citrus Heights

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