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Elk Grove History

Elk Grove History
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Nowadays, Elk Grove is known to be one of the best cities in California for a family to live in, as it provides:

  • Impressive education opportunities,
  • A safe environment to raise the children,
  • Great infrastructure with lots of restaurants, parks, and other services.

And having a population of more than 170 thousand residents that keeps growing every year, we might ask ourselves – why is Elk Grove as great as it is? For that, we might need to look at its past.

Changes in the City’s Center

Elk Grove history can definitely be called one of the most interesting ones, as its center has been moved three times throughout the time of its existence, thus changing the way of this town’s development.

So let us see what these shifts have brought to the city and why they have been made.

The Very First Spot

Initially, Elk Grove consisted of just one building, a hotel that was created in 1850 by the family of Sarah and James Holl. Currently, there is a replica constructed just near the original spot, and you can see it for yourselves while walking past Elk Grove Park at its west exit.

According to the witnesses of those times, it was a two-story brick facility that contained 13 rooms for its guests and was the only location to stay in this area until another hotel was built a mile further from that of James Holl.

It was also mentioned that all of the lands that currently belong to Elk Grove Park and Cosumnes River were also in ownership of the Holl family.

The historical files of Elk Grove also confirm this information, but it also adds that in the first days of the hotel’s opening, its guests were not travelers but rather the citizens of Sacramento that went here to have some fun, dance all night long, have breakfast and go back to their homes.

Then, the property of Hall’s family was purchased by a Francis Graham one in 1859, with the territory of Elk Grove Park and Cosumnes River being called Graham’s Grove and Lake. After that, this territory was repurchased a few times more, with J.M. Brown and his family being the last known residents of the building, as they tore down the building to construct two new ones.

The Other Two Locations

Historians state that the beginning of the city’s existence can be considered as of the 1850 year. This is the time when Sacramento areas were all connected by the Upper Stockton Road.

But unfortunately for the first city-center location, this made the citizens of Elk Grove move further away from the hotel, as their business started to prosper. Due to that, the new center of the city shifted one mile away from the initial one and is now called Elk Grove Boulevard and 99th Highway Road.

However, history had other plans for the city of Elk Grove, which is why the city had to move a mile away for the third time. As the Central Pacific Railroad had finished its development in 1868, it managed to connect Sacramento, Stockton and San Francisco. But Elk Grove somehow was missed by the railroad, leaving it one mile away from itself. And although such distance is not as large, it is still big enough to stop Elk Grove from further development.

A lot of people were not satisfied with this situation and wanted their city to prosper in ways other than agriculture, which is why in 1876 the city began to move yet again a mile further from its initial spot so that the railroad would be closer to its citizens.

But why “Elk Grove”?

Well, no one knows for sure. We definitely know that James Hall was the first resident of Elk Grove, which is why the creation of the name for the city is credited to him. The first indication of Elk Grove was made in a Sacramento County tax assessment, where Mr Hall was marked as the one living in Elk Grove.

Some state that the name is “Elk Grove” because James lived in a Missouri town that had the same name, others indicated that it was because Mr Hall found elk horns in a grove close to his hotel.

More information about the life of the Hall family can be found in other Sacramento documents. For example, in marriage licenses, there is information about a daughter of James and Sarah, Anna, that was married to Ferdinand Woodward from Washington on 22th of April 1852 in the city of Elk Grove.

Elk Grove’s Infrastructure Now

One of the things that make Elk Grove stand out from other cities is its education. Elk Grove Unified School District is considered to be the best school district in the USA due to its progressive education. There are more than 80 languages spoken throughout Elk Grove, and all of them are supported by the school district of the city.

Elk Grove Unified School District provides the following types of education:

  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • All twelve grades of school education
  • Higher education
  • Special education

As for the location of the city, it could not be better: Elk Grove is somewhat 26 miles away from Sacramento Airport, has access to both I-5 and Highway 99, as well as to I-8 and Route 50.

The medical service of the town is also of top-notch quality, with a great number of hospitals and urgent care centers being situated throughout the city. And do not worry about your seniors, they can also have fun at one of our senior centers and be taken care of if needed.

The last thing that we might need to discuss is the housing of the city. Reading this article you might understand that Elk Grove is just a perfect place for your family, which is why it is important to know its price range. According to the data that we have, houses’ costs will vary between 160 and 400 thousand dollars depending on your preferences and needs.

Renting an apartment, of course, will cost you less. For example, an apartment at a complex will have a price of approximately 800-1,500 dollars, while the rent of a house will be somewhat around one and two thousand dollars.

Recreation options

When visiting Elk Grove, you might want to pass by one of its attractions, such as Laguna Creek Parkway, Cosumnes River, and Stone Lakes Refuge. Furthermore, Elk Grove has quite a few recreations for those of you who would like to explore a city a little bit more.

For example, you can take golf courses at Emerald Lakes Golf Center or Valley Hi Country Club. These places would be perfect both for newbies and for professionals. In addition, you might want to stay at one of the city’s health clubs where swimming, tennis, indoor basketball, and many other activities are available.

Nature lovers can walk in one of Elk Grove’s parks, and their variety will surely amaze you: for a not as big city as Elk Grove, it has more than 90 parks. And theater admirers will be glad to know that the city has three locations for you to visit: Century 16, United Artists and Laguna Village.

You can end your lovely visit to Elk Grove by eating out in some of our best restaurants. More than 70 diners are situated in the city, with almost all of them being owned by locals. And don’t forget to buy a cup of coffee in one of the city’s shops before leaving Elk Grove.

And while visiting the city, consider one of the following places for your to stay in:

  • Hampton Inn
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Extended Stay America
  • Holiday Inn Express

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