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Four New Attractions To Visit In Sacramento

Four New Attractions to Visit In Sacramento
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You can have been living in Sacramento for many years, but never explore all its landmarks. As soon as it comes to walking around the city, the image of the California State Capitol Museum immediately comes to mind. No doubt, old Sacramento is a wonderful place. Stanford Mansion and Sutte’s Fort always impress visitors with their architecture and shady parks. However, what about new points to be visited? Let’s explore where else you can go if you know all about the old center!

We have selected several exciting spaces that were created or equipped in the XXI century:

  1. New Crocker Art Museum Building
  2. Wells Fargo Pavilion
  3. Warehouse Artist Lofts
  4. Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for the Arts

These places are curious to explore both alone and with family and children. They are also perfect for romantic dates. If you want to know what to do in each of these spaces, read on for an overview. You will definitely find something suitable for a cool holiday!

1. New Crocker Art Museum Building, since 2010

Large Crocker Art gallery has been operating for more than 130 years as a public museum. During this period, so many new exhibits had accumulated in the storerooms that the management decided to construct a new building. The second pavilion of the Crocker Art Museum increased the exhibition space three times. Here you can see beautiful examples of both American and European art.

Visiting Crocker, you will get a closer look at Sacramento history and learn how the contemporaries of the gold rush reflected current events on their canvases. Breathtaking American landscapes, religious paintings, and portraits of local residents of the XIX century will not leave you indifferent. The museum’s exhibitions will appeal to fans of ceramic products, as it houses one of the largest American collections of ceramics. Here you will find samples of dishes from the 16th century and witty works by modern artists, fancy vessels, and elegant human figures.

The museum contains a fine collection of drawings and engravings with Dutch, German, and French samples. Sketches and finished landscape drawings impress with their skill and subtlety. If you find yourself in Crocker, don’t forget to explore the photography exhibition. The excellent collection of landscape photographs and portraits of the first half of the XX century reveals the peculiarities of American life.

The expansion in 2010 has led not only to exhibiting various art samples but also to equipping a lecture hall at the new gallery. An educational center and a library are on the first floor. Here you can attend lectures and other various events, and then go upstairs and see the paintings and ceramics. So Crocker is a place where you can spend the whole day without getting bored!

2. Wells Fargo Pavilion, since 2013 (new name Dignity Health Theatre)

The reconstructed theater platform has retained the shape of an old circus tent. It is a descendant of the Sacramento Musical Circus, which used to exist as an outdoor theater. Technological improvements of the site have been carried out in the new building, so the possibilities of actors and spectators are significantly expanded. In a comfortable and cool hall, the audience can enjoy performances. If you love music, but miss the opera, you should visit the musicals!

The Sacramento Theater Company does performances at this space from September to May. The structure is a circular theater with a 32-foot-diameter stage and four performance aisles. In tribute to the former appearance of the old theater under the circus dome, the new building is covered with fiberglass fabric. Of course, this material is also improved: it has a double-thickness Teflon coating, which provides insulation for both sound and light and heat. A cozy place to spend the evening here!

3. Warehouse Artist Lofts, since 2015

The artists’ condo is located in an old building dating back to 1914. This is an example of the reuse of a production facility – it used to be a Lawrence warehouse. Here live, study, and work artists who have a great platform for communication. What makes this building modern and interesting for the public? Nothing but exhibitions!

Here you can see the most modern art that you won’t find even in a museum. After all, the way of an art object to an official exhibition takes several months or even years. Even the Crocker Art Museum won’t offer you such fresh samples as the WAL gallery does. Every month, the residents of the building open doors to all comers and exhibit their works for viewing. Up to 40 coliving artists participate in the exhibitions. Guests can not only explore modern works of art but also buy them. A real vacation for an ardent art connoisseur!

After visiting the gallery, take a walk around the building and appreciate the interiors. Many elements of the old house have been preserved as a sign of the past, so you can get acquainted with the architecture of the beginning of the last century. From the roof of the building, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Sacramento. You can also relax in a cafe or visit one of the shops of a small market in the condo. Do not forget to take a walk in the pleasant and well-kept garden adjacent to the WAL.

Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for the Arts, since 2018

The newest building in the city! The art center is the main stage of the legendary B Street Theatre. In the diadem of playhouses of the city (after all, Sacramento houses almost all famous California theaters!), this place is one of the brightest gems. Here you can spend time with the whole family and enjoy a variety of performances – from classic plays to modern shows.

Founded in 1986 as a school theater, B Street quickly became popular both among children and adults. The creator Timothy Busfield and his brother Buck began to conduct tours that created a large audience and critical acclaim. Over time, the troupe began to make performances for an adult audience. It strengthened the success of the theater and increased its fame. When the actors needed a spacious space for performances, the management constructed a building on Capitol Avenue. This place became the home and main stage of B Street.

B Street Theatre is notable for the fact that it hosts not only classical performances. It is a living organism that responds to the demands of modernity. Visitors come to stand-ups and podcasts, participate in set design and drama workshops. The theater remains focused on its original audience, so there are many activities for children and teenagers. Just think, your child can play a role or take part in the production of the play! This place is worth a visit, at least to feel the holiday of creativity.

The abovementioned are some relatively new places in Sacramento that are worth visiting more than once. Spectacular shows-musicals, quiet galleries of American and European art, exhibitions of contemporary living artists, or a variety of theatrical performances – what will you choose next week? Follow the events, and do not miss the latest announcements!


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