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Guided Fishing And Hunting Trips In Sacramento

Guided Fishing and Hunting Trips in Sacramento
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The Sacramento River is one of the best fishing spots in the United States and is the best fishing spot in California. The river is rich in all kinds of fish, so as not to get confused and not to miss all the variety, resort to the help of guided fishing trips. There are enough of them in Sacramento.

Sacramento is California’s longest river, about 400 miles long. And all along the river, there are various fish. For example, if you want to catch rainbow or brown trout, you need to go to the Upper Sac area. These fish are available there throughout the year.

But the wonderful trout is not all that can be caught in the Upper Sac. In the spring and fall, sea-run rainbows, also known as Steelhead, appear.

If you are a trophy fishing lover and chasing the size, you need to fish in the Lower Sacramento River area. You can catch salmon here, which weigh might be 60-70 pounds. White sturgeon are also caught in winter and striped bass in spring.

We advise you to choose from a variety of fishing tours or fishing charter. Knowledgeable guides will tell you where the bite is best and where you can catch the largest salmon or perch. There are half-day trips, more suitable for interesting entertainment with the family or for those who are not quite familiar with fishing. For professionals, it is better to choose full-day tours.

Best Fishing Guides in Sacramento

To not get lost in the variety of fishing tours, we advise you to pay attention to these guides. They have the best reviews and ratings on specialized sites, and they have the necessary experience, training, and licenses.

Gary Anderson Guide Service

Captain Gary Anderson is an experienced guide with 50 years of experience. With him, you will go fishing on the Sacramento River or the Feather River. Captain Gary recommends a spot depending on the bite of the fish on a particular day.

You can take your children with you. The patient captain will show them the basics of fishing, and if you have your own life jackets, take them with you. If not, do not worry. They will be provided to you on board the boat.

You will go fishing on a comfortable 25 ‘Rouge Jet Boat equipped with twin 400 HP engines and individual seats for six people. If someone in your group does not want to fish, they can just enjoy the pleasant day and the beautiful views while sipping a cold beer.

Do not forget to bring snacks, a fish cooler, and fish licenses for all people over 16 years old.
Gary Anderson Guide Service offers 8-hour shared trips or 5-hour private trips specializing in Rainbow Trout, Salmon, and Bass fishing.

Big Al’s Guide Service

Big Al made his first tour back in 1973. Now he specializes in fishing stripers, kokanee, trout, catfish, sturgeon, Sacramento valley salmon, and steelhead.

Big Al will not only show you where to catch the best fish and help you catch it but also help you butcher it, pack it properly so that you can go home with your catch. Guided fishing trips are held for fishermen of all skill levels; it will be interesting for both beginners and experienced fishermen.

Only high quality and uncomplicated equipment are used so that anglers can get the highest quality experience. Big Al will guide you through the best fishing techniques and will answer all your questions. Fishing with Big Al is not only educational but also fun.

5S River Fishing Guide Service

The 5S in the name represents the five types of fish that Captain Gordon Holt specializes in. These fish are

  • Striped Bass if you go fishing in the spring or fall;
  • Sturgeon, during winter fishing;
  • Shad if fishing is scheduled for spring or summer;
  • Salmon, it’s best caught in the spring;
  • Steelhead, if you fish in winter.

Captain Gordon has been fishing for 40 years. During this time, he has thoroughly learned all the features of local fishing and will be happy to share his experience with you.

Fishing with Captain Gordon is a unique private experience as you go fishing on a 17 ‘Fish Rite jet boat equipped with a 90 HP Yamaha engine. It can accommodate a maximum of 3 passengers, allowing everyone to receive personalized attention.

Trips are rated for 8 hours but often end earlier if you hit your fishing limit.

Tiger T’s Guide Service

Captain Todd Leboeuf is a true professional and a fan of his craft. With him, you will go fishing on the Sacramento River on his 16 ‘Koffler drift boat, which can accommodate two passengers.

Todd will do everything to ensure that you have the best experience while fishing Brown Trout, King Salmon, and Steelhead, the finest fish in the area.

You will be provided with high-quality fishing equipment, and at the end of the fishing trip, the captain will clean and butcher your catch so you can cook it at a local restaurant or take it home in an ice cooler.

It’s not for nothing that Todd is nicknamed “Fish Magnet” book an 8-hour tour and find out exactly why.

Championship Sportfishing Outfitters

Contact Capt Brandon Beachum for a superior fishing experience. Brandon has been fishing local fish for over 25 years and has been a licensed fishing guide since 1999. Capt Brandon was educated at the California Maritime Academy, knows how to provide first aid, and has navigation, fire fighting, and general deck training. So with him, you will feel safe.

To go fishing for salmon in the Sacramento River, you will need to bring snacks, drinks, suitable clothing, sunscreen. You can capture the camera if you want. And be sure to take the fishing license.

Built in 2016, a custom Alumaweld 26-foot jet-powered open tiller is used to enter the waters of the Sacramento River. The boat can accommodate up to 6 passengers.

Fish On Charters

With Captain Les Fernandes, you can go fishing on a comfortable 21 ‘Sun Tracker pontoon, released in just 2020 and capable of accommodating up to 6 passengers. The main goals of Captain Les Fernandes are the safety and comfort of passengers, together with productive fishing.

Captain Les will always tell you where the best bite is at the moment, and you will go to catch Sockeye Salmon, Brown Trout, Chinook Salmon, or Steelhead.

Forty years of captain’s experience will allow you to enjoy fishing and catch delicious fish, and in the end, Les will be happy to fillet your catch for you.

PF Guide Service Hunting & Fishing

The company sends its clients fishing on a 24 ‘Fish Rite jet boat, equipped with a 460 HP Ford engine and accommodating up to 6 people. Special instruments installed on the boat help to detect large concentrations of fish in the shortest possible time.

The main goal of PF Guide Service is to bring to its clients the joy of successful fishing and pleasant pastime.

Outcast Guide Service

Captain Justin will take you fishing on his 22 ‘Jetcraft jet boat, which can accommodate up to 5 people. Justin will provide you with Salmon Fishing Tackle and Stripers. With the help of special equipment installed on the boat, such as a fish finder and GPS, you can locate fish faster.

Fishing will take place on the Sacramento River, which is rich in fish. From March to May, you can catch the beautiful Striped Bass, and after the summer break, the majestic Salmon appears.

Captain Justin is an excellent local expert and can quickly figure out where the best bite will be.

Captain Justin will gladly welcome your children on board. The boat is safe, and the current is moderate, so they and you will not be in any danger.

Andrew Surtees Guide Service

Captain Andrew conducts guided fishing tours along the Trinity and Lower Sacramento rivers in his restored 14′ Lavro drift boat. The boat can accommodate two anglers, allowing Andrew to give each individual special attention.

The captain provides his guests with an icebox for cooling drinks so that on a hot day, you will enjoy fishing.

Andrew provides all the necessary equipment for fishing, including reels, rods, fly fishing equipment, terminal tackle.

The company provides drinks and snacks for you, but of course, you can bring your own food too.

The main thing you need to get is a fishing license, suitable clothing, sunscreen, and a good mood. The rest will be provided by Andrew Surtees Guide Service.


The fishing trips of this company start from different locations, and they usually fish in the Lower Sacramento River or Trinity River.

The company has been in business for almost 20 years, led by experienced angler guide Jerry Frye.

Jerry will be happy to share his fishing experience with you, teach you special tricks so that you can catch the biggest fish. The largest Striped Bass that Jerry caught weighed 35 pounds, and his client caught a 58-pound salmon someday. So Jerry knows a lot about the big catch.

The company has a 17′ aluminum drift boat at its disposal. It is excellent for productive fishing.

The cost of the tour already includes fishing gear and equipment specially selected for the fish that are found in these rivers.

After fishing, Captain Jerry will be happy to butcher your fish and pack it in an ice-filled container so you can bring your catch home safe and sound.

Fishing License

Please note that you must have a fishing license to fish legally in California.

If you are going to catch Steelhead of Sturgeon, besides, you must have a special report card.

If you do not know where to issue these documents, you can ask for help from the guides on fish tours. Also, fishing guides usually provide all the necessary equipment, including bait and tackle.

Top Catches in Sacramento

As you already understood, there is a lot of fish in the rivers of Sacramento, and it goes into your hands. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular fish species found here.

Striped Bass

The size of these fish can vary greatly from 2 pounds to 50 pounds. In the rivers of Sacramento, the largest of the fish can be caught.

Catching this fish is not so easy. It has a special character and is strong, but its beauty and amazing taste are worth it.

Striped Bass is caught in spring and summer. The best techniques for catching him are high-speed trolling and drifting. Use topwater lures, live bait (eels, crabs, mullet), swimsuits, spoons to catch this fish.

King Salmon

This salmon is deservedly called royal. Delicious fish can weigh up to 70 pounds.
In California, it is allowed to fish for salmon from July to December. For the best catch, it is better to choose late autumn.

When fishing for King Salmon, various techniques are used, the most popular of which are back trolling, side drifting, back bouncing. Experienced guides will tell you which technique is best for a particular situation.


Sturgeon caught in the waters of Sacramento can weigh up to 800 pounds, so catching this fish requires special preparation. You need to stock up on fresh bait, heaviest tackle.
Best of all, this fish is caught from January to April because it is their spawning time.


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