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Licensed General Contractor West Sacramento, CA

Licensed General Contractor West Sacramento, CA

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Nowadays, all over the world, including the United States, people are in need of making a proper, high-quality home remodel. Undoubtedly, this process is not the easiest and sometimes gives a lot of trouble. However, the redesign results, including the kitchen remodel, deliver incredible emotions and a sense of new life.

In West Sacramento, CA, home remodeling is one of the most daunting processes when you finally purchase a house or a new apartment. You either need a complete renovation after the previous owners or a couple of touch-ups if it is a new home. In any case, you need the professional help of a contractor service. These reliable companies provide highly ecological multifunctional remodel and create an atmosphere of warmth and well-being.

Today, our company (A+ Construction & Remodeling) is a top leader in West Sacramento and carries out its business according to all the rules. We are the most successful and well-known contractor in West Sacramento and the United Kingdom because our customers trust us. Our team of workers is ready for all difficulties, so do not miss the opportunity to implement the design ideas.

How Can a General Contractor West Sacramento, CA, Help You?

There is no need for you to deal with home building masters if you have got a sufficient amount of building and designing experience in Sacramento, CA. If you are new to this place, you will have to consider many things before you start building or renovating anything (bathroom, bedroom, garden, or another area):

  • Climatic changes and peculiarities of the weather.
  • Governmental and local regulations concerning the building and renovation in West Sacramento.
  • Prices on the building materials and remodeling products.
  • Trendy designs and modern interiors.
  • General contractor work prices in West Sacramento.
  • Reliable services, license, rating, and review about the selected contractor.

Even if you would like to do most of the job on your own, you should turn to a professional designer or an architect. This person could provide you with unbiased information on the essential services and expected results.

However, we recommend using the help and services of a contractor. Our construction contractor firm (A+ Construction & Remodeling) is the leader in all indicators among contractors in Sacramento, CA. We provide the highest quality and time-tested furniture, as well as follow the request. We will do remodeling in any location in your house, even in the bathroom! In addition to everything else, we also offer free estimates of all remodeling.

As for the design, our masters work in different styles, both in trend and classic. For instance, among the new products of the season, the dominant position of art deco with unobtrusive smoothness of lines, elegant forms, and minimalism in the solution of place is becoming more clear. Scandinavian design is gradually giving way to more expensive materials, sounding rich color combinations, understated functional furniture. The Art Nouveau style, which embodies elite design, is still at the peak of popularity. The eclectic interior looks no less modern.

By the way, the color scheme also plays a significant role in the design. Increasingly, there is a shade called spicy honey. This color category has a caramel sound, which in different variations takes on a sandy, woody, or amber tone. Depending on the illumination, it acts in different ways. This shade may calm us down, bring a calming note or encourage us to take action.

Below are a number of our advantages among other contractors in Sacramento, CA. Be sure to read each item to get an idea of our business.


Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.


Increase your home’s value by adding to/converting the space.


Our rew is ready to build you the custom home of your dreams.


We will take care of everything, from design to building.

Our Advantages in Sacramento, CA

Our construction contractor is unique among other contractors in Sacramento, CA. First, we have many years of practice in this business, and we are not afraid of any difficulties. Secondly, we have a developed scheme of interaction with our customers. That is why every customer request is satisfied. Despite the multitasking of remodeling, we carry out repairs in any location (bathroom and toilet). At the same time, the results are worth all the expectations!

In West Sacramento, CA 95605 (or West Sacramento, CA), you may contact us day and night. Our online specialists will tell you how to start a general home renovation or kitchen remodel, depending on your budget. Also, you recognize how to initiate an unconventional custom project. Below are the benefits of our business as a general contractor in Sacramento, CA:

  • Building for you. Our business process is organized, streamlined, and designed with you in mind.
  • We have a lot of certifications. Unlike other contractors, we hold many awards in the business. Besides, our high rating proves that our service is the best in Sacramento, CA.
  • No hidden costs. In this business, we are a general contractor that provides detailed plans showing you what you get for your money. We calculate the cost of the remodel in all places and guarantee the results of the estimate.
  • Trusted sources. Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands. Our team prefers to play by all the rules so that the rating is at the top.
  • No pressure sales. We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales. Other contractors often use similar methods of communicating with clients. Any sales or discounts seem to increase the likelihood of concluding a service document. However, our policy is different. We prefer to act without manipulation and deception.
  • Eco-friendly business. Our materials are eco-friendly and green-certified in Sacramento, CA.

Remodel Process in West Sacramento, CA

Renovation is a lot more than dealing with the walls and worn-out flooring. You have to consider a lot of things before you may turn your project into reality. In general, any construction or remodel is energy-consuming, and therefore you need to be patient and nervous.

Have you ever dealt with remodeling on your own in Sacramento, CA? In this context, you might have already learned a lot of things through your mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes are very costly. When you start a general kitchen remodel, you have to think about the following:

  • Demolition. It should be done wisely and by the plan. All utility systems should be preserved, and some of the walls just cannot be moved because it is risky for the integrity of the building.
  • Flooring. You will have to do a lot of research before the purchase of the materials for the flooring. It is vital because a regular place usually has a lot of inner traffic. Besides, it is a cooking space where pieces of products fall on the floor together with the crumbs of bread and numerous liquids from the packets, bottles, and pans.
  • Ventilation. It is one of the crucial things since a kitchen is a massive steam generator from cooking, odors (and not all of them are pleasant), and grease. Proper ventilation will help you avoid excessive cleaning.
  • Distance. For us, nothing is impossible, and therefore we consider your wishes to develop a plan for the location of furniture. In general, the distance between objects should be normal. The more space, the more comfortable and beautiful the room is. Design and distance play a primary role. The arrangement of the interior helps to increase the area.

Thus, on our website page, you may get acquainted with the color schemes and style of the premises (it is a vital category). Through the search, look at the reviews of our regular customers in Sacramento. You may make sure of our knowledge and results.

Benefits of Renovation:

  • More Living Space – Adding space to your home will add square footage and accentuate the beauty of your current structure.
  • Reduce Maintenance and Utility Costs – When you replace outdated and insufficient insulation and windows, your energy savings will be substantial.
  • A Worthy Return – Not only does your home value goes up after house remodeling project, it also gives your excellent return on your investment.
  • A Custom Home – You will ultimately be deciding on every factor of what goes to your home so you can make it the home of your dreams!

How to Hire a General Contractor Near Me?

If you are an owner of a new home in West Sacramento, CA, you might need a consultation with a couple of professionals. General contractors may be helpful because they are teams of builders, architects, and designers with a lot of experience in this area. They have been through numerous renovations in the business, and they already know how to deal with projects of various degrees of sophistication.

Stick to the following principles when choosing a general contractor:

If a contractor is not afraid of answering your questions promptly and with interest, you are on the right way. It is time to pass on to the financial quote and methods of payment.

Contractor Services in West Sacramento, CA

Home contractor services are top-rated in Sacramento. Numerous residents of the United States, and people from other countries, tend to move west. It happens because of the following reasons:

In West Sacramento, CA, general home contractors in Sacramento are always here for you to improve the quality of your lives and make it even better. We will help you deal with:

  • Renovation of your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry (no matter how your present cabinetry looks, it can be renovated and refurbished if it is still solid);
  • Home renovations after natural disasters (we restore living spaces and offices after the draughts, floods, fires, storms, hails, and strong winds);
  • Roof installation and maintenance;
  • Renovation of walls and flooring (stone, filter, concrete, hardwood, vinyl, PVC, linoleum);
  • Renovation of the tiling regardless of the room;
  • The layout of the furniture distance and other additions.
  • We have already designed, built, and renovated many homes within Sacramento, and most homeowners have nothing against demonstrating the result of those works right now. We will:

    We aim to make your home comfortable and safe for years ahead. You will be able to spend a lifetime within your renovated home, and your neighbors will be jealous of you. You can entrust your future home to A+ Construction & Remodeling because we have more than 20 years of experience. Check the page of our site for the latest projects in Sacramento, and do not hesitate to contact our management in the online chat via phone or email.

    Our Addresses

    Like other contractors, we are expanding our business territory (outside of Sacramento) and customer base. It allows people to easily find us and order the repair (bathroom or other room). Below is a list of our addresses:

    To find us, you need to perform several actions. First, open the page of our website and see the contacts. We have easy navigation, so the search engine allows you to get information. You can switch the filter by clicking on the desired data. Look at all of our business addresses in Sacramento (including 729 Solano st) and outside of the area. In the end, choose the most suitable option in Sacramento!

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    General Information

    West Sacramento is located very close to Sacramento ― to be more precise, these two adjacent cities are separated by the Sacramento River only. So, West Sac is a great choice for those, who work in the capital of California, but prefer to live in a quieter place.

    West Sac is a medium-sized city characterized by a calm and cozy atmosphere. Most local residents are young and have good wages. This place is also considered to be comparatively safe.

    As of now, the city is being actively developed and extended. It keeps on growing and attracting new citizens, which can be easily proven by the fact that there are many newly-built houses.

    Key Facts about West Sacramento, CA:

    • Although West Sac is adjacent to Sacramento, it belongs to Yolo County.
    • The total area of West Sacramento is about 59 sq km.
    • As of 2010, there were 48,744 citizens.
    • The zip-codes of this city: 95691, 95605.
    • The mayor of West Sacramento is Christopher L. Cabaldon, who has been occupying this position for more than 20 years.
    • The city is the food industry hub and the agricultural center. There are dozens of farms and manufacturing facilities located within its territory and nearby.

    Things to Do in West Sacramento:

    • To watch a game in Sutter Health Park. This place is the home of the Sacramento River Cats ― the local baseball team playing in the Pacific Coast League. But, if you are not so fond of sports, you can go to this stadium to enjoy a community celebration, a festival or some other kind of event.
    • To spend some time in the open air in River Walk Park. This popular green zone is located on the west bank of the Sacramento River and offers a beautiful outlook of Old Sacramento. Locals come here to have a short rest sitting on the grand staircase and enjoying the fresh and cooling breeze from the river, to feed ducks, to have a picnic or just to walk along the riverbank.
    • To compete with friends in the bowling alley EL Rancho Bowl. This place has been working since the 1950s, so, it enjoys popularity among several generations. It has been completely renovated in recent years, so, it looks quite stylish and modern. In addition to bowling itself, they offer a large assortment of bites and drinks.
    • To get exercise in West Sacramento Recreation Center. They offer an extensive selection of activities: from playing basketball and exercising in varied gyms to indoor climbing, swimming in a pool and even sliding on waterslides. That’s a perfect place to spend a day off together with the entire family and to get new healthy habits.
    • To taste delicious beers served in The Barn. No doubt, this fashionable spot is famous for its creative design in the first place. However, this is complemented by a good selection of beers, wines and cocktails, as well as meals and snacks, including wood fired pizza, wings, salads and varied fries.
    • To create your own beer at YOLO Brewing Company. That will be a unique and memorable experience. Think about your favorite beer taste and describe it to a crafter working for the company, so that he helps you to create the perfect beverage.
    • To take a tour around California Highway Patrol Museum. There, you can see hundreds of exhibits, displaying the rich history of the California Highway Patrol, including uniforms used in the past, weapons, a large collection of badges and even vintage patrol cars.

    Outstanding Residents of West Sacramento:

    • Malcolm Floyd ― the well-known former American football player, who played as a wide receiver for the Houston/Tennessee Oilers and St. Louis Rams in the NFL;
    • Willie Jorrín ― the former professional boxer, who was awarded the title of the WBC Super Bantamweight Champion;
    • Burney Lamar ― the racing driver, who holds the title of the International Kart Federation Champion and has taken part in the NASCAR Xfinity Series;
    • Eugene Garin ― the world-famous artist, who was one of the originators of the modern seascape art;
    • Oleg Maskayev ― the professional boxer, who was holding the WBC heavyweight title in 2006–2008;
    • Steve Sax ― the professional second baseman and trainer, who has managed to become the world’s champion two times with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Neighboring Places:

    • Sacramento ― the capital of California ― borders West Sacramento on the east;
    • Webster ― the unincorporated community ― is located to the west of West Sac;
    • Saxon ― the unincorporated community ― is situated to the southwest of West Sacramento;
    • Freeport ― the census-designated place ― is located to the southeast of West Sac.

    Public Transportation in West Sacramento

    The overwhelming majority of West Sacramento citizens use their personal cars to get around the city and outside.

    There are no train stations in West Sac, still, the Sacramento Valley station is located at a short distance ― right across the Sacramento River near the I St Bridge.

    Also, there is Sacramento International Airport located a short drive away.

    As for buses, West Sac citizens can use both local and interurban routes. One can easily get from West Sac to Sacramento, Davis and other neighboring locations. West Sacramento is served by YOLOBUS.

    In addition, there are also Interstate 80 and its business loop Interstate 80 Business crossing West Sacramento, which allows to comfortably drive around the city as well as to easily get to Sacramento.


    A+ Construction & Remodeling Inc. Certifications

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    Accreditation with BBB
    Member of NKBA

    What Makes Us Different


    Our process is organized, streamlined and designed with you in mind.


    We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.

    Bigger Savings

    In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.

    Designer Showroom

    Professionally designed showroom with you in mind.

    No Hidden Costs

    We provide detailed estimates showing you what you get for your money.

    Superior Product

    Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.

    Trusted Sources

    Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.


    Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.

    No Pressure Sales

    We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.

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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a general contractor in West-Sacramento, CA?

    They enhance your living space aiming to upgrade homes in West Sacramento, CA area. It’s a renovation agency, working in collaboration with the best suppliers of building materials, tools, and refurbishment equipment.

    What does a general contractor do in West-Sacramento?

    A home renovation contractor offers bigger savings on designs and renovation plans. The team of construction workers uses superior products from the trusted suppliers so that your renovation in West Sacramento, CA area, could last as long as ever.

    How do i deal with a general contractor in West-Sacramento, California?

    Make a shortlist of construction companies in West Sacramento, CA area and ask for a detailed estimate with comments on the pricing. Comparing prices is essential, but keep in mind that the cheapest contractor is not the most reliable one.


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