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The kitchen is called the heart of the home. Several centuries ago, traditional peasant houses did not have a kitchen: food was cooked over a fire, which also provided heating for the entire house. In wintertime, it ensured the survival of the family.

Fortunately, now the kitchen is a detached room in a house, heating is provided separately, but it is still the heart, even in our modern El Dorado Hills kitchen. It might sound surprising: nowadays people do not cook as much as they used to because there are many other options: we buy foods to go, we eat out, we buy foods which just need several minutes of microwaving to be ready. Despite all that, even in the modern-day El Dorado Hills, the kitchen is still the place where family and friends gather most often.

It explains the current boom of kitchen remodeling: from San Francisco to Cameron Park and the Gold River, people are willing to invest in a new kitchen.

We want the place where we get together with the ones we love to be cozy to help create a relaxing and easy-going atmosphere in which we can open up and share.

How do I get a dream kitchen?

El Dorado County is probably one of the most popular residential areas in Northern California, after San Francisco, of course. So many years after the California gold rush, it lives up to its name: the mild climate and beautiful landscapes of Sierra Nevada mountains attract more and more people.

It is not surprising that the Italian style is chosen most often for El Dorado Hills and Lake Tahoe area kitchens when remodeling is concerned. Residents of El Dorado Hills, CA, are attracted by the rustic atmosphere that this style embodies. Outdoor elements like terra cotta and stone are complemented with old-style scones and wrought-iron chandeliers to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere matching the spirit of El Dorado.

Kitchen remodel

Of course, what we described before is one of many examples of how we can transform your El Dorado kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. Let’s take it in a step-by-step way.

Kitchen remodeling El Dorado Hills: where do I begin?

This is a good question to ask. Kitchen remodeling is a complex project, and you need a structured and well-thought-through approach.

We recommend that you proceed as follows:

  • Concept. Speaking, in simple words, you should know what you want. If you feel confused, do this: write down what you don’t like about your current El Dorado Hills kitchen. Check the websites of appropriate kitchen remodeling companies in El Dorado or areas nearby for ideas, ask your friends who have some experience with kitchen remodeling.
  • Budget. Honestly, estimate your budget and decide how much you are ready to spend on your El Dorado Hills kitchen project. Don’t assume that you can’t afford it. We are professional kitchen remodeling contractors in El Dorado Hills, CA, and we can develop a project for any budget. If you are unsure, come for a free consultation and let us clear out your doubts. Most companies will be happy to give you a free quote.
  • Timing. How long the implementation of a kitchen remodeling project takes usually depends on how much you want to change, but we will try to take your time constraints into account as we develop the plan of your El Dorado kitchen remodeling project.

If you have come up with an idea of what your dream kitchen looks like, it is time to move to step 2 – finding the best kitchen remodeler in El Dorado Hills, CA.

Sometimes people try to improve their kitchens on their own, trying to save more of their budget. Whether such an attempt is too ambitious depends on your project scale. If all you want is some refreshment, and you are a skilled enough DIYer, we will not advise against it. However, if what you want is kitchen remodeling or a significant kitchen renovation, we recommend that you seek professional help.

Kitchen renovation or remodeling?

These are different though closely related concepts. In case of a kitchen renovation, all you do is replace elements of your El Dorado kitchen interior with new ones: kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, appliances, lighting fixtures, backsplash, sink. You might as well get new floors and ceilings, but the key point is that things remain where they used to be, and you preserve the existing kitchen layout.

In the case of kitchen remodeling, besides getting new interior elements and finishing, you also change the layout of your existing El Dorado kitchen to make it more comfortable, add some kitchen space and create the desired atmosphere.


Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.


Increase your home’s value by adding to/converting the space.


Whether it's a house or a street, our crew can make it happen.


We will take care of everything from envisioning to building.

Choosing the best remodeling contractors

This might be a confusing task. The El Dorado Hills area is popular, and there are many contractors to choose from.

Gather information

Check out the websites of potential kitchen remodelers. Bear in mind that these should be licensed companies – home remodels are a serious business that might require building permits, which only a licensed company can obtain.

Other things to pay attention to:

  • Services. See what a contractor does. If you want a complete kitchen remodel, ensure that the contractor you choose offers full service.
  • Areas covered. If you choose a contractor who implements home remodels in entire Northern California, make sure that El Dorado county is mentioned.
  • Other remodeling projects they have worked on, which you can find online. This gives you an idea of what they can do. It might also happen that a kitchen they renovated in Elk Grove looks exactly as you want. If that is the case, make an appointment or request a free estimate – it is offered by many kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors. Otherwise, you can still get some interesting ideas: like that fancy kitchen cabinetry in the Fair Oaks remodeling project which you wish were yours.

Make an appointment

Most kitchen remodeling companies offer their potential customers a free consultation. You can fill in a form on their website indicating your email address, phone number, and they will contact you to make an appointment. Remember that this does not imply a commitment. You meet the potential contractor in El Dorado Hills to get more information for you to make a decision. If you still feel unsure after you have talked to them, you can check out other kitchen remodeling contractors.

A good contractor begins a consultation by asking what you want and listens to you: everything you say matters. If you only have a general idea of what your new kitchen should be like, they will help you finalize it. They have implemented many kitchen remodeling projects, and they offer their experience to you.

Do not hesitate to express any concerns you might have: a good kitchen remodeling contractor will give you expert advice and offer appropriate solutions for your family-owned home and budget. If you are not sure about the style or like elements of several styles, they can take you to a showroom. Seeing it all in its real size, being surrounded by it will help you feel the atmosphere of your new kitchen.

Sign a contract

If you have made the decision and are ready to commence your kitchen remodeling project, it should begin with the finalized plan. The remodeling contractors you have chosen should visit your El Dorado home to see it with their own eyes, take measurements and probably do some calculations. Many contractors prepare a visual project to help you see what your new kitchen will look like after the remodeling project is completed. It usually comes with a free estimate.

Once you approve your El Dorado Hills kitchen remodeling project, the company offers you to sign a contract. The contract should contain a detailed description of your El Dorado Hills kitchen remodel project, including all the materials, total cost, and a deadline. Usually, a contract comes with a guarantee.

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Plan & Layout

How modern kitchens are created

Implementing a kitchen remodel begins with a layout. Planning your new kitchen layout, we make sure that it fits into your existing electrical and plumbing system.

Some people assume that kitchen remodels are not for a small kitchen. It is not true if you entrust this task to highly skilled remodeling contractors. We will consider how much space you have and find a solution which not only takes it into account but also makes your kitchen more spacious.

  1. Custom kitchens

One of the solutions which help in such situations is custom kitchen cabinets. These are kitchen cabinets designed just for you according to your measurements to fit into your kitchen. Besides measurements, custom kitchen cabinets also mean that you choose the style, decorations, and materials. You can also get a custom kitchen island if your kitchen design includes one.

Custom kitchen cabinets might sound expensive, but professional kitchen remodeling contractors can help you make a good deal. Since we know the local market of El Dorado Hills, we can guarantee competitive pricing. You will get the highest quality materials, appliances, countertops, etc., staying within your budget limits.

  1. Amazing value

The only case when we advise against custom kitchen cabinetry is when the kitchen remodeling service, and the remodeling, in general, are meant to increase the cost of your family-owned house when you sell it. Not every customer might like a custom kitchen design.

If your goal is to ensure a better price, we, the remodeling experts, recommend that you choose standard solutions. We can recommend one-size-fits-all RTA new kitchen cabinets which come with kitchen countertops in the same style or a shaker, a low-cost, popular kitchen design. Add new flooring, replace your old appliances with new appliances, and your El Dorado Hills kitchen remodeling is complete. An awesome job that adds significant value to your property.

If you want to prepare your house for a sale, besides kitchen remodeling, the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association also recommends renovating or remodeling your master bathroom. It adds value significantly. If you want to improve your bathroom, follow the guidelines for finding kitchen remodeling services in El Dorado Hills.

  1. Kitchen renovation

If all you need for your dream kitchen is to change its style without any complicated rearrangements, the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association still recommends finding an appropriate contractor in El Dorado Hills. Though it is not a kitchen remodel, taking into account all the details to create an integral style requires professionalism. Inexperienced customers might think that simply matching colors are sufficient. If you follow that logic, the final result might be somewhat disappointing.

A full service includes a visual project in which you can see what your El Dorado Hills kitchen will look like after the job is done. There you can see, for example, that those kitchen countertops with metal hardware you chose do not fit with the overall style and opt for the ones that accentuate the rustic look of your El Dorado Hills kitchen if this is what you want.

Everything matters when it comes to style: kitchen countertops, cabinets, an island, even a wine rack, and a holder for utensils. Everything should be taken into account if you want to feel that cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Do not be afraid that style means a high price. Modern manufacturers offer plenty of different materials. If natural materials sound too expensive, there are materials imitating them which are also durable. You can create a dream home in El Dorado Hills without exceeding your budget. Just ask for a free quote!

  1. Remodeling El Dorado Hills: an example

To clear our last of your doubts, we want to bring an example of a reputable Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling company. GVD Renovations offer their services to customers in Northern California, including West Sacramento, Lake Tahoe area, Rolling Hills, Granite Bay, and some nearby areas.

GVD Renovations say that though kitchen remodeling in El Dorado Hills or elsewhere often sounds like a disaster, it is a good way to disaster-proof a house for years to come. Replacing your kitchen cabinetry, fridge, sink and related appliances is a good time to also replace your plumbing and wires. This guarantees that you will not have to do it several years later when they are worn out.

We do a fantastic job by considering all aspects of your choice. Our professionals can help you choose cabinetry and kitchen countertops, taking into account not only style, but the required level of heat, mold and stain resistance to make sure that the perfect look your EL Dorado Hills kitchen remodeling has achieved will stay with you as years go by.

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    Serviced ZIP codes: 95762

    How much does kitchen remodeling cost in El Dorado Hills, CA?
    The price depends on how exactly you want to transform your kitchen and may vary significantly depending on your choices. You might just want to replace your kitchen countertops, island, cabinetry, backsplash and a utensil holder, or you might want to demolish walls to join your kitchen and dining room to get more space. You can discuss your kitchen project with our manager, and after our team sees your place and takes measurements, we will give you a free estimate.
    What is kitchen remodeling?
    Kitchen remodeling is changing the functionality and design of your kitchen to make it more comfortable. It often includes changing the style of your kitchen. As distinct from renovation, when you replace things, but they stay in the same place, kitchen remodeling might include, for example, changing the location of your sink, which should be done by a professional plumber.
    Where to start with my El Dorado Hills kitchen remodeling?
    First of all, you should decide what you want your kitchen to look like. Check the websites of remodeling companies, look through magazines for some ideas, and visit showrooms. Once you make up your mind, find an appropriately licensed contractor in your area. Most of them offer a free consultation where you can discuss everything that concerns you to make the final decision. Often a contractor would give a free quote.

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