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Family-Friendly Neighborhoods To Consider In Sacramento

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods To Consider In Sacramento
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Have you ever dreamed of living in California? If you look for cozy and family-friendly neighborhoods to live in, you should definitely consider areas in Sacramento!

According to surveys and statistics from the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento neighborhoods are becoming more and more attractive for living. As a rule, people have different stereotypes about Sacramento neighborhoods: there are hipster neighborhoods, neat and cozy places, and areas full of college students. It seems that in Sacramento, everyone will find a place to their taste.

So, to choose a perfect neighborhood, let’s look at several areas in Sacramento that are ideal for family life. Below are seven areas that will make your family life calm and harmonious

The best neighborhoods for living

It’s worth noting that there are many different neighborhoods in Sacramento, and everyone will find a dream area. If you want to start a family or look for a place with an excellent recreation area for children, consider the variants presented below.

Village 7

So, Village opens the list of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. About eight thousand people live here. This Village 7 straddles between the suburbs and Sacramento, which is not so long to go. Here you may see many residential and modern shopping areas, so you will always find the shops or offices. By the way, there are many agricultural enterprises and open spaces in Village 7. For this reason, it is often windy and not so hot here, especially in the summer season.

Playgrounds and entertainment centers are built here for children. Nearby is North Natomas Regional Park, where families often spend time with children. In general, for quiet family life, this area is what you need!


Westlake is the perfect place to live in Sacramento! People prefer this neighborhood for living thanks to beautifully equipped parks and streets and recreation areas with children. Local authorities take care of the improvement of this neighborhood, so there are cafes, playgrounds, amusement parks, and public schools with a high reputation. So, you will find a lot of amazing and interesting places to relax here. Therefore, many visitors from other states and locals advise this area to live.

Here, for instance, is a small list of parks for recreation:

  • Egret Park
  • Westlake Community Park
  • Sparrow Park

River Park

Another perfect Sacramento neighborhood is River Park, where the average price of one house is $405,000. River Park is located next to the American River, and families with children love to walk here on weekends. Just imagine what beautiful embankments there are with a view of the river. Also, you may see Glen Hall Park and a huge complex with swimming pools, football sections, and other entertainment for children.

Natomas Park

About 20 thousand residents live in the Natomas Park area. If you find a place where there are a lot of amusement parks, shops, places for outdoor recreation, this area will exceed all your expectations! Most parents bring their children to this park for sports (football, tennis, swimming pool), fishing, or a picnic. In the Natomas Park neighborhood, there are excellent schools for children and even a community college.

Little Pocket

Most residents of Sacramento recommend considering the Little Pocket area for living. The Little Pocket neighborhood has a convenient location (not far from the highway), and the population here is no more than 1400 people. This area resembles a small bubble: all the buildings are located close, and people know each other. The main advantage of the Little Pocket neighborhood is John Cabrillo Elementary School and Sam Brannan Middle School. By the way, the Sacramento River flows nearby. There is an excellent view and wonderful sunsets in summer!

Curtis Park

It is also worth considering the Curtis Park neighborhood in Sacramento. Undoubtedly, housing prices are higher here than in other areas. However, Sacramento International Airport is located not far from Curtis Park. Local authorities have built several excellent schools and kindergartens for children. Therefore, this area is worth your attention.


Finally, an excellent variant for family life is the Pocket neighborhood. Many consider this area as the best neighborhood because there are many different parks and places to relax. Indeed, 28 thousand people live here. Visitors from other states often distinguish the Pocket area among others. Families with young children go to Fairytale Town and the Sacramento Zoo, located nearby. So this area is really ideal for family life!


To sum up, you have reviewed a list of the best neighborhoods for family life in Sacramento! Each of these areas deserves attention. Although Sacramento is consistently considered one of the best places to live in the country thanks to the economy and a lot of entertainment, some areas in Sacramento are disadvantaged.

Here is a list of some of them:

  • Parker Homes
  • Ben Ali
  • Village Green
  • Wills Acres
  • Village 5
  • Cannon Industrial Park
  • Gardenland
  • Norwood Tech

Therefore, when choosing the best place to live, always look at the recommendations. The best choice is always yours!


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