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Turnkey Kitchen Remodeling in Placerville, CA. We can transform any kitchen, from simple cabinet upgrade to full gut and replace. Everything you want in it exactly how you want it.
Bathroom Remodeling and Addition in Placerville, CA trusted by thousands of homeowners. Creating a functional and spectacular bathroom of any size that’s made to impress is our specialty.
Licensed general contractor with an exceptional level of services and high quality of work in Placerville, CA. We will take care of everything from envisioning to building.
A personalized approach to any style of ADU build in Placerville, CA. Our experienced team will design, permit and build an ADU or extension on your property and give you the best value for your money.
A+ Construction & Remodeling builds all types of Home Additions in Placerville, CA, CA using the finest materials to make sure that your new addition or conversion looks seamless with the rest of your home.
Kitchen Cabinets Upgrade in Placerville, CA. From refacing your existing cabinets to replacing them with a custom-built design. Kitchen remodeling experts that make every kitchen unique.

The home restoration process can be a very tricky thing to do, especially if you’re a newbie in building and home remodeling. The Net is filled with home remodeling ideas and a tone of DIY videos on making your home look better without extreme expenses, but you still feel like you have no idea where to start. Wouldn’t you agree that each owner of the home dreams of:

  • An add-on to the home to make it more spacious and practical for guests and relatives visiting them from time to time;
  • A redesign to make a kitchen, bathroom, or living room look more attractive and contemporary;
  • An interior and exterior home remodeling including the full replacement of doors and windows;
  • Custom addition to versatility and comfort of a growing family;
  • A set of quick makeovers and a light home remodel for further resale;
  • Creative construction ideas and improvements to save money on energy-efficient additions.

We’ve worked with several homeowners in Placerville. We already have some general ideas on dealing with significant and small renovations and how to satisfy each client. We’re also ready to share useful tips and kitchen remodeling design ideas.

Features of Home Remodeling in Placerville

Construction and renovation companies are a must if it’s your first home improvement experience. You might have a lot of expectations concerning the home remodeling, and if you want to meet them all, make sure to contact a crew in Placerville to work for you: some contractual home remodeling workers. They know all renovation costs, and they are aware of all possible risks. Construction companies know how to make your project a reality. They have the software, have the equipment, and, more importantly, have material estimator programs and ready-made remodel plans costs.

There’s nothing bad at working on renovations on your own. You can easily build up additions or replace doors and windows or even replace the roofing in case if you’ve already had some experience in building and you know the basic building rules. Even if you’re an experienced homeowner knowing how to repair and estimate everything on your own, you may still need advice from a construction contractor at the very beginning. Keep in mind that a consultation on basic renovation steps costs you less than unpredictable extra expenses to correct your mistakes.

A professional renovation team improves your house, mood, and relationship with your family members. Most importantly, a group of workers can perform a fantastic job with quality products to ensure the best result in your home renovation in Placerville. Building companies work in cooperation with the best builders. For example, a restoration home contractor in Placerville (or any other area around, for example, Sacramento) knows more about remodeling than anyone else. Trust the fate of your home to a true master and repair your living space for a profitable resale or a more comfortable life.


Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.


Increase your home’s value by adding to/converting the space.


Whether it's a house or a street, our crew can make it happen.


We will take care of everything from envisioning to building.

How to Remodel Your Home in Placerville, CA?

Do you have additional ideas?

Get a specialist.

Are you willing to replace the roofing?

Contact a roofing master.

Wanna know how much money you need to remodel a house?

Talk to someone who knows more about it, for example, to some remodeling contractors.

It’s hard to deal with a full remodeling plan of your home. The best way out is to find a specialist or a team in Placerville to create a project schema for your home. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate the number of improvements you have to make. It doesn’t matter what exactly you want to repair – your renovation ideas should be based on a step-by-step plan that you’ll have to follow all the way through.

In general, your home remodeling plan should follow this scheme:

  • Make up a scale plan of your home;
  • Visit all sorts of building websites for ideas;
  • Contact a home remodeling contractor in Placerville;
  • Discuss the financial issues, materials, services, and other important questions beforehand and use a repair estimator to count your budget or leave it for a professional general contractor. Every tiny additional cost should be counted to avoid further troubles;
  • Fix this all on paper as soon as you know how much does it cost to remodel home as well as other additional costs;
  • Sign a building contract.

Inspect various building websites in your area (Placerville in our case) for more information about building companies and home remodeling contractors. Ask your neighbors for experienced and renovation horrors. The wise choice is a matter of degrees.

How to Make a Bathroom Remodeling in El Dorado Hills, Placerville, CA?

Everyone has different requirements for a perfect bathing room: some need a functional space where you can take a quick shower after a long day.

Others want to have a full SPA space to relax after a rough day. The bathroom also remodels very popularly nowadays, as there many things to be performed:

  • Fix the plumbing issues, change the pipes;
  • Do a redesign during your bathroom remodel, pay attention to details, install some new bathing equipment: 2 sinks or a bathing tube instead of a regular huge bath;
  • Improve the countertops, place some new carpets, provide light into cabinetry;
  • Paint the walls, change the floor, and many more!

It is crucial to make the bathing room practical so that you can store many things in it; simultaneously, the bathroom has to have a lot of space, so it’s a good thing to organize a proper bathing room layout.

But when things come to the bathroom, it is effortless to mess up, for example, with plumbing issues mentioned above. So we would once again recommend hiring a full-service team that would do all the work frore you and perform a great job.

How to Make a Kitchen Renovation in El Dorado County, Placerville, California?

The kitchen also remodels a beloved thing by many homeowners, as many want to:

  • Build kitchen islands;
  • Pay attention to detail in design;
  • Renovate the kitchen furniture by inviting some installation services;

Apart from some evident desires above, arranging a kitchen layout is another topic to be discussed, as it can be done by yourself. As you probably know, the kitchen should be efficient and spacious. In this way, it is really crucial to organize the kitchen space to make the most use of it.

The key point is that a kitchen layout has a significant impact on the overall kitchen appearance. The first thing to do while organizing a kitchen layout is to build a plan with data on how many people are usually spending time in the kitchen. It is essential to have many workstations here so that the kitchen people wouldn’t be crowded over one spot. By this, we mean that it would be great to remove all of the unnecessary furniture and instead give the kitchen more room.

Of course, those things are possible to do by yourself (if your husband is a kitchen remodeler himself)! Of course, kitchen remodeling in El Dorado County is a tough thing to do, and we would highly recommend contacting a team of qualified workers to do a great job for you.

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General information

Initially, it was a mining town known as Hangtown. Its names changed several times until it was officially named Placerville in 1854. It was also known as Old Dry Diggins. The place has a gently preserved historic district in the center. There was a gold mining camp here and a railway station. The climate of Placerville is not too hot in comparison with the other cities and towns of Sacramento. The winters are cool and wet, while the summers are dry and hot. There’s no trouble with transportation — two highways lead to Placerville connecting it with the areas of Sierra Nevada foothills.

About Placerville

It’s one of the most charming towns established in the times of the gold rush. Golf was found in the hills and in the river beds. Unfortunately, everything connected with the gold mining in significant amounts results in criminal events. Fortunately, justice was restored long ago, and, at present, Placerville is among the safest place in Sacramento, California. The place neighbors with the Capital of Sacramento and El Dorado City with its magnificent Lake Tahoe. There are attractions and places of interest obligatory for visiting.

Short Facts

  • 1848 was fateful for the place that was later called Placerville — James W. Marshall, American carpenter and sawmill operator discovered gold deposits;
  • In the period of the gold rush the place was known as Dry Diggin’s, which signified the miners’ manner to put the dry soil in cartloads and later wash them out with running water for the gold to appear;
  • In 1849, Dry Diggin’s was renamed into Hangtown (it’s not hard to understand that it happened because of the criminal past of the place, where numerous people were hung not without reason);
  • In 1850, the local religious community insisted on a friendlier name for the place, and only in 1854 the Hangtown was renamed into Placerville;
  • In 1850, the first post office appeared together with developed transportation systems, stores, markets, banks, educational institutions, and restaurants.

Regardless of the tragic, diverse, and unpredictable past, Placerville still stays a zone of attraction for new residents. It cherishes its history and offers a very convenient dwelling with a properly developed infrastructure.

Entertainments Around Placerville

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, such places as Boeger Winery, Lava Cap Winery, David Girard Vineyards, and Miraflores Winery will have something to please you with. These are nice places where you can have a picnic, go on a wine tasting event, have an excursion, look at the process of the best wine materials in the state.

Get to the center of Placerville to see its focal point situated in the historic district. It’s the Bell Tower of Placerville. The tower itself dates back to the years of the gold rush, and it’s preserved in its original state. Sometimes, the local authorities decorate the tower, depending on the event or a celebration.

Visit Boa Vista Orchards to taste the best cider in California and taste their delicious snacks. The heaviest crowds get here in November in October, but we still consider this place a MUST for visiting with family and friends. Of course, it’s not only about apples. The place offers delicious meals, BBQ, and numerous treats. Besides, you’ll also get a chance to see how blackberries, apricots, pears, and peaches are grown.

Foods & Drinks in Placerville

The Farm Table Restaurant. The place offers meals based on the products of the local farmers. It’s typical American cuisine with mouthwatering desserts and homemade quality dishes. Those who stick to vegan dishes and gluten-free products will be pleasantly surprised by the variety.

Bricks Eats & Drinks. Another cozy diner where you can order a top-notch steak with a glass of craft beer. There are also burgers, French fries, and dishes with shrimps. The place is situated in a historic building, and its name is directly connected with the design of the brick walls.

Sweetie Pie’s. It’s a regular daytime café where you can have a meal with your kids and enjoy classic brunches, lunches, and breakfasts. There’s a wide choice of pastry and a coffee bar.

Bene Ristorante Italiano. Needless to say that the place offers mainly Italian dishes. Almost every local has his favorite dish here. Taste their affogato, and you’ll have to get back here again and again. The service is impeccable, and the selection of wine and beer should be suitable for anyone.

The Opinion of the Locals
  • Placerville demonstrates a flawless atmosphere of a suburban feel. It’s a very conservative place with its own traditions.
  • The educational institutions in Placerville are highly appreciated. Most locals agree that the public schools here are definitely above average.
  • Placerville is a perfect town for people who prefer slow-paced life with a possibility to out once in a couple of months.
  • The airport is only about one hour away from the center of Placerville.
  • All entertainments here are peaceful and inspirational. Enjoy the visits to the local wineries, art galleries, museums, and resort areas.
  • It looks like the police are out of need here because the crime rates here are as low as they can be.

Why Hire Home Remodeling Contractor in Placerville?

The answer is simple – to get the best result supported by warranty guarantees and other official documents allowing you to remodel or remake anything that turned out to be inappropriate. So,

Are there any trustworthy building companies near me in the Placerville area?

Yes. We deal with remodeling, building, and renovation in your area for a very long period of time, which is proved by our clients and real pics you can get in the gallery of our recent renovation projects. Many teams would do excellent work for you.

Can I renovate my home on my own?

Yes, you can. However, it would be best if you made sure to acknowledge that serious and small remodel need professional advice and a thorough cost estimate procedure. If you’re experienced in custom home renovation, there’s no need to sign a contract with anyone. The smallest thing you may need is cost estimate services. This can literally save you much time and patience.

Can I trust all local builders near Placerville?

It mostly depends on the competition in your area. Any private builder will be helpful if he’s got someone who can compete with him.

He’ll do his best to make you order his service one more time if you need it, providing you with quality work. Placerville is not the biggest place to live in, and the competition between local contractors is not significant. Your best choice will be to find out more about construction companies in your region. Just grab any local magazine or newspaper and look through the ads. Many great family-owned companies provide great work as well as free estimates.

How can I remodel my house quickly and efficiently?

Any project that demands immediate action demands professional help as well. Efficient and fast work costs more than you may probably expect. Still, it will end in an enjoyable interior and exterior of your home no matter what you’re planning to do with it – resell or simply improve for further living.

So, make sure to grab your mobile phone and make a call – we’ll share our little secrets and do what we can to make your life comfortable and convenient in your new home.

Apart from Placerville, many home remodeling teams work literally for any region: Granite Bay, Elk Grove, Sacramento, California, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, and other parts of Northern California. Many teams do home remodeling in general, as well as kitchen remodeling projects and bathroom renovation.

Consider looking into home remodeling in Roseville, CA.

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    What is home remodeling in Placerville, CA?
    What is a home renovation? It's destined to enhance your way of life, starting from external decorative parts, finishing with the structural elements inside and outside. Any home remodeling constructor in Placerville, CA area, will consult you on the prices.
    How much does home remodeling cost in Placerville?
    Every newcomer of Placerville, CA area should know that there’s no need to remodel the whole house at once. Remodel the rooms one after the other without fuss. You can simply become a regular client of the one renovation company.
    Where to start when remodeling your home in Placerville, California?
    Drywall is one of the most convenient solutions for the households of Placerville, CA area. Hanging, sanding, and mudding them is as easy as possible. Don’t forget to consult a plumbing and electrical inspectors before the demolition of the walls.

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    Thousands of Customers Can't be Wrong!

    Patricia Smith
    We recently completed a renovation of our Bathroom Vanities and Master Bath Shower and Floor. The result was a beautiful transformation and we are immensely pleased with the job that A+ Construction & Remodeling did, from start to finish. The crew and staff are real professionals and true craftsmen. I would not hesitate to call upon them in the future for any work that I may need done, and would certainly recommend them to others. A Job Well Done!
    Hilary English
    Before moving to our new home in California, we decided to give the kitchen a more personalized feel. We contacted A+ Construction and Redemoling as a recommendation from a friend. Their designers took us through a number of designs. Today, all friends admire our kitchen. They truly didn't disappoint.
    Richard Easter
    A+ Construction and Remodeling guys are the best! They helped us make many home repairs to prepare for listing our old home and are helping us right now with the set up in new house. The production team was fast and professional, and I love my new remodeled kitchen. Wouldn't hire anyone else!
    Robert Ackerman
    They did an amazing job on our bathroom! Workers were friendly, clean and on time. They always kept in touch with us regarding anything that came up and even gave us updates on the work. Very responsive to my texts/calls if I had any questions. Will definitely use them again for any of our other remodel projects.
    Jerry & Sheron S.
    We hired A+ Construction & Remodeling to convert our garage to an ADU. Both our project manager and the construction team were pleasant to work with. They were always on time and managed to finish the project even before the deadline they set for it. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. We would recommend A+ to anyone considering a home remodel or new construction.