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Licensed General Contractor Shingle Springs, CA

Licensed General Contractor Shingle Springs, CA

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Shingle Springs, CA, is a great secluded place close to beautiful locations, eco trails, historical sites. Homeowners in the area love to furnish their cozy homes and occasionally remodel them. If you are also thinking about repairs or alterations for your home, then you will need general contracting services.

Repair is a huge and complex project, with a bunch of calculations, details, and subtleties that just an average person may not know about. But the general contractor will gladly take care of all the tasks and free you from unnecessary headaches.

At the disposal of the company, there are such resources that you are unlikely to have:

  • Experienced team of qualified builders
  • Access to sustainable materials
  • Contractors for certain types of work
  • Licenses, work permits
  • All necessary tools
  • Time

How can a General Contractor in Shingle Springs, California, Help You?

Most Shingle Springs, CA general contractors are happy to take on a project, no matter how big or small. In principle, any commercial or home construction project always consists of the same stages.

Moreover, local contractors will be able to help you with all the steps:

  1. Budget planning
  2. Collection of information, project development
  3. Preparation of cost estimate
  4. Getting permissions
  5. Purchase of building materials
  6. Performance of designated works

The A+ COnstruction & Remodeling company in Shingle Springs CA will be able to take care of all these stages, but you can also decide to complete some of the points of the plan yourself. For example, to designate a budget under which the contractor company will adjust its estimate and all work performed.

We recommend that you do not draw up a repair estimate on your own, since it will be difficult for an unprepared person to take into account all the nuances and make high-quality calculations. It is better to entrust it to a team of professionals, so as not to incur unforeseen expenses later.

Measurements and calculations should also be carried out by a qualified professional, since the purchase of materials, the preparation of a design project, and much more depend on this. With incorrect calculations, you risk spending more money than planned, and the work may drag on for longer periods.

Therefore, it is very important to responsibly approach the choice of a local contractor in Shingle Springs CA. You may need to spend a little time finding the team you are willing to trust with your home. But then you can safely enjoy the process.


Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.


Increase your home’s value by adding to/converting the space.


Our rew is ready to build you the custom home of your dreams.


We will take care of everything, from design to building.

How to Hire a General Contractor Near Me?

If you live in Shingle Springs and are thinking about renovating, remodeling, or building a new home, then you need the help of A+, one of the general contractors' companies in the area.

How not get lost among all the variety and choose the licensed contractor that is right for you? We'll give you a couple of tips.

Pay Attention to Reviews

Reviews from other customers will give you an idea of ​​the quality of the company's work. Verified reviews will show you what you can expect from this contractor. Whether they complete the work on time, whether they make repairs neatly, whether they follow the estimate — you can find out all this from the reviews.

If you meet a few bad reviews, don't rush to write off the contractor. Equally important is how the company deals with negative comments. Whether they work with reviews and correct mistakes. Failures happen to everyone, the main thing is that the company does not abandon its projects and works on them in case of a complaint.

Explore Completed Works

The experience of the company in the market is very important, especially in your area. See homes in Shingle Springs that have been renovated or built by a selected company. You can look at buildings in other towns, but if the company has already built in Shingle Springs, this will mean that they are familiar with the rules and terms for this area.

Refine the List of Subcontractors

You can check with the representative with which subcontractors the company works. A successful firm cooperates with colleagues and thus gets good deals, which is beneficially reflected in the estimates of construction work for clients.

Request an Estimate

Many companies are willing to provide you with free estimates. Order such a calculation and study it carefully. See if everything is clear to you or if some items of the estimate raise questions. The more detailed the expenses are, the less likely the company has included any hidden amounts in the estimate.

Ask About Insurance

Professional contractors work under the terms of liability insurance. For you as a customer, this is very important, because, in case of damage, the insurance company will cover all costs.

The A+ company suits you on all these points, and most likely they are those who can be trusted with a repair or new home construction project. If time permits, we also recommend requesting an estimate from several general contractors. You will be able to compare quotes and choose a more successful and suitable home project.

Remember that how a company handles inquiries also speaks about its competence and professional staff. A reliable contractor will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information, which once again shows excellent customer service and professional work.

Benefits of Renovation:

  • More Living Space – Adding space to your home will add square footage and accentuate the beauty of your current structure.
  • Reduce Maintenance and Utility Costs – When you replace outdated and insufficient insulation and windows, your energy savings will be substantial.
  • A Worthy Return – Not only does your home value goes up after house remodeling project, it also gives your excellent return on your investment.
  • A Custom Home – You will ultimately be deciding on every factor of what goes to your home so you can make it the home of your dreams!

General Contractor's Services in Shingle Springs

If you are looking for a company that can deal with home construction, renovation, and remodeling projects for your family, we recommend that you feel free to contact us. Our business is one of the best general contractors in and around Shingle Springs CA. We successfully complete construction projects throughout the state, not only in Shingle Springs, but also in other cities in the Sacramento and San Francisco area: Fair Oaks, Cameron Park, North Highlands, Granite Bay, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, and other places.

Our service standards are very high, so the level of customer satisfaction allows us to stay at the top. Our locally owned business is happy to perform any type of building work for you:

 With us, you can be sure that you will get a wonderful experience, the highest quality and all this at a reasonable price.

General Contractor in Shingle Springs

By choosing to hire a contractor company from Shingle Springs CA, you not only allow yourself to get rid of unnecessary stress but also save. We are not only talking about saving time but also money.

Our company has many years of relationships with many material suppliers and subcontractors. This, as well as the volume of services, allows us to carry out house construction and remodel projects at excellent prices.

Read dozens of reviews from our clients and request a construction quote in Shingle Springs CA. Our job is to make sure your family has their dream house in Sacramento.

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What Makes Us Different


Our process is organized, streamlined and designed with you in mind.


We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.

Bigger Savings

In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.

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Professionally designed showroom with you in mind.

No Hidden Costs

We provide detailed estimates showing you what you get for your money.

Superior Product

Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.

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Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.


Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.

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We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a contractor charge in Shingle Springs, CA?

Independent contractors usually add about 10-20% commission on the total estimate for their services. Often this can be very profitable since the prices for materials and services from such companies are lower than if you bought everything on your own or separately. Hiring one of the contractors in Shingle Springs CA will also save you valuable time and nerves.

How to hire the best construction company in Shingle Springs CA?

There are a lot of construction and remodeling contractors in Shingle Springs. Not to make a mistake and choose the best for your house project, you should pay attention to the company's overall rating, reviews on completed projects, availability of licenses, and the ability to follow a confirmed schedule. You can request a project estimate to see how the company works with clients.

What documents should a contractor company have?

Before choosing a company, check that it has a state license and building permits. If everything is in order with them, you will have to create a legal agreement between you (the customer) and the company (the contractor). The contract must specify all the conditions: list each service, terms of work, prices, payment schedule, and other conditions. This document guarantees the responsibility of the contractor to the customer of the services.

Why should you hire a professional for your home reconstruction project?

We believe that everyone should do their job. And if you are an excellent accountant or lawyer, then why do you need to be engaged in building. If you want to get great work and excellent workmanship, then you should hire professionals. The building team will complete the work according to the approved plan, take care of all related documentation, obtain a license and permit, and even help you save money. Such work does not have to be redone, and materials for contractors are often cheaper than in stores.


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