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ADU Shingle Springs, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU Shingle Springs, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

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There may be an infinite number of reasons why a household owner may be interested in expanding the existing space of their residential place. It can be useful not only for those whose families got bigger with time but also for those who are going to rent their houses or just want to shelter more people than they could.

Many people think that the only solution to these problems is to move to a new, bigger house. However, all these problems can be solved if you build accessory dwelling units. Although it may seem like a complicated business to think about, there is nothing really hard to perform, especially if you have a reliable general contractor.

There may be various reasons you should consider hiring contractors for any construction project for your benefits, which you will know from this article, so stay with us!

How ADU Builder Shingle Springs, California Can Help You?

First of all, let us explain why it is highly useful to hire a general contractor for competent homeowners if they plan to make any type of remodeling in their homes. Since many people think they can manage any development of their houses and hesitate to spend money on general contractors, the later ones have more and more projects ordered. It is due to the fact that some homeowners take responsibility for highly complicated renovations on themselves and make many mistakes during the process.

That is why it is essential to contact contractors to plan the development, find the appropriate materials for rebuilding, and finally make the renovation with the help of professional builders. Luckily, many services have a free consultation for new projects, so it is better to ask for the advice of professional designers and architects before in order to know if your desired changes are applicable at all.

Now, let’s proceed to what is an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) at all and why you may need it. Accessory dwelling units are simply secondary houses that are located on the same building lot as the primary residence.

So, how according to the local laws of El Dorado county, you can use your accessory dwelling units (also called granny flats, garage conversions, or backyard homes):

  • additional living space for your family or guests
  • extra space for your hobbies
  • additional bathroom or kitchen
  • additional footage for renting

Surely, you may use this accessory space as you want, but these are the most popular reasons for being interested in the additional construction. If you think there is no way for your lot size to accommodate an ADU, you are very likely to be mistaken. There exist several types of accessory dwelling units that may be placed in compliance with almost any house.

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ADU Type Specs

  1. Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU):

Detached ADU can be considered by those homeowners who have enough existing space in their backyard. It is a separate construction of a small size that can contain a living space, summer kitchen, or a space for hobbies or spare time spending. They are also built for further use for rent or for usage in multi-family terms. Such projects require much attention for being completed correctly as usually there are no underlying systems of plumbing, venting, and lighting, which are needed to be done professionally.

  1. Attached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU):

This type is the most widespread residential development in the majority of American cities. It requires only your living house to have some free space nearby and within the property lines. Most frequently, attached ADUs have life-establishing systems connected to the main house and thus only need to be in compliance with the whole construction project. You can also think of an attached ADU in order to increase the value of the dwelling.

  1. Garage Conversions (Interior ADU):

As it can be understood from the name, garage ADU is one converted from the shed. It is only needed to connect the garage to the life-establishing systems and make some renovations so it is possible to live there. You can also confirm the interior ADU above the existing garage if it is more convenient and if you want to have an expanded second floor.

  1. Basement Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU):

If you have a free basement space under your property but do not want to use it as storage, you can create an ADU there. It is probably the easiest way of building an ADU as it only needs heating and lighting systems to be provided. Moreover, this area is not seen by the neighbors, so you may not be concerned about an unwanted sight visit.

As you can see, there are many variations of ADU types. However, there are also some limitations that you should think of and achieve before you proceed to model your new construction project.

To many homeowners, the problem is to calculate the footage of the ADU and how it should be placed on a residential property lot. According to California laws (Shingle Springs is a Census Designated Place within the jurisdiction of El Dorado County, CA), the required setback for a detached ADU is no more than 4 feet from the rear and side property lines of the residential area. These rules are not applied to the ADUs converted from the existing space.

For the multi-family property, it is allowed to submit one ADU for every four persons, having to add up to 850 square feet for a one-bed ADU and up to 1000 square feet for a two-bed ADU. Luckily, for both single- and multi-family properties, there is no required minimum lot size.

There is also no special form or material required for the ADU appearance. So, the building project depends only on your design desires.

Benefits of ADU Building

  • Additional Income: having an ADU on your property that you can rent out for additional income is a project that will pay for itself. Some homeowners are adding an ADU to alleviate their mortgage payment in the long run.
  • Guest House: an ADU will give you an option to host guests without disturbing your lifestyle. Having guests stay on the property but not necessarily in your home, makes it easier for the homeowner.
  • Living Quarters for Parents: if you have aging parents that you want to take care of in the comfort of your own space, having an ADU will make it possible for them to live close to you and yet let you have your own home for comfort.

How to Hire an ADU Service Provider Near Me?

Fortunately, there are many general contractors’ services in the Shingle Springs region, which means that you have a great choice among different projects and suggestions and the services will try to achieve your attention by making the best offers.

But how to choose the one and best general contractor from all this variety? Well, there are some details to pay attention to while deciding:

In general, you need your contractor to be able to make the work up-to-date and to give you the needed advice when needed. So, it is in your best interest to hire the best contractor within the region.

ADU Building Service Provider in Shingle Springs

A+ Construction & Remodeling is probably the best general contractor in Shingle Springs, according to the thousands of comments from our customers who return to our services many times. It is because we have experienced builders and designers who are able to find the best solution for any construction and project. We are also members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ rating and have all-inclusive work terms.

We guarantee you a free consultation with the needed estimates and measurements. Moreover, we will plan your project and remodel it in compliance with a particular date.

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How to Remodel Your Home?

There may be various ways which you can consider for remodeling your dwelling place depending on what changes you want to imply. In any case, there exists a guideline according to which any residential project should be remodeled.

Why Hire a Contractor?

A general contractor is your helping hand in any case of home remodeling. It will suggest to you a group of professional builders and designers that will not only make the plan and estimate of renovations but also make the remodel by themselves. In Shingle Springs, there are many services that suggest doing remodeling projects.

How Much Will ADU Cost in Shingle Springs?

Usually, it is impossible to calculate the cost of the project without seeing it and knowing all the details as there are many factors that affect the final price (footage, number of rooms, type of ADU). However, you can visit our website page to find an approximate cost of a granny flat project for your area.


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