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Kitchen Cabinets In Davis

Kitchen Cabinets in Davis

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Can’t stand the old design of your kitchen cabinets and wish to refresh its appearance and make the kitchen hardware more aesthetics and functional? Then it’s time to perform kitchen cabinet refacing, or change it completely.

Decided to perform cabinet purchase/refinishing and installing on your own? Prepare for a great job that requires a lot of time and effort.

Before you rush to the nearest stores in your town, decide which kind of hardware you need, and which role it should play. Depending on it, you have a few options:


  • a quick fix (cheap upgrades to boost functionality and eliminate minor drawbacks);
  • footprint changes (rearranging of furniture and kitchen space);
  • rearrangement of the working triangle (stove, sink, refrigerator);
  • change of lights;
  • total replacement of the furniture.


Most often, our clients come to us complaining about the lack of space in their kitchen. In most cases, it just means they do not know how to organize it properly. Here are a few pro tips for selecting a perfect kitchen cabinet and making the room look superb:

  1. Select multi-functional cabinets with long-lasting, solid countertops and corner drawers. There’s no point in buying a cabinet made of particleboards for cheap, if it will spoil in a few years.
  2. Mind the dimensions of kitchen cabinet depth, width, and height to avoid mistakes and ensure that appliances will fit.
  3. Need fresh hardware ideas? It’s time to go to a showroom or expo. Alternatively, you can check images in magazines and websites about the interior.
  4. Black and gray interior can be improved with the help of contrasting white, red and yellow accessories, while a room in light colors will look even better with glass elements and dark wood contrasting furniture. Note that even such minor things as drawers’ handles play a great role in creating the overall appearance of the room.

Kitchen cabinet is crucial for making your kitchen functional and attractive – this is the place where to store appliances and cook dishes spending a lot of time every day. This is why a kitchen cabinet should be long-lasting, stylish, and at the same time spacious.


If you are going for a modern look, contemporary is a great choice for any kitchen. Elegant and stylish.


A perfect blend of traditional and modern with a focus on practicality that complement each other.


This style cabinet is still today’s most popular choice, pulling in timeless elements with classic details.


This is a good option for those who want their kitchen to look luxurious, without the price tag of natural wood.

How to pick best kitchen cabinets in Davis, Sacramento area, California

Island, L-shaped, U-shaped, galley – there are many types of countertops, and the choice should be primarily based on the size of your kitchen and how you want to organize space. A galley would be good for small kitchens, while islands look cool in large modern kitchens.

Once you decide upon the type of kitchen hardware and get general ideas of what you need, it’s time to estimate how much you’re ready to pay for the new furniture. Cost of cabinets can be different, and if you don’t want it to take a bite off your wallet, here are some recommendations:

If you shop online by checking “kitchen hardware for sale near me”, you can also check whether a store has some certain model in stock. Do it beforehand.

Don’t want to spend time and effort on finding a perfect kitchen cabinet? You can hire makers and painters who create custom kitchen kits. Although it’s a pretty costly option, the results are definitely worth it: you get the solution 100% tailored to your interior and your requirements. Besides, what can be better than having a unique piece of furniture?

Why hire kitchen cabinet contractor in Davis, Sacramento area, California

How to combine both functionality and aesthetics in a kitchen cabinet? You can search for suitable variants on your own, or may trust this task to professionals. A+ Construction offers clients the whole gamut of services starting from wall painting and furniture installation, finishing by design solutions and decor. Our headquarters are based in the Sacramento area and Bay area, and we provide services for clients from Rocklin, Lincoln, Albuquerque and many other towns. Our doors are always open for you!

Why choose our company instead of googling “reconstruction agencies near me”?

First, we don’t practice cut-the-cookie approach: our team makes individual projects tailored exactly to your building, your budget, and your preferences. Our designers come up with such exquisite design solutions that you won’t recognize your kitchen before and after!

Secondly, with our services, you can save pretty well. We will inform you about discounts and sales in home depots, and may even organize shipping and installation of furniture. Trust us all the task, and you won’t need to spend time on anything. Besides, there’s a zero risk of mistakes.

Thirdly, our team will help you to get rid of the old kitchen cabinets. We know how to dispose of the old furniture in an eco-friendly way. You don’t have to do anything!

Let A+ Construction care about the repair of your kitchen. We have enough competence and experience to help you make a top-notch kitchen cabinet without hurting your budget. Our company does its best to help every single client without compromising their budget or requirements.

Consider looking into kitchen cabinets in Folsom.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to refinish kitchen cabinets in Davis, CA?

In case you want to refinish kitchen cabinets in Davis, CA, and are looking for a renovation company that will perform the work diligently, use the services of experienced specialist from A+ Construction & Remodeling.

How much do kitchen cabinets cost in Davis?

If you want to buy new kitchen cabinets for your home in Davis, CA, the price will be dictated by the materials and configurations mainly. Our manager will help you find the solution characterized by the perfect quality-to-price ratio.

How to paint kitchen cabinets in Davis, California?

Painting cabinets is a good idea if you want to refresh the interior of your kitchen in Davis, CA, without heavy expenses. Our specialists will help you choose the ideal paint and will do the work quickly and scrupulously.


Clients Share Why You Should Choose A+ Construction & Remodeling


  • I hired a painter to renew my old kitchen cabinet, but the results were shocking: it looked awful and didn’t fit the room, so I preferred to buy a new one. Finding a vintage kit seemed to be a problem, but the guys from A+ Construction did their best to show me fantastic variants available in the stores near me. Together, we figured out which cabinet shape would look better and fit the appliances, and made a purchase with a 20% discount. Without your help, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Thank you so much!

    Jane Davis
  • I hated my old kitchen cabinet left from the previous house owners: serious lack of space, dirty spots I can’t wash away, and every door pulls with a terrific squeaking noise... As soon as I saved enough money, I asked A+ Construction to help me find a suitable and non-expensive solution. Together, we monitored the market, bought a suitable kitchen kit, and the team installed it quickly. You saved me a lot of time, seriously!

    Tom Davis

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