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General contractors (also known as prime contractors) carry out all the responsibilities associated with onsite construction projects, a search for and deal with subcontractors, and detailed communication with all the parties involved in a project. The major issue with finding a reliable general contractor in Orangevale, CA, is that most of them don’t have enough experience, and those who do have it — share unreasonably high quotes on their services.

An experienced and honest general contractor is a rare gem to find. However, if you landed on this page and got to know about the A+ Construction team of pros, you are moving in the right direction.

Our company appreciates demanding homeowners and complicated projects, as they help us grow expertise, broaden responsibilities and expand our comfort zone. For sure, there are tasks that homeowners can undertake and manage on their own: like supervision and control, shopping for materials, search for vendors and subcontractors. However, it’s a well-known truth: if the task can be delegated, why not having it delegated then? In rare cases, the savings are worth wasted time, but we are ready to discuss every unique situation to create a perfect plan for our customers and follow it.

Working with a General Contractor in Orangevale, CA

The process of construction work, making additions to your home, or remodeling it combines a lot of opposite things: on the one hand, it is inspiring, challenging, and brings a lot of enthusiasm; on the other hand — the process can be truly stressful if the general contractor is picked up wrong.

No matter how complicated a project is: a good general contractor is able to facilitate it and speed the whole flow up, while a bad one can spoil the impression of the renovated and updated home, add legwork, waste homeowners time, and may even create the need in setting down the legal issues.

However, it may be your first time choosing a general contractor in Orangevale, or you may have already carried out some upgrades, like electricity, plumbing, remodeling or restructuring spaces or structural engineering, interior or exterior design improvements — in both cases, you will be surprised about the way our pros make it smooth, hassle-free and affordable for you. Here are just a couple of examples of what our professionals do because the complete variety of services can be expanded to the way you see it and specified in the contract.

General Contractor in Orangevale, CA: How Much Does the Service Cost?

Each project requires its own cost calculation review, so if you are really intended to plan your budget, our advice is to suggest you making up a list of your ideas, demands, and wishes before you start a search for a reliable general contractor to discuss it all with. Industry professionals will ask a number of additional questions to understand the project scope, your preference, and expectations to help you create a functional and attractive space to match your needs. Just as well you may come up with your own maximum budget for a general contractor and negotiate it: our general contractors will help you estimate the features that will be able to fit this budget, at what points it is possible to save, and how much is left for some extras. So, the simple answer is the following: everything depends on the specific project.

When to Hire a General Contractor?

Consider the following issues to understand at what point it’s better to hire a general contractor:

  • The estimated project timeframe — if you suppose the renovation project will take a week or more, our advice is to hire a general contractor to use their knowledge of the number and type of subcontractor services, permits, and estimates.
  • The local code compliance — if you are not sure if your construction, renovation, or design plans met the building codes in Orangevale, CA, if you don’t know what permits it may require, then again — it’s better to call a general contractor to help you with this.
  • The need to hire subcontractors — for example, it’s clear that homeowners can foresee and monitor the work on painting the walls on their own. But when it comes to remodeling kitchens or bathrooms, there are many aspects to consider: vendors, documents, and more. In such cases, our advice is to look for an experienced general contractor in your area.


Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.


Increase your home’s value by adding to/converting the space.


Our rew is ready to build you the custom home of your dreams.


We will take care of everything, from design to building.

How Can a General Contractor Orangevale, CA, Help You?

Do I Really Need a General Contractor?

Until you are extremely experienced in construction, renovation, and remodeling, and until this experience is combined with a strong DIY approach, our advice is to hire a residential general contractor to prevent difficulties and add value to your home project.

Let’s see what general contractors usually do and what their responsibilities include:

  • Main contractor pros coordinate the whole work of home improvement and remodeling;
  • General contractors make a calculation review of the necessary number of workers, their qualifications, and working time: for example, flooring specialists, solar installation teams, plumbers, designers, or architects;
  • Also, they make estimates, contact supply vendors, discuss delivery and other details;
  • General contractors deal with scheduling to speed up the service process, draw and sign contracts, monitor the progress, and create step-by-step reports on the job done;
  • The contractor professionals fully deal with the project management, give pieces of advice on the top construction approaches, local building and construction codes, obtain permits for you and keep the job done according to all the industry standards.

Qualified contractor companies are licensed; they offer compensation to workers and provide insurance. It means they are liable for possible injuries or property damages that occur on-site. A+ Construction pros will pay attention to tiny details of the project that you might miss. They validate every step to ensure the project will be safe, durable, and effective. For example, roofs, windows, walls, and other parts that are highly important for the structural integrity of the building may have specific requirements during installation. Therefore, they should be installed by qualified and certified general contractors, overseeing the performance and taking responsibility for that.

What Are the Guarantees?

A+ Construction Pro company is the best at what we do. The quality of every service we offer is backed up by years of workmanship warranty. We guarantee that our professionals (including every team member and every subcontractor) and the insurance companies we deal with meet the stringent requirements of the industry. You can send a free and no-obligation quote request now to learn the details.

How to Hire a General Contractor Near Me?

To hire a general contractor for services like renovating your home, remodeling one of its areas, improving its internal systems, or building a new one is easy. What’s complicated is to hire the one to match your expectations.

Here are the pros of hiring A+ Construction Pro as a general contractor in Orangevale, CA:

  • Our professionals oversee the whole project, making sure every facet has the necessary materials and each task is scheduled right. As a result, you get a job done in the shortest time possible and at a brilliant service level. No delays, no unpredictable charges, or poor quality service.
  • Our professionals undertake the entire management process: large projects require a huge number of management supervision duties. Legwork, paperwork, permits, strategic thinking, responsibility, and more — our contractor professionals can take it off homeowners’ shoulders and provide services on a turnkey basis.
  • We do things right from the first time — to keep things on schedule, our professionals ensure there are onsite supervisors to report directly about the arising issues or problems to solve them timely.
  • Hiring a proper commercial general contractor is a key decision to predict project success, so don’t hesitate to ask about a quote right now. There are multiple ideas and pieces of advice on how to manage a large project on your own, but it will guarantee higher stress levels and time expenditures. Lack of expertise may lead to unpredictable yet unwanted consequences. Responsible tasks always require professional service, and we are ready to provide it. Get the work done right away for the best results.

    Tip: To save time and money, think of renovating, remodeling, or otherwise targeting several spaces or aspects at once. It will help organize the process more effectively than tackling the problems separately.

    Contractor Services in Orangevale, CA

    Here are the top reasons for using our contractor services in Orangevale:

    • We have the necessary building process knowledge. Contact us to prevent the costs from going out of control because of missing or not knowing something: in-home remodeling or more specific tasks; everything should be done timely to keep the costs as planned.
    • We have the required trade knowledge. Our professionals know where to shop, how long it takes for materials to get shipped, how to combine textures, colors and where it is possible to save without compromising quality.
    • We have comprehensive legal knowledge and building codes. Pass inspection right away, if any, as a reputable general contractor will help you avoid any type of re-inspection fees or delays. We are perfectly aware of local variations in California codes and construction requirements in Orangevale in particular.
    • Our professionals know a lot about construction scheduling. Staying top of the schedule, managing dozens of subs involved, and getting the maximum out of every minute — that’s our motto.
    • We have a long-standing reputation among suppliers and subcontractors. It is explainable why they prefer working with contractors they know a lot about. It’s important for them to work on a project with professionals, complete the work without interruptions, and be sure about the contractor’s payment history. So, it’s your chance to get the job done by the first-class professionals near you.

    Contact us now to learn the details!


    This section is for those homeowners who are new to remodeling using the services of a general contractor and just don’t know what it is and why they need a general contractor in the first place. If you don’t belong to the said category of homeowners, skip this part and go with the benefits of remodeling service in Orangevale provided by A+ Construction Pro.

    What Exactly is a General Contractor?

    • A general contractor is a specialist hired to perform supervising service during the remodeling project. Normally, these professionals stand between homeowners and remodeling workers, building material suppliers, etc. One of the main duties of a general contractor is to follow the project’s deadline and maintain a high standard of remodeling service.
    • During the remodeling works, a general contractor will supervise purchasing and delivering building materials, tools, and equipment.
    • A general contractor will also keep a client aware of the remodeling progress.

    Benefits of Renovation:

    • More Living Space – Adding space to your home will add square footage and accentuate the beauty of your current structure.
    • Reduce Maintenance and Utility Costs – When you replace outdated and insufficient insulation and windows, your energy savings will be substantial.
    • A Worthy Return – Not only does your home value goes up after house remodeling project, it also gives your excellent return on your investment.
    • A Custom Home – You will ultimately be deciding on every factor of what goes to your home so you can make it the home of your dreams!

    The Benefits of Renovation with A+ Construction & Remodeling in Orangevale

    There comes a time when people choose to make certain additions to their houses, make use of the unused area around the house, perform kitchen or bathroom remodeling, or even start a major home renovation. Whatever the final goal is, you know that you will need professionals to get the project done right and in time.

    If you’re planning home remodeling in Orangevale, CA, give us a call. You may request an appointment with one of our specialists to learn about our services and prices.

    Our general contractors will provide any kind of remodeling service within a reasonable price range. Make an appointment with a team of professionals who will assess the project and the overall price of the remodeling service. Our contractors will also help you make decisions regarding materials (costs, pros & cons, shipping details, etc.) and give a number of other useful pieces of advice on how to make the best of your project.

    With the A+ Construction company, you will be sure that your remodeling project gets the best treatment in the business. Our professionals use eco-friendly materials and equipment; they perform services quickly and strictly within permitted hours not to disturb your neighbors with the noise during construction works.

    Our Pros Will Help You:

    If you live in Orangevale, CA, and are up to renovate your place, our general contractors will help you with the project.

    A+ Construction Company Services

    Here is the list of the most popular construction and remodeling services from our company:

    This is only a limited number of what our construction company offers homeowners all across the Orangevale, CA, area. To get more information on what other kinds of services our general contractors offer, please visit our webpage.

    You may also visit the Recent Projects tab to learn more about our successfully finished projects. Among the projects, we are rightfully proud of our home remodeling projects including full interior renewals, flooring, plumbing works, and electrical upgrades; kitchen and bathroom remodel including all sorts of additional works such as plumbing, electrical upgrades, new appliances installation, refinishing, cabinets replacement, flooring, etc.

    This is important that not all of those construction projects were done in Orangevale, CA, only.

    Our business map goes as wide as most of the Sacramento area. Basically, we are representing our business all over the place from Citrus Heights to El Dorado Hills, from Rancho Cordova to Roseville, from West Sacramento to Auburn, CA, and San Francisco Bay area.

    For more information on the areas outside Orangevale where we represent our business, go to the area list on our main webpage.

    Help Us Develop Leaving a Positive Reviewour

    If you are one of the homeowners we have already helped successfully fulfill the remodeling project, be free to give us a positive review. Sharing your opinion about our general contractors and the quality of services they provide is the best way to help our company develop and attract new clients.

    Besides, your positive review will help other homeowners.

    The construction business is a vast territory, and it may get confusing for most homeowners who decide to go for a remodeling project for the first time. That is why each review is so important. On our webpage, you can see some video reviews made by happy homeowners who would tell you what sets us apart from most of our business competitors. Make use of those reviews if you’re choosing a construction company for yourself or trying to help your friend.

    And of course, you may leave your own video review about our service level, as well.

    Plus, there are more places for business reviews where you can find out about a company’s rating and even influence that rating yourself by leaving your own review. To know more about what homeowners say about our business, visit our Yelp, Facebook, and Google pages.

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    General Information

    Orangevale is one of the comfiest neighborhoods. This little town is situated in one of the most popular parts of California, avoiding the coast of the Sacramento area. It’s quieter than Granite Bay or Folsom and offers safety and convenience to its residents. Moving to Orangevale means finding a perfect family home for several generations ahead. It’s a perfect suburban town surrounded by oak trees and flowers. The place sits right next to the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

    About Orangevale

    The earliest records about the local community date back to 1844. It was a rural area plunged in the orange groves. Orangevale Park is full of the oak trees left from that time. The lovers of history and hiking will be fond of going along the trails made by Maidu Native Americans long before the place was established.

    Short Facts

    • Long before Orangevale was established, the place was full of oak trees and trails made by the Indians and wild animals;
    • The new transcontinental road brought new residents who bought pieces of land here and dealt with farming and cattle;
    • The place is known for the magnificent orange groves that were named Santa Juanita Grant and belonged to the Mexican government in 1884;
    • In 1888, the first map of this place was officially documented;
    • The initial name of the settlement was “Orange Vale Colony”;
    • In 1889, twenty children attended the local school, and its building was among the first ones in the area;
    • Thanks to the impressive supply of freshwater, the local farmers didn’t have any problem with irrigation of vineyards, orange groves, and fruit trees;
    • The place managed to preserve its rural setting, which is considered appealing by many new locals coming to the neighborhood yearly.

    Entertainments Around Orangevale

    Orangevale is mainly a rural area with a great concentration of farmers. Of course, the place is properly maintained, has a convenient infrastructure, and the basic needs of the local residents are fully satisfied. This community is a large family made up of helpful individuals. You’ll be amazed at the number of new acquaintances when you move to this nice and quiet place at the base of Sierra Nevada Foothills.

    Grab your family and friends and get to Shady Oaks Disc Golf Course. It will be an enjoyable experience because the place is regularly maintained, and the magnificent old oak trees will impress you. It’s one of the most relaxing places for a birthday picnic or for a date with your significant other.

    If you’re planning a night out, you’re your friends, or with your significant other, Scotty’s Hideaway will do. They have pool tables, a huge bar, a karaoke, and a cozy outdoor area. Numerous people say that this place is a hidden secret of Orangevale. The prices are reasonable, and the staff members are welcoming. It’s one of the safest places where you can have a drink and get acquainted with the locals in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Foods & Drinks in Orangevale

    Unfortunately, Orangevale is a family-oriented neighborhood with a lack of entertainment. Thankfully, Sacramento is a densely populated area, and the area of Orangeville is full of choices for those who cannot find anything on the territory of the city.

    Panera Bread. Judging by the yelp reviews, in Orangevale, it is one of the most popular places to eat out throughout the day. While you’re trying hard to adjust to your routine daily responsibilities, the caring staff members of this fast-food restaurant will serve you fresh and delicious foods. You can easily craft your menu and enjoy the wide choice of salads, soups, and sandwiches.

    Denny’s. It’s almost in the center of Orangevale offers traditional American dishes. It’s one of the most popular diners among the locals. Brunches, lunches, and breakfasts are served here for all families to enjoy. The menu includes appetizers, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, hand-dipped milkshakes, and more. The place is happy to serve you 24/7. Delivery is available.

    Kolbeh | Kabob Restaurant. Visit the official website to see the menu, arrange a private party, and reserve a table. The restaurant offers Persian & Mediterranean dishes. Vegan options are also available. One of the most popular dishes there is chicken kabobs. All clients agree that the service is impeccable and the food is so delicious that you forget to take pictures.

    The Opinion of the Locals

    • All locals agree that Orangevale is quieter than the neighboring Granite Bay and Folsom.
    • The nature is gorgeous, and there are peacocks walking across the yards of the locals.
    • No one here sets the alarm because the place is literally crime-free. People know each other, and there’s no chance to walk along the street unnoticed by one of your neighbors, friends, or co-workers.
    • The place is rural, but the cool thing is that it is situated not far from San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.
    • The rents and the cost of living are going higher yearly — hurry up to buy your own piece of paradise surrounded by old oaks and orange trees!


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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a general contractor in Orangevale, CA?

    A general contractor in Orangevale, CA area, is an experienced group of builders and designers ready to make a custom layout for the complete home renovation or restoration of its parts.

    What does a general contractor do in Orangevale?

    A general contractor in Orangevale, CA area, starts with the layout of your home and finishes with a complete custom renovation project that will be implemented in the shortest time possible.

    How do i deal with a general contractor in Orangevale, California?

    It’s not hard to deal with a general contractor in Orangevale, CA area. Make sure you’ve established polite communication, stick to the steps in a project journal, and don’t forget to track all crucial changes and fix them in writing.


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