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Home Additions In Elk Grove, CA

Home Additions in Elk Grove, CA

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There comes a time in the life of almost any homeowner when the size of the house becomes insufficient for the number of dwellers living in it, which is why some upgrades appear to be in need.

One of the home remodeling projects that can help you solve this problem is home additions. Home additions come in many different types, but the main goal of each of them is to increase the amount of living space available to you or remodel the already existing house so that it becomes more efficient. However, it is not possible to make such a home remodeling project on your own; you will definitely need the help of some professional remodeling contractors like A+ Construction & Remodeling.

Hiring a professional team will save lots of money and time being spent on fixing numerous mistakes that you have made by doing the home remodeling project yourself.

And if you need to find out more about the home additions that could be done in Elk Grove with the help of remodeling contractors like A+ Construction & Remodeling, you might want to continue reading this article!

Why Building Home Addition Elk Grove?

The most popular reason why people would want to make a home addition project is to increase the amount of living space inside their houses. Another reason might be related to COVID consequences: people are now spending much more of their time inside their houses, which is why some personal or recreational spaces like those they had in their offices are in need.

So if these reasons are important for your home remodeling project, then you might benefit from learning about the following types of home additions that will help you out with such needs:

  • A simple home remodeling project

For some of you, it might not be necessary to add some extra space for your dwellers, and a simple home remodeling project will do. A+ Construction will always provide you with a free first consultation to discuss your needs and questions, and during this time, you might both come to an understanding that the efficiency of your house could be increased by changing the layout of some rooms so that they would become more functional and spacious.

However, layout changes always involve wall demolitions and remodeling of the living space where those changes take place, which is why hiring professional remodeling contractors is a must.

  • Bedroom/bathroom addition

It is often the case that we do not think much about the number of future dwellers when we are buying the house, which is why some of you might experience the need to add a few bedrooms to your house so that your newborn kids would have some personal space.

Not everyone can afford to buy an entirely new house when their family size grows, which is why room addition and bathroom remodeling projects might help you out.

  • Garage Addition

It is also possible that some actually have a lot of living space inside their house, but it is crowded by some unused or seasonal things that could not be placed anywhere else.

In this situation, it would make sense to add an extra garage to your Elk Grove home, especially if the initial one is used for cars. That way, you would not pay as much for room additions but still will be able to make an Elk Grove home remodeling project that would allow you to declutter your dwelling and give that extra space that was required.

  • New floor addition

A room or a few might not be enough for some of you, which is why a bigger Elk Grove home remodeling project is in need. If this is your case, you might consider adding an entire floor to your house.

However, you definitely will need to hire some local contractors in Elk Grove, like A+ Construction & Remodeling, as there are simply too many factors that need to be considered when doing a second story inside of your house. Without professional Elk Grove help, you might end up ruining the structure of your entire house.

  • ADU Elk Grove home remodeling project

The biggest home addition project that you could do in Elk Grove would involve building ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units.

ADUs usually come in two types, detached and attached. Detached ADUs are completely independent dwelling units that you can build on your property land, and they are usually used as guest houses, storage spaces, or new homes for your elderlies. The attached ADUs will share one wall with your main Elk Grove dwelling. Such projects are usually done in order to give more personal space to your teenagers.

Both types of ADUs are quite expensive to make. However, it is still cheaper to make an Elk Grove ADU project than to buy a new house, which is why some of you might consider this option.

Turnkey Home Addition Design & Build


Add square footage to your existing structure and add value to your home with an addition.


For growing families who love their neighborhood and don't want to move, this is a great solution.


Give yourself the room you need to grow and increase the square footage of your home.


Consider building a Junior ADU to maximize your living space and rental income.

Convert a space that’s currently underutilized

If you’re looking for a creative home addition idea, consider repurposing your garage. We can turn it into a gym, a guest bedroom, or a study.
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An attic has unlimited potential! Take advantage of the extra footage and turn it into a master suite, a kids playroom or an office.
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Benefits of Additions:

  • Additional Income: having additional living space in your home that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners convert to alleviate their mortgage payment.
  • More Living Space: garage conversion will give you an option to host guests, finally give you the office you always wanted for yourself, or an additional room for the kids to play and sleep in.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own home, having this space will make it possible for them to live close to you.

Room Addition Services in Elk Grove, CA

By now, you have become acquainted with the types of home addition projects in Elk Grove and the reasons why hiring general contractors is a must for such projects.

However, you might still have some questions about the process of the whole house remodels and the role of general contractors, so here are the steps through which you will go through together with A+ Construction & Remodeling as your Elk Grove home remodeling contractor:

1. Consultation

A+ Construction & Remodeling always welcomes its potential Elk Grove clients with a free first consultation so that both sides can receive answers to their questions and understand whether or not they can collaborate further on. This consultation helps to ease the mind of a potential customer about certain aspects as well as give the general contractor an understanding of what kind of Elk Grove home remodeling project is in need: a bathroom remodeling, a home renovation, an ADU, and so on.

2. Design approvals

When the client has agreed to work with A+ Construction & Remodeling as its general contractor in Elk Grove, the employees will start creating a few 3D design proposals where the ideas of a customer would be implemented. At this stage, the A+ team tries to connect all the crazy needs and desires of a client into an efficient Elk Grove home renovation project.

The adjustments of the client are also considered in this step so that the team can create a perfect design proposal for you, which is why you need to be as thorough as possible.

3. Home renovation/construction process

Once everything is agreed upon, your home remodeling contractors could begin implementing it into real life. Of course, every step will be strictly scheduled and done before the completion date written in the contract. When working with A+ Construction & Remodeling as your home remodeling contractor, you can rest assured that the outstanding job of your experienced team will bring you the dream home that you have always wanted and in a timely manner!

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How to Find the Best Home Addition Contractors?

It might be quite hard to distinguish trustworthy general contractors from those who you should not spend your time on, as there are simply too many of them these days.

However, there are still some characteristics that might help you in the process of finding the best Elk Grove home renovation contractors. For instance, it is absolutely necessary for you to ensure that your contractor has a valid license: if not, then simply do not waste your time on such a company.

Another crucial thing is the positive reviews from previous clients. Make sure to check them not only on the website of the company itself but on the web in general so that you would be confident that all those reviews are not fake.

You might also want to check some information about the customer services of a company that you are considering for your home renovations. Such information could be received from reviews or from some acquaintances that had already hired a particular company for their projects.

Working with A+ Construction & Remodeling in Elk Grove, CA, means that you can rest assured that all of your desires will be implemented just as you specified to the company. And here are a few facts that will prove that:

How Much Does Elk Grove Home Addition Cost?

There is no universal price that we could tell you about, as it all depends on the current condition of your Elk Grove homes as well as on the desires that you have.

However, it is logical that the renovation costs of a kitchen remodel should be less than that of an entire process of home remodeling.

The only thing that we are sure about is that you will regret not hiring a general contractor for your home addition project. With little to no experience in this sphere, you are bound to make some serious mistakes and not only prolong the time schedule of your project but pay more money for fixing your errors.

Here are some of such mistakes that could be avoided by hiring a professional team and a project manager for your home construction/home remodel needs:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What Can a Remodeling Contractor Do for You?

Basically, anything that you want or need. Be it a master bathroom remodeling, a simple installation of kitchen cabinets, a new construction such as an ADU, or some exterior remodeling, a professional remodeling company like A+ Construction & Remodeling will help you out with any type of Elk Grove, CA project that you have in mind.

How much does it cost to remodel a home?

It all depends on your own needs and wishes: some will want their dining room, or kitchen remodeled, while others will go for an entire house. But on average, your project's cost will vary from 17,000 to 70,000 dollars in the Elk Grove area, so you might want to look for a company with competitive pricing that can also provide you with free estimates.

What remodeling increases home value?

It is usually the case that window replacement, kitchen, and bathroom remodel projects will be the projects that will increase your home value the most. However, this will also depend on the current state of your house. Some of you will simply need your kitchen countertops to be replaced, while others will need a whole interior and exterior remodel, which will include an entirely different written estimate.

What is the home remodeling process?

Home remodeling is usually the process of some drastic changes inside your house, such as layout shifts, wall demolitions, new constructions, and so on. As you can guess, such an amazing job should be done with the help of professional contractors in Elk Grove, CA.


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