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Bathroom remodeling services are ordered in many cases:

  • You may just want to make some additions or just do a shower remodel;
  • It may be necessary to prepare the bathroom for kids appearing in the house;
  • You may need to change the layout and fixtures to make the area accessible for elderly or disabled people;
  • You just want to give your bathroom a brand-new look to sell the house with more profit.

Regardless of the aim you have, bathroom remodeling is a great tool to make your home more comfortable, functional, and attractive. This is your chance to give it a look you dream about eventually. We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable process of a bathroom renovation!

The first problem people tackle at the start is the choice between professional contractor assistance and searching for viable DIY projects online. For sure, you can search for 2018-2019 trends and ideas for your bathroom and build a clear idea of what you want. But we would strongly recommend you considering contractor’s services and will provide you a lot of reasons for that below. This basic decision of the project implementation influences the project’s time frame, costs, durability, and a number of changes introduced. If your goal is to get all that done as fast as you can, avoid a prolonged mess in the house, solve several issues at once and receive guarantees – your choice is to use the assistance of an experienced construction company.

Regardless of what types of work you plan: replacing the bath and changing the floors, adding steps or enhancing bathroom safety by adding grab bars or walk-in showers, improving functionality by installing the newest bathroom fixtures – our company does all of these and more!

Plenty of ideas can be found in the design gallery on our website. You can search for interesting design ideas by looking at before-and-after pictures of bathrooms (and kitchens) of various footage. Use any of the design trends you find interesting or create your brand-new project – it depends on you!

If you are looking for a trusted contractor offering home, bathroom (or kitchen) renovation services near you in Roseville, Sacramento, CA – we are glad to help you. Our managers will provide you with extensive information about estimate templates, examples of similar projects, and job descriptions.


Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.


Increase your home’s value by adding to/converting the space.


Whether it's a house or a street, our crew can make it happen.


We will take care of everything from envisioning to building.

How to remodel your bathroom in Roseville, Sacramento area, CA?

As far as the bathroom remodeling project is concerned – there are two ways to create it. If you have corresponding skills, you can use special apps that include designer kits and draw a layout on your own. Or you can entrust our company designer with this task and then check and approve the result. On this site, you can browse for ideas in pictures, look for bathrooms of any price range, the ones for large families with kids, or ideas for seniors. If you are interested in renovation for cheap – you can implement some DIY ideas, but do not consider labor costs useless: they guarantee a professional approach and durable results.

We offer free estimates and true handypersons to work on your project to make it unique and long-lasting. Our business has customers from NYC, New Orleans, Quad Cities, and a lot of other US regions. Some of the projects are available in the gallery; others are sent to customers at request. If you are planning bathroom remodeling, you can look through magazines. Most often, they will advertise showrooms or stores near you, offer fixtures or supplies. However, magazines provide thousands of ideas for your bath and shower redesign and add-ons.

It’s a great thing for inspiring you. However, very few sources provide a detailed outline of where to start or how to renovate advice for dummies. The process solely depends on your initial plans on remodeling, desired outcome, and investment.

Start from a list of what you want and additional ways to reach the goal. Estimates can be calculated together with the contractor. Outline the key aspects and then move to details: materials, floor, steps, bath shape, and so on. No matter if you have a clear idea or are in the process – it’s time to visit our office!

Why hire a bathroom remodeling contractor in Roseville, Sacramento, CA?

A bathroom remodeling contractor can protect you from 5 common mistakes to avoid:

  1. If you are not sure you can do it on your own – hire professionals

    Every third customer has tried to implement a DIY project, but something has gone wrong. We always help and re-do the job, if necessary. However, be ready that it will add extra expenses. If you are not experienced enough, your best option is professional help from our bathroom remodeling contractors.

  2. Consider customer feedback and reviews about the contracto

    We recommend carefully checking the reviews other customers leave about the company you want to work with. It’s easy and comfortable to work with reputable companies; besides, it helps to avoid job quality issues. Remodeling takes a lot of skills and efforts, special knowledge about materials and stores, and using the right estimate template. If the company has enough feedback from happy customers, shows its before-and-after photos, tells about the jobs in detail, and doesn’t hide bathroom remodel quote sample – you have a great chance to become one of the happy customers!

  3. Pay attention to questions you ask a contractor

    Before it’s too late, ask all questions you have about materials, working schedules, plumbing, lighting, vanities. You may be too busy to keep all of them in mind, so it’s a common practice to write them down in order not to forget anything. It’s better to prepare a checklist than re-do it a few times.

  4. Estimates are not equal to final costs

    Unexpected costs may arise during the process, or prices for materials may change. It will influence the final quote. Estimates help to get a general idea, but final costs may be a lot higher. However, we do our best to keep it as low as possible.

  5. Think twice before removing plumbing

    You can change plumbing fixtures, but it’s not recommended to proceed with plumbing until you have clear reasons for that. It is a time-, effort- and finance-consuming process.

A bathroom remodeling contractor can give you a professional consultation on these and other issues. We will help you with quotes and make you a proposal you won’t be able to resist!

Consider looking into bathroom remodeling in Citrus Heights.

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips in Roseville, CA

If you live in Roseville, CA, and are planning a bathroom remodeling, take a look at these important points that every homeowner needs to consider. All of the tips below are from the best remodeling services experts in Sacramento, CA.

  • Estimate the expenses beforehand. Before you start the whole remodeling project, your best bet is to create a budget so you could act in accordance with how much money you are able to spend on a bathroom remodeling. Each home remodeling project is always about being able to fulfill it financially. Bathroom remodeling is in no way an exception. Besides, pretty often, a bathroom can require even more than renovating some other space in your home, say, a bedroom. Bathroom and kitchen renovation may often get pricey. So don’t forget about wise budget planning.
  • What kind of bathroom is it? This plays a huge role in preparation for the remodeling project. For instance, guest bathrooms are usually smaller than master bathrooms, so if you’re planning to remodel your master bathroom, you will need a bigger budget. Or you may want to convert your standard bathroom into a wet bath – a 100% waterproof space with water-resistant floors, cabinets, etc. This is also going to cost you more.
  • Make the best of the existing space. One of the most popular tips is to use as much of the bathroom space as possible. Especially if your bathroom is not too big and you will need a better arrangement of appliances and other items. So making up a functional bathroom design is something you should definitely consider doing. This is especially important for a guest bathroom or a half-bath – traditionally smaller areas than a master bathroom, for instance.
  • Pick proper flooring. As popular as it is these days, hardwood flooring is not a great option for bathrooms. Instead, we would recommend tile or vinyl flooring. You can choose porcelain or ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, or vinyl plank.
  • A shower or a bathtub? Many people prefer showers to bathtubs. Are you one of them? If so, then our next question is, what type of shower cabin do you want? For instance, one of the most popular options these days is a walk-in shower. This is the type of shower with no curb to step over, which makes it safer to use. This is especially important if your family has elderly members.
  • Don’t forget about ventilation! This is what a remodeling contractor would usually remind a client about – ventilation. Pretty often, it gets overlooked by homeowners, which is just wrong. Most of them think that windows are enough for ventilation, but this is a mistake. First of all, you can’t usually open windows in winters (especially if you live in colder climates). Secondly, during warm seasons windows let traffic exhausts and street dust in. You don’t want that. That is why additional ventilation appliances are so important.
  • Choose durable materials and high-quality products. When the bathroom project is complete, you want to be sure that the job was done right. But over time, even good work quality can still be spoiled by low-quality materials used during the bathroom remodel. Unfortunately, there are contractors who neglect the importance of materials quality, and there are clients who would try to save some cash by buying lower-quality products. Nothing of the sort will ever happen if you choose our company. Our specialists know how important material quality is for proper home remodeling. And even though we always try to look for more affordable options for our clients, you may rest assured that the materials that we purchase for house remodeling are of the best quality. We only work with reputable and trusted suppliers.

Minor Remodeling in Roseville, CA

Sometimes people face minor issues in their bathrooms and kitchens that they can take care of themselves. In the examples below, usually, no professional help is needed.

  • Shower replacement. One of the most common plumbing issues that families deal with. Usually, a wife asks a husband to fix the problem, and that job would take an hour or two;
  • Shower-head replacement. This is even easier. Sometimes a showerhead gets broken, or it gets leaky. Normally, replacing a shower-head needs no professional assistance;
  • Faucet replacement;
  • Painting. Sometimes homeowners choose to repaint their bathrooms themselves. This is simple and will save extra money since there is no paid professional service involved;
  • Installing a sink or a vanity.

While this is just a small portion of what people sometimes choose to do themselves, still, not every homeowner can handle kitchen or bathroom remodeling issues. If you are not confident enough with some things to do around the house, don’t hesitate to call for professional assistance.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel in Roseville (Sacramento, California)

A+ Construction & Remodeling is available not only in Roseville, CA. In fact, you can reach us all across Sacramento and Northern California. In areas like El Dorado Hills, West Sacramento, and more. To learn more about where A+ Construction & Remodeling is available, go to the Areas section of our webpage.

Whether you live in Roseville, California, El Dorado Hills, etc., and are in need of professional home remodeling help – give us a phone call and book an appointment with our experts. Or you can always receive a free-of-cost house remodeling consultation.

How to Estimate the Price of Remodeling in Roseville, California?

To estimate the average price of the project, you may use a special form on our website. After you’ve chosen whether it will be a guest bathroom or a master bathroom remodel and specified additional work (if needed), you will have to type in your name (you may use both your first name and last name), phone number, and email so we could get in touch with you.

Wide Range of Remodeling Services in Roseville, CA

A+ Construction Pro is one of the top companies to consider when starting a remodeling project in Sacramento, CA. We remodel bathrooms, kitchens, make room additions, perform home remodeling, and more. Visit us in Roseville, CA 95678 (North Highlands) or give us a phone call.

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There are many construction/remodeling businesses in Sacramento, California. And unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy. But you definitely can trust us. You can tell it by the positive reviews our clients post online. And you yourself can help our name get bigger, leaving your positive review, as well.

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    Other Renovation Services in Roseville, CA

    Serviced ZIP codes: 95661, 95678, 95746, 95747, 95677, 95765

    When remodeling a bathroom where to start in Roseville, CA?
    Start with searching for inspiration. Bathroom remodeling in Roseville, CA area projects may be found in our gallery. You check out what is trending, and inform us what your additional requests are. Then, we start the works.
    What are the steps to remodeling a bathroom in Roseville, California?
    Bathroom remodeling in Roseville, CA area with us is ongoing with the purchase of materials, adjustment of appliances, or cabinets taking into consideration the bathroom surface as well as the implementation of design ideas for your comfort.
    How much does remodeling a bathroom cost in Roseville?
    The price for bathroom remodeling in Roseville, CA area will depend on your personal needs regarding the bathroom itself. The total cost of works will include the materials, hours of workers, design layout. We guarantee the warranty for everything.

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