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Fun Spring Things To Do In Roseville, CA

Fun Spring Things to Do in Roseville, CA
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Spring is a great time to travel to another city or country. You may want to explore the state of California better and go to a less popular and busy city than Los Angeles or San Francisco. In this case, Roseville is a great option for a family trip or for a pleasant time together with your loved one.

However, even if you have lived in Roseville for many years, our guide to the best places to walk and have fun in the city will definitely be useful for you! In spring, the weather is always good, flowers bloom everywhere, and the city is filled with bright colors. At this time, more than ever, everyone wants to walk a lot and explore new places.

We are sure that you will discover a lot of new things and you will definitely want to visit at least a few places from this list. Keep reading this article to get acquainted with all the interesting places in Roseville!

1. Enjoy The Spring Blossoms

The first recommendation we would like to give you is to definitely enjoy the various plants in Roseville. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of parks and gardens where you can walk with your loved one or with your family.

Jensen Botanical Gardens

We especially recommend paying attention to Jensen Botanical Gardens. Despite the fact that this is a fairly well-known place in Roseville, there are no crowds of people here, so you get a great opportunity to relax in silence and be alone with nature. Many residents of Roseville who often visit this botanical park note that spring is the best time to visit this place. In spring, you can often see park workers or volunteers planting new trees and flowers. Therefore, you can come here every week and still find a new plant that is worth looking at.

Fair Oaks Horticulture Center

Another great place that you can visit for free and also take children with you is the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center. Open events are often held here where you can learn more about gardening and get free advice from botanists. This will be especially true for those who grow plants on their land or at home.

We are sure that these gardens will delight both adults and children. There, you can take stunning photos near the flowering trees and enjoy the aromas of flowers blooming in spring.

2. Visit the Local Zoo

If you are not particularly interested in plants and visiting botanical gardens, then perhaps you will like the zoo in Sacramento. There, you can see a lot of animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, and many others), learn more about different species, and show your children exotic animals that they have never seen before. A large and beautiful zoo will definitely leave both children and adults satisfied.

In addition, you can not only visit the zoo but also buy some animal toys so that its days will be fun and active. Find out more information on the official website of the Sacramento Zoo.

3. A Special Amusement Park

Olympus Park is a great option for families with children who want to spend the whole day in an amusement park. Little dinosaur fans will definitely appreciate this park! All playgrounds here are made in the style of the Jurassic period. You may stumble upon fossils, dinosaur skeletons, and ancient birds figures.

This unusual atmosphere delights not only children but also adults. Moreover, there are tables, benches, and grills on the grounds of the park. Thus, ideal conditions have been created for a family dinner in the open air.

Spring, when it is warm enough to be outdoors all day, but there are no crowds of people in amusement parks yet, is the perfect time to visit Olympus Park.

4. Food and Entertainment For Everyone

If you are looking for a place that will definitely appeal to all family members, then an entertainment center with arcade games combined with a cafe will be a great option for you! While adults enjoy delicious food, drinks, and conversations with each other, children can have fun playing games.

We have selected two of the most popular and best options for residents and guests of Roseville.

Chuck E. Cheese

Here, you can enjoy delicious and hearty pizza with the whole family and also play a lot of arcade games. You pay for the games depending on the total visit time. Many residents of Roseville remain delighted with this place and consider it the most fun and cool cafe for family holidays.

John’s Incredible Pizza

This cafe is very similar to the previous one. Actually, the name of the cafe does not lie! There is definitely an extremely tasty pizza. For a fee, children can play arcade games and go through a maze. The choice of entertainment and attractions is amazing! This is probably the best choice for a children's weekend or holiday.

5. Options For Active Weekends

We are sure that many people like to spend time actively. For outdoor enthusiasts, spending the weekend on the couch watching TV shows or walking around the mall is a terrible dream! It is much better to go for an active walk around the city, spend time going bowling or golf, or visit a climbing center.

Here are some places where the most active families can spend the spring weekends.

Granite Arch

This is probably the best climbing center near Roseville. It is located in Folsom and is open for many visitors who are engaged in climbing professionally or are just taking their first lessons with professional coaches.

In this center, you can spend any holiday by renting the entire hall in advance. If you are a fan of rock climbing and want to arrange a great family spring holiday, then this will be a great option!

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

This is a great place to combine physical activity and fun. We are sure that in this trampoline park, both adults and children will get unique unforgettable emotions! To raise your mood, we recommend not only jumping on trampolines but also visiting a Foam Zone and SkyRobics fitness classes.

In addition, the trampoline center is open for rent and private holidays.

The Fountains at Roseville Old Sacramento

Fountains in Roseville are one of the most popular places to walk in the spring. If you are traveling to Roseville for the first time, then we will definitely recommend you to visit this place. Residents of the city gather here to take a walk, go shopping, and listen to street musicians.

We also recommend that you take a good look at the historic center of Roseville. In this city, everyone will find a special place for themselves.

Strikes Unlimited

In this place, you can not only go bowling but also have fun playing arcade games. Moreover, you might want to visit a snack bar where you can refresh yourself after the game and chat with friends.

Check the website of the entertainment center for events in which you can take part by visiting the center on certain dates or organizing your holiday here.

We hope you enjoyed reading our special selection of spring entertainments. Now, you just have to choose which place you want to visit faster than the others. We wish you a great spring break and an unforgettable trip to Sacramento!


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