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Bathroom Remodel In Gold River

Bathroom Remodel in Gold River

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Your perfectly optimized content goes here! Tired of the old bathroom? Want to make it cozier and more beautiful? It’s time for bathroom remodeling! Where to start from? Let’s observe ideas 2018 and trends 2018, discuss the ideas for beginners, and find out how to make renovations for cheap.

Where to get inspiration?

Even a small bathroom remodel a challenging task. How to store all the necessary stuff in a tiny 5′ x 8′ room? Which color of floor and walls are more popular? You can find trends 2019 in magazines and showrooms. Besides, an online photo gallery can show you cool projects. Just google “a showroom near me,” “bathroom ideas pictures,” or any other relevant keywords, and go ahead.

How can I save on renovation?

One of the biggest mistakes among newbies is searching for “home depots near me” and buying the first things they see. Don’t rush to the nearest stores – spend a bit of your time monitoring the market. There’s always a possibility to buy materials and other supplies for cheap. Besides, you can find a more suitable shower and bathtub if you do better market research.

How to perform a cost estimate procedure?

Aside from materials and utilities, your estimate template should include the tools and labor cost, expenses on delivery and plumbing services, and so on. Make sure that you take into consideration the cost of every single item and material. To calculate the volume of required building materials, use an app that estimates their amount in liters, square meters, and other metrics.

What are DIY ideas 2021?

Minimalism and bright colors are as popular as never before. The vast majority of DIY ideas are about storage. For example, Internet users offer to make storage boxes under the bathtub, knitting a handmade rug for the slippery floor, and drilling holes in vanities to put toothbrushes in. You can see examples of smart handmade solutions in magazines and websites.


Adding a bathroom to existing floorplan will give you the space you always wanted.


Upgrade your wet area today! From simple acrylic enclosures to extravagant showers, we do it all.


Vanity usually becomes the focus of the bathroom by default, we can find one that fits your style.


Change out floors to ones that look beautiful and are more durable around wet areas of your home.

How to remodel your bathroom in Gold River, Sacramento area, CA?

As soon as you’ve checked photos with interesting trends and ideas, it’s time to fulfill the remodeling steps. First, you need to remove the old objects and finish them (floor and wall tiling). During this process, you’ll either need a helper or hire builders to do the tasks for you. Objects are heavy to carry on one’s own, and old tiling is very hard to detach from walls.

Secondly, when the bathroom is spotless from the trash, it’s time to correct the piping and electricity paths – it should be done by professionals only.

Thirdly, new finishing is made before you install a shower cabin and other utilities. Use water-proof building materials and wait for at least 1-2 days for the floor tiles to get stable.

When the finishing is done, you can install the utilities and furniture.

Need a professional consultation? Read about 5 common mistakes to avoid:

Our Bathroom Projects

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Why hire a bathroom remodeling contractor in Gold River, Sacramento area, CA?

Why dealing with everything on your own when you can trust the remodeling task to contractors? A+ Construction is a leading remodeling company that’s present in Sacramento and specializes in repair works. No matter where you live – Pinellas county, Quad City, NYC, Utica (NY), or New Orleans – we are ready to answer your questions and give recommendations.

The list of advantages of working with our remodeling company in Gold River (CA) is almost endless. And yet, you might require some specificity to make sure that we are the general contractor you can trust. Here are the main reasons to contact our remodeling service:

But our renovation firm from Gold River realizes that health protection has to come first. That is why we always take precautions while working. Our masters from Gold River always wear masks, gloves, special shoe covers. This equipment protects homeowners and the workers themselves and also allows the workplace to remain clean after the renovation. Our customers appreciate this initiative, especially because it helps them to feel safe and secure during remodeling.

We have allocated ten key advantages of contacting our renovation firm in Gold River, and there are many more. When our team gets down to business, customers are positively surprised by the results before and after. We come up with cool 1/2 bath remodeling ideas, implement any design (classic, modern or vintage style), and can work with financing very accurately and smartly. No matter what your budget is, we can distribute it most efficiently.

Our team puts a heavy focus on an individual approach. Before we start developing the project, we ask customers to fill in a bathroom remodel questionnaire and come up with a suitable proposal and agreeable quotes. We provide free estimates and may even develop a 3D project for your bathroom to check out how it will look after the repair works. No matter what the size of your bathroom is – 6×7 or 5 x 10 – we are always ready to offer splendid solutions.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When remodeling a bathroom where to start in Gold-River, CA?

Bathroom remodeling in Gold River, CA area requires your inspiration and budget. Visit our photo gallery to check our projects to borrow some ideas for your room, and inform us what is your budget, so we can plan the remodeling.

What are the steps to remodeling a bathroom in Gold-River, California?

Bathroom remodeling in Gold River, CA area starts with the check-up of your actual bathroom. A contractor or designer assesses the surface and recommends what can be done. After, we will move to the planning of your bathroom layout.

How much does remodeling a bathroom cost in Gold-River?

Bathroom remodeling in Gold River, CA area cannot be calculated just online. Our team member should visit your house to assess the approximate works based on design, plumbing, electricity, cabinets, flooring as well as general requests obtained from you.


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  • I’ve got a small bathroom and needed some smart storage solutions to fit in all my appliances, kits, and cosmetics. I had a lot of questions to ask a contractor, and A+ Construction provided me with boatloads of useful information starting from ideas and finishing by job description. That’s what I call a professional approach.

    Kylie Gold River
  • I didn’t know how much the remodeling of my 6' x 8' bathroom will cost and asked A+ Construction to help. They provided me with bathroom remodel quote sample and helped to find suitable stores near me. I’ve managed to make a convenient bathroom for my elderly parents. Thank you! Cost estimation, repair works, electricity planning – your jobs are very useful for people in need of professional help.

    David Gold River

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