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Home remodeling in Gold River, CA

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Kitchen Remodeling Gold River, CA
Turnkey Kitchen Remodeling in Gold River, CA. We can transform any kitchen, from simple cabinet upgrade to full gut and replace. Everything you want in it exactly how you want it.
Bathroom Remodeling Gold River, CA
Bathroom Remodeling and Addition in Gold River, CA trusted by thousands of homeowners. Creating a functional and spectacular bathroom of any size that’s made to impress is our specialty.
General Contractor Gold River, CA
Licensed general contractor with an exceptional level of services and high quality of work in Gold River, CA. We will take care of everything from envisioning to building.
Home Additions Gold River, CA
A+ Construction & Remodeling builds all types of Home Additions in Gold River, CA, CA using the finest materials to make sure that your new addition or conversion looks seamless with the rest of your home.
ADU Builder Gold River, CA
A personalized approach to any style of ADU build in Gold River, CA. Our experienced team will design, permit and build an ADU or extension on your property and give you the best value for your money.
Kitchen Cabinets Gold River, CA
Kitchen Cabinets Upgrade in Gold River, CA. From refacing your existing cabinets to replacing them with a custom-built design. Kitchen remodeling experts that make every kitchen unique.

If you’re one of the homeowners from Gold River willing to renovate your property, you’re at the right place. A+ Construction Pro is a general contractor working in cooperation with the best builders and manufacturers, producing high-quality building materials for your house renovation if you are looking for substantial and small remodel projects. Our company has a team of professionals who are ready to provide the best remodeling services near Sacramento. Construction contractors have the pleasure of doing the remodeling work for the clients. Also, our managers will be happy to answer all your questions during an online or face-to-face consultation.

What do I need to remodel my house in Gold River, CA?

  • Money;
  • Inspiration;
  • Moral strength.

What should I do to find a decent construction contractor?

  • Customer review websites;
  • Patience;
  • Prudence.

Where can I get project ideas for home remodeling?

  • Showrooms of construction companies (we have one as well);
  • Building websites (gallery with remodeling ideas can also be found here);
  • Any building magazine or house design mobile app.

Our basic repair services include:

  • Taking the measurements of your existing rooms and planning;
  • Demolition;
  • Creating layouts;
  • Material estimator services;
  • Redesign;
  • Building additions;
  • Refinishing of stone and hardwood floors;
  • Proper tiling installation;
  • Renovation and installation of new doors and windows;
  • Installing furniture, kitchen, and bathroom cabinetry according to your existing electricity and plumbing systems.

There’s nothing wrong in case if you choose a DIY restoration option. However, our team recommends that you hire an architect or a skillful designer to help you with construction ideas, a project, renovation costs, and exterior changes. It is especially worthy of hiring a professional remodeler when you cannot make sure that you have knowledge, experience, and skills for doing the home renovation yourself.

Our team can build an add-on to the house if you need more space. We can brush up on the look of your present cabinetry to make it look new. We know what actually improves your dwelling, and we always have plans and costs that will satisfy you. We’re one of the most popular companies in Sacramento, CA, and the neighboring area. Browse the Net for feedback and comments about our work in Gold River.

Our team takes pride in our major and small renovation services, functional additions, and sensible affordable costs. We’re ready to sign an official home renovation contract and follow it without question. Call us to get your customers to remodel house projects as well as useful designer tips. It is a pleasure to work with our clients to bring a brand new experience to their lives and build a dream home.


Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.


Increase your home’s value by adding to/converting the space.


Wether it's a house or a street, our crews can make it happen.


We will take care of everything, from envisioning to building.

How to Remodel Your Home in Gold River, CA?

First, you’ll have to get inspiration. Search the building websites, magazines, and showrooms near Sacramento for ideas. Use special software and applications that can help you visualize the desired additions, custom elements, and materials.

Then, you’ll need a repair estimator. A+ Construction Pro offers a convenient online kitchen renovation estimator that will help you define your approximate budget. Most restoration websites have similar estimators. You won’t get the precise cost estimate result, but you’ll be able to understand your financial capacities before you decide to hire professional help.

Invite a designer or an architect to your home for a thorough conversation. Architects of A+ Construction Pro know all about the structural elements of houses in Gold River (Sacramento). They know how to take measures and make design layouts based on this knowledge.

How can I find respectable architects and builders near me?

Find neighbors that have already gone through a renovation and ask for advice and feedback. Besides, you can simply google for the best home/kitchen/bathroom renovation companies in Gold River/Sacramento. Find a local remodeling company. Builders from around Gold River already have a certain reputation that can easily be checked and proved.

Are there any home improvement professionals in Gold River, Sacramento, CA?

Yes, there is a group of them in our company. The competitiveness makes most of them trustworthy and reliable. Check our website for official documents and certifications to be certain. We can also set up a meeting with you to demonstrate our professionalism and show you that we can do almost everything concerning home renovation:

  • Create a custom addition;
  • Renovate your walls and floors;
  • Brush up your bathroom, kitchen, and any other room you want;
  • Deal with the cost estimate process, including materials, services, delivery, and installation.

Just find our contact information at the bottom of the page or chat with our online specialists via the message for you to see in the bottom right corner.

Renovating Options

There are few options of home reconstruction in Gold River, near Sacramento. We do not force you to renovate your home completely, and only you decide how your dream home will look and which steps must be taken. Your choice may depend on your needs and budget. As soon as you decide on how much money you are ready to spend on the work, our team will help with everything else during a consultation.

  • Make some minor and major additions (complex layout changes, adding functional structures, or replacing existing ones with new ones);
  • Enhance the comfort. Install modern air-conditioning at home, change the plumbing, ventilation, or heating systems;
  • Make the house energy effective. Pick environmentally-friendly solutions for your home and consider green energy appliances;
  • Repair and maintain the house structures (siding, roofing, chimneys, garage, and garden renovations);
  • Improve security and accessibility. Install security systems on doors and windows by add technological solutions.

Our team works on a project together with you to ask for a personal plan for home construction and unique design. No matter how complex the task is, the team will do their job fast and responsibly.

Kitchen Remodeling

When doing home remodeling, it may be important to refresh the look of your kitchen. You might want to replace old furniture or tile. It is possible to change the walls and cabinets’ colors or change the arrangement of furniture to have some free space for a dining area. No matter what your goal is, you will get a brand new interior in the end. There is a massive collection of colors and materials available in Sacramento and areas nearby. You can choose the style and the colors of the kitchen cabinets you will get installed.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can be done completely (the wet zone, the flooring, and the vanity are updated), or only some areas can be reconstructed. If a client needs to understand how many bathrooms remodel will cost, they can check it on the website. To calculate the average price, you have to check a part that must be changed by our team and enter the zip codes of River Gold.

Our Remodeling Projects

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Advantages of A+ Construction & Remodeling

Why hire a home remodel contractor in Gold River?

Here is the list of reasons:

  • You’ll get a perfect layout of your home improvement, including every single additional cost that may appear;
  • The whole process of home remodeling and various repair works won’t cause any trouble from the psychological point of view;
  • You’ll sign a mutually profitable official building contract that will work as insurance for various accidents that may happen in the process of renovation.
  • A DIY remodeling of the interior and the exterior of your dwelling is possible. However, you’ll have to pay for every mistake you can make out of ignorance. Your DIY renovation ideas may cost you more than the highly professional help of your local building companies. Besides, a contractor will have to charge you more for cleaning up the mess you’ve already created. A reno service is a lot more than simply painting the walls and installing the tiling. Furniture assembling demands skills and taking measurements, and demolition demands knowledge about the facilities of your home, including the electricity and plumbing.

    How much time do I need to remodel a house completely?

    Home remodeling may last for days, months, weeks, and years. It depends on your aims. Generally, an attic conversion may last up to ten weeks; hardwood flooring refinishing may take up to a couple of weeks; complete renovation of your new bathroom will last for about three weeks; full kitchen remodeling will last up to two or three months. Superficial upgrades last for seven days and up to three weeks.

    Can I renovate my house myself?

    Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t. Just estimate the cost to remodel your home, room, kitchen, or any other part of your dwelling and entrust remodel work to the professional contractors. Our team does its job perfectly, so you will not have anything to worry about. Remember that when having a lack of knowledge in construction, you might run into obstacles. Even if you do not see the obvious problems just after a home renovation, they can occur later. We do not want you to spend additional money to do home remodels again and again. Therefore, we suggest you rely on our contractors for them to do their job. We promise you and your family will get an amazing experience while working with our team. If you still have doubts, just go through the reviews. Moreover, our managers will be happy to answer all your questions. You can write them on the website to make a phone call.

    Consider looking into home remodeling in Granite Bay, CA.

    General Information

    Gold River is a suburb or else called CDP in Sacramento, California. The total population of this area is only 7,532. It is a good place for families and in terms of the diversity of people. The education in Gold River is believed to be above average. Alongside it, Gold River is the highest in income in Sacramento.

    Gold River is a primarily residential area, however, it accommodates commercial, industrial, retail areas that all benefit the economy of the suburb. The major population segment is more family-oriented or of those who have a house there to live in during the vacations.

    Gold River is located nearby the American River, Folsom city, and Rancho Cordova. The planning of lands is of villages. 25 separate villages are regulated by the Gold River Community Association. Each village has also sub-association that controls the living.


    Gold River has a 3.9% unemployment rate. During the last years, there is visible job growth, especially, within young adults and graduates. The jobs have been increased by up to 1.4%.

    Cost of Living

    It is hard to say that Gold River is cheap in living. Compared to other cities across the nation, the average cost is 51% higher. The community consists of villages, where the majority of houses for a living are for rent or sale. During the last decade, there was a 10% decline in population, one of the reasons is believed to be linked to the high cost of living.

    Voting System

    Gold River belongs to Sacramento County, and it voted Democratic in the last elections.

    Real Estate Market

    The median home cost is approximately $578K.


    As of now, Gold River has a total population of 7,532. The racial division belongs to 73% of White, 2% of African Americans, less than 1% of Native Americans, 18% of Asians, 6% of Hispanic among others.


    Like in other Sacramento cities, in Gold River, there are very hot summers and cold winters.

    Averagely, there are 265 sunny days per year, and 0 inches of snow as well as 20 inches of rain.

    Notable People

    • Dan Lungren — a former congressman, and California Attorney.
    • Roberta MacGlashan — County Supervisor in Sacramento.
    • Nasir Gebelli — a former programmer at Square.

    Top Things to Do in Gold River

    Gold River is not so rich in sightseeings or things-to-do, that’s why the majority of residents will prefer visiting nearby cities. However, in Gold River, there are many places for dining experience both for breakfast and late evening if you plan to spend some time with your family during dinner. Among the most popular things you may spend time on, there are:

    • Nimbus Dam and Fish Hatchery

    Nimbus Hatchery is home to Chinook salmon and steelhead which are raised and then released in the American River. This place itself may become a spot for fun, as the administration offers interesting educational activities both for children and adults who would like to see how fishes are given a life and then released to the river.

    Information for Visitors:

    It is open Monday to Friday from 8 am — 3 pm. Saturday to Sunday from 9 am — 3 pm. It is closed on Christmas Day.

    Raceways are daily open from 7:30 am — 3 pm.

    For more information, you may call them directly — (916) 358-2884.

    • Sacramento Aquatic Center

    This Gold River spot is situated on the Lake Natoma. It is a Boating Center where youth and adults may learn instructions for safe boating, visit classes, and camps aimed to promote the boating sport, organize team buildings as well as access rentals of boats and other equipment.

    Among the most popular programs presented in the center, there are sailing, windsurfing, wakeboard, boating, and jet skiing among others. It fits young adults as well as more adult people who want to learn something new.

    Information for Visitors:

    There are membership fees for every class. The center also offers discounted programs.

    The operational hours differ depending on the month, however, during the summer, they are — Monday–Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

    The last rental of equipment goes out at 7:15 and must be returned to the facility by 8:00 pm.

    Reviews on Living in Gold River

    Residents are more into dining experiences, that’s why the feedback on Gold River is mostly about the restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. There are popular brands such as Starbucks or Papa Murphy’s Pizza, so you won’t experience any lack of internationally-recognized dining spots.

    In general, Gold River has a pleasant greenery aesthetic that attracts people for time-spending on nature. If you lack communication, the community resembles a family itself.

    Gold River rankings: 22 out of 816 as the Best for Retiring in California, 78 out of 525 as the Best for Living in California, and 105 out of 525 as the Best for Raising a Family in California — as per Niche.


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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is home remodeling in Gold-River, CA?

    Reputable construction contractors in Gold River, CA area agree that home remodeling means taking a house or an apartment the way it is and changing it into something safer and more functional.

    How much does home remodeling cost in Gold-River?

    The first question you should ask is, "what do I want from a remodel in Gold River, CA area?” If it’s a presale renovation, you can do it cheaply on your own. A custom renovation can cost you a fortune.

    Where to start when remodeling your home in Gold-River, California?

    If you do have seriously damaged doors and windows, you should replace them not to ruin your potentially good renovation project. The integrity of the foundation of your home in Gold River, CA area, is obligatory.


    Thousands of Customers Can't be Wrong!

    • We are very happy with the outcome of our kitchen renovation. Planning with Michael Costa and George was great. Ivan from the designing stage made a great 3d of what our kitchen would look like. There were a few bumps but our foreman Serge/Sergio did a fantastic job of getting the crew to fix our concerns. Prices are within reason as well. Thank you very much A+. We looovveee our kitchen.
      Jp A.
    • Thank you so much to the people at A+ Construction & Remodeling for doing a great job on our project from beginning to end. We remodeled our bathroom and kitchen and they did a fabulous job. The team was totally communicative and worked within the timeframe. Nice guys, great job! Would highly recommend for home remodels.
      Austen Bennett
    • My husband and I wanted our kitchen updated and called A+ Construction & Remodeling. We looked at all the reviews and were very impressed. From the beginning, Mike helped us in choosing the products and design. George was there, answering all our questions and concerns. But the biggest asset to this company is Vadim. He's very skilled in all areas of construction and we didn't have to worry about anything. Thank you guys, we're glad we went with this company.
      Judi S.
    • George, Serge and the entire A+ team did an outstanding job on our recent kitchen remodel. They are affordable, efficient and do high quality work! We would highly recommend them for any job. Our kitchen turned out well above our expectations, it was beautiful and better functioning! Great job guys and thank you for what you did with our home!
      Ron Orr
    • A+ Construction & Remodeling is an excellent company that strives to fully satisfy. This was the only company that truly listened to our desires and made sure to explain all possible options and limitations that could lie ahead. They have a trustworthy, courteous and hardworking group of craftsmen. They exceeded all expectations My parents home was even nominated for the most attractive home on the block. You made my parents very happy and proud of their newly remodeled home. Thanks!
      Joseph Miles
    • I couldn't be more pleased with the work quality, product, and integrity of the company's employees. From the receptionist to the laborers and sales, everything went smoothly from start to finish. Price was extremely competitive. We got a few other bids to make sure that we were getting the best price for our remodel. Would highly recommend.
      Steven Harvey
    • A+ Construction & Remodeling helped make our house the home of our dreams! We did a complete kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, and had the house painted. The crew was professional and responsive every step of the way and their attention to detail was impeccable. These are the guys you want working on your home! Highly recommended!!
      Jamie Pope
    • A+ Construction & Remodeling remodeled my 3 full bathrooms including my master. The did an awesome job. They are true craftsmen all the way. Also their material choices were great and the designer did a great job of working with our style and suggesting things we loved. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their home.
      Alan Murray
    • I’ve been hesitating a lot at first, but after reading LOTS of positive reviews I settled on A+ Construction & Remodeling. I’m pretty sure I won’t regret it because they did a 5-star job remodeling our home. They not just met our expectation, but even exceeded them. And the best thing is that they used super-affordable tools and facilities so that our dreams came true on a budget. The best I’ve ever experienced with remodeling contractors!
      Harold Pulse
    • These guys put quality above all. They did my kitchen almost 1 year ago, and it looks great. Working with the guys from A+ Construction, we designed a nice cooking space that is multi-functional and has a nice design. They helped us keep our window sill, turned into a bar counter. First of all, it’s cool when you eat looking outside. Second of all, we can put so many things on it and have them handy (it’s still a small kitchen). They made the most out of our kitchen. Thanks a lot!
      Daniel Johnson
    • We met with three other companies before choosing A+ and we made the best decision. They are professional, available via phone and text, helpful when you have questions or concerns and do excellent work. All of the guys that worked on our bathroom were respectful and so nice while they were here. Even my dogs loved them!! Thanks for the wonderful new bathroom.
      Lee D.
    • Some of the best people to work with! We have 3 children and busy schedules which meant we couldn’t be involved in every detail of this project. They had a designer who basically heard what I wanted and made it a reality for us. We always hesitated to start this remodel because I thought we would have to put our life on hold for this but these guys totally proved the opposite. I now have my dream home completed and it didn’t disturb our lives!
      Sara Ewen

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