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ADU Fair Oaks, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU Fair Oaks, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

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If you are seriously thinking of remodeling your house, consider this article to be a sign to start! Each homeowner in every city of the United States has ever had plans for renovations. However, only a few homeowners usually decide to act.

Fair Oaks ADU Builders For Hire

If now you have a feeling that you do not use all of your property efficiently, this text will be especially useful for you. Because even if you think that all of your lands are used, the chances are that it is actually not.

Have you ever heard about such a thing as ADU? ADU stands for the accessory dwelling unit: in simple words, it is an additional dwelling unit, a place where one can live separately from the primary house. Usually, this building is equipped with everything a person might need to live a comfortable life, including plumbing and electricity.

Building accessory dwelling units is not a simple task; in other words, a person with little experience can hardly develop an ADU project today. Or, even if the project is developed, a few beginners can build a proper building without the help of contractors and proper inspections.

That is why if you want to end up with a sturdy accessory dwelling unit (ADU), we strongly recommend you address professionals — for a slightly higher cost, and you will receive a 100% satisfactory result. One of the companies that you can contact in every city in Sacramento county is A+ Construction & Remodeling.

Our company has been creating additional dwelling units for years now. Only for the past three years have we developed numerous projects of detached and attached ADUs in conformity with the state law.

ADU Contractor in Fair Oaks

Addressing A+ Construction & Remodeling primarily means the highest quality of the job done. Our workers have developed multiple plans of ADU versions; that is why we can surely call them masters of their craft. Now, if you are wondering what exactly these plans include, let us briefly introduce the process to you.

  • ADU design

Creating the ADU design is the first and one of the most important steps in this housing issue. Each contractor will tell you that a proper design and visualization are almost half of the work when building an ADU.

Our designers listen to the desires of the homeowners in Sacramento carefully and then, based on these stories, provide a number of possible solutions. We understand that in the neighborhood, each resident wants to stick to the individual style; that is why our service aims at an individual approach.

A visualization of the housing unit will allow residents to understand the locations of such places as bedrooms or cooking spaces. Also, this step of the plan will help customers realize the approximate valuation of the future ADU.

  • Creating plans

Plans are drawings by engineers that have to be done before the building process begins. Our team of professionals prepares the plans on their own, and then, when users provide their permits, the building itself starts — this allows avoiding potential trouble when works have already started.

  • Choosing materials

The choice of materials is also significant because it defines the costs and timing of the works. If you want your property to serve you long, you should not skimp on the materials. High-quality ones usually guarantee long service.

We always help users choose those materials that fit their future accessory dwelling units best. As responsible contractors, we explain the importance of the material for the ADU. Cheaper options might be rather disappointing, but you do not always have to spend thousands of dollars — some reliable manufacturers provide secure materials that do not cost too much.

  • Getting building permits

One more responsibility of our company is to take care of the building permits for city residents. We have been practicing this procedure for years, and we know for sure what kind of housing permissions you need depending on the ADU.

You probably know that there are specific regulations, a state law that covers building issues. When it comes to accessory dwelling units, they are not an exception.

For example, according to state law, an accessory dwelling unit should have a maximum lot size of 800 sq. ft. in every city of California. As for the minimum lot size — the residential property will not be subject to any minimum size for the accessory dwelling unit (ADU) by ordinance.

The state law also restricts the height of the additional dwelling units: 16 feet max. Higher options are prohibited.

There are some other regulations concerning such a unit, and we are ready to help residents of Sacramento to deal with them.

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Start your project off right with a detailed plan for your project and a design from our industry experts.


Set up a workable schedule and work out all the details of your project with a dedicated PM.


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We'll finish your project on time & on budget and go over how we can meet your long term satisfaction.

ADU Unit Construction In Fair Oaks

In Sacramento, you can meet quite different types of ADU. Each owner chooses the unit that one can afford and the unit that will satisfy the owner's needs. Let us consider the main types of ADU.

  • Attached ADU

The attached unit is the one that shares a common wall with the primary residence. Usually, you can reach the ADU without going outside the main house.

  • Detached ADU

A detached unit, on the contrary, is one that does not share common walls with the primary residence. This is a separate building, and it still has the main issues for a comfortable life, including plumbing and electricity.

  • Garage conversion

This is the least expensive unit that is definitely worth financing. It is created from the garage — an old garage must be transformed into a convenient place of living. Despite the fact that these accessory dwelling units require fewer costs, they still need plans to be brought to life.

  • Above garage ADU

Continuing with the line of garages, you can use your garage roof effectively and create an ADU here. Such a "granny flat" is worth financing for a simple reason — it does not require additional square meters on your initial property. You create a project on the roof of the garage — in a sense, apply usable free space — and get additional living spaces.

  • Lower level ADU

One more ADU option is specific: you can create additional living space under the ground. You should keep in mind that your housing opportunities have to comply with the requirements of this kind of project. Proper safety has to be insured — building such an ADU is a rather complicated process, so you should definitely address professionals.

Fair Oaks ADU Construction Company

Speaking of the professionals, our A+ Construction & Remodeling company is here to help. We will comply with your needs and develop a "suite" that will suit you perfectly. There are some key reasons why financing our services is the smart decision:

  • Saving time

Since you will not have to spend time preparing a plan or creating the ADU from scratch, you will receive additional free time while the work is in progress.

  • Saving nerves

The entire responsibility for the work lies on our shoulders — you do not have to worry about anything at all. We allow you to be free from concerns while the work is being done on the street.

  • Saving money

The work will be done by professionals who know exactly how much time and materials you need for a perfect result. We do not make mistakes; that is why the costs of the units will be fewer than if they were done by beginners in the field.

  • Expertise

As professionals who had a chance to work in different cities and different communities, we gained enough experience to share it with you and create a perfect ADU. We adopted numerous technologies of performance, that is why your work will be done in the shortest time and in the best way possible.

Benefits of ADU Building

  • Additional Income: having an ADU on your property that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners are adding an ADU to alleviate their mortgage payment in the long run.
  • Guest House: an ADU will give you an option to host guests without disturbing your lifestyle. Having guests stay on the property but not necessarily in your home, makes it easier for the homeowner.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own space, having an ADU will make it possible for them to live close to you and yet let you have your own home for comfort.

Building ADU In Fair Oaks

MIn many communities all over the country, you can meet different versions of ADUs. And all of them are created for different reasons. If you are now still doubting about getting your own ADU, we are here to demonstrate the key reasons why people choose to build these units on their lands.

This is an obvious point: you get benefits by renting the ADU out to other people. This point works specifically well if you live either in a "university town" or in a "travel destination".

In the first case, if your city has a lot of universities, it means that every year students all over the country (or all over the world) might come. If they do not want to live in the dormitories, they start looking for a place to rent. Your ADU thus might bring you money every month of every year!

In the second case, if your town is usually full of tourists, this means they look for daily renting opportunities. If you can provide them with them — they will choose your ADU and bring you additional money.

If you have children who want to try a separate life but cannot afford to rent their own house, this might become a solution.

Or, if you want your old parents to stay closer to you, but not that close, you can provide them with a living space in the ADU.

In the current circumstances, remote work is becoming a more and more popular choice. But, if your house is already full of people (relatives, children), you definitely need an "office". An ADU will give you a chance to work in a calm and quiet environment, and you will not even have to leave it for the entire working day.

Sometimes we just need free space to get some rest. If you have a lot of children, this is exactly the case. Private time becomes more valuable — it is a "rare gift". In this situation, an ADU might become a real salvation for you — a quiet place without people is a perfect solution for relaxation.

Prefab ADU Construction

If at this point you already want to get your personal ADU, consider the following issues:

Try to get an image of your future unit in your head.

Thinking about financial resources is always a good idea.

If your answer is "now", then we are waiting for your call to A+ Construction & Remodeling as soon as possible!

ADU Housing

In the past three years, the popularity of "granny flats" increased because they represent a smart solution for efficient land use. People have their own reason to get an ADU for themselves or their family members. Anyway, this is a wise investment.

Besides, according to the research, an ADU increases the initial property price by 30%. Thus, when you are selling your residence, creating a unit will pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an ADU in California?

The cost of an ADU, regardless of the city, depends on the materials and the price of the services of building companies you ask for help. In general, you can get an ADU and spend from 100000$ to 350000$ on it. But, you can always stick to a cheaper option of the ADU: garage conversions, for instance. This project in Sacramento, for example, costs approximately 50000$.

Can I build an ADU on my property in California?

Yes, if you are aware of the state law regulations, you can get an ADU on your property. Ask your construction company to get you acquainted with the ordinance concerning the ADU size and make sure you get the required permit.

Do you need a permit for Adu in California?

In each city of CA, you have to have a permit for accessory dwelling units. It concerns both ADUs and JADUs (junior ADU) (junior ADU size should not exceed 500 sq. ft). As a property owner, you are interested in developing a proper project that will consider all housing peculiarities, including ADU size, lot coverage, safety issues, and some others.

What are the requirements for an ADU in California?

In CA, if you are thinking of the unit, you should also keep in mind housing requirements concerning the accessory dwelling units. At the beginning of 2020, the councils adopted a number of new rules in Sacramento that have to be followed. A unit has to be located at a certain distance from the primary house (10 feet) and a property line (5 feet); it should have a certain size (no more than 800 sq.ft.), certain height (16 feet).

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