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Davis, CA Is Safe To Live

Davis, CA is Safe to Live
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If you are planning a long-term trip to Davis, CA, or are going to buy a house there, then you will definitely want to get acquainted with the topic of security. Of course, everyone wants to live in a safe area where they do not need to worry about their loved ones and their property. Fortunately, thanks to statistics, you can now rely not only on the subjective opinion of friends and reviews on the Internet but also on official data that indicate the frequency of crimes in each city.

In this article, you will find information about what place Davis occupies among other cities in California, how frequently crimes are committed in this city, and which areas are the safest to live in.

How Data On Crimes Committed in Davis Is Collected?

Due to the fact that local authorities in the state of California control the process of collecting data for compiling crime statistics, everyone interested can find out which of the cities in the state is the safest to live in. Based on these data obtained from the FBI and the Census Bureau, you can make a conclusion about how often crimes occur in California cities.

In addition, lists in which cities in the United States are ranked depending on the level of security are being compiled regularly. For example, the last list was published by Safewise, a site where security product reviews are posted. Thus, thanks to official data, we can judge how safe Davis is.

Safety of Life in Davis Compared To Other Cities

According to the latest data, Davis ranks 86th on the list of the safest cities in California. In total, the list included 231 cities for which data were obtained and which are inhabited by a fairly large number of residents. This means that small towns are not included in the number of cities under consideration. Consequently, Davis is among the hundred safest cities in California and is higher on the list than more than half of all cities.

In general, this is a pretty good indicator for such a large and well-known city as Davis. Davis is the 122nd largest city in California. Probably, the university that is located in Davis attracts the attention of young people who aim at education and development, and many of the students remain in Davis even after graduation. Consequently, the majority of residents in the city are respectable and wealthy citizens with higher education, which certainly affects the standard of living and security.

It is worth noting that the list in question was published in 2020. According to the data presented in the list from Safewise a year earlier, Davis was ranked 33rd. Consequently, the place occupied in this list can vary greatly from year to year. Firstly, the number of crimes on which the list is based may vary in Davis depending on a particular year. Secondly, since the place is determined when compared with other large cities in California, statistics for which also vary, it is difficult to predict which place Davis will take this year.

Number of Crimes Committed in Davis

Now let us move on to a detailed review of the statistics for Davis. According to data for 2018 received from the FBI, the level of property crimes per 1,000 local residents is 24.3, while the level of violent crimes is 1.7. Consequently, property theft is more common in Davis than more terrible crimes that threaten human life. Among property crimes, theft is the most common, burglary ranks second, and theft of a vehicle is the third most frequent crime. Regarding violent crimes, the most common case is robbery.

Interpreting the general data and taking into account the population in California, we can say that property crimes are the most widespread type of crime in all cities of the state. Approximately 38% of California residents face theft every year. In comparison with this indicator, violent crimes are rather rare: only 16% of residents face them per year. The frequency of mass shootings is even lower: only 10% of California residents per year become victims of such crimes. Thus, despite the fact that Davis is not among the safest cities in California, you do not have to worry about the safety of your life. You can protect your home from robberies with the help of a security system so as not to worry about the safety of your property. As for violent crimes, their number is quite low.

In order to convince you that there is no reason to worry, let us give the following data: in fact when comparing data for California and the rest of the US states, it turns out that California is quite safe for life and the crime rate here is significantly lower than in the rest of the country. Despite this, more than half of all residents of California are constantly worried that they may suffer from criminal acts. We want to protect you from unnecessary worries. California is a safe state to live in.

However, if you are still worried about the safety of your loved ones, then we recommend that you choose the quietest and most peaceful area in Davis and move there. According to residents, the northern districts of the city are much safer than the southern ones. For example, the probability that you will suffer from criminal acts in the southern part of the city can reach 1 in 6, while in the northern part this indicator is only 1 in 59.

Thus, unfortunately, we cannot claim that Davis is one of the safest cities in California. However, it should be borne in mind that California as a whole is an extremely safe area to live in when compared to other states. In addition, statistics vary from year to year.

In general, Davis is characterized by average crime rates. Most often, minor crimes such as theft are committed here, so there is really no point in worrying, life in Davis is pretty safe.


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