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Hidden Gems Of Roseville

Hidden Gems of Roseville
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Roseville represents one of the most scenic metropolitan areas of Sacramento, California. It is located in Placer County, and it is its largest city. Of course, Roseville is a popular place for Sacramento visitors who come to see its wonderful sights and get acquainted with its numerous places of interest. Those who live in Roseville and its outskirts are also fond of spending their days off somewhere outdoors.

Fortunately, Roseville is rich in awesome sights and interesting places such as picturesque parks, interesting conceptual restaurants, museums, and galleries.

In this short review, we are glad to share with you some useful information concerning the most attractive places of interest, the real hidden gems Roseville is proud of!

1. Quarry Park

It has always been not that easy to find a place where both adults and children could spend their weekend having lots of fun. Fortunately, such a place does exist. It is a unique park of adventures located in Rocklin (approximately four miles from Roseville) and represents a spacious area where you can find an ideal combination of amazing outdoor activities.

If you are active, full of energy, and don’t do well staying in one place, Quarry Park is definitely for you! If you are in comparatively good shape and are not afraid of heights you are offered a unique aerial adventure when you navigate using the special clipping system and safety equipment. The route includes more than 60 elements arranged based on the principle “from easy to more difficult”. This activity represents a good way to test your power, and endurance and get unforgettable impressions and an adrenaline rush.

In addition, such breathtaking activities as rock climbing, free fall, rappel, zip line, and “Via Ferrata” are at your service. No matter what exactly you choose (one of them or their combination) you will definitely have a beautiful day full of emotions and good spirits.

Those who prefer more peaceful activities or would like to share them with their small children have a good opportunity to use paddle boats to explore the territory of the park along nice Quinn Quarry Lake. Moreover, your children are offered to visit the Kidz Kove, the place where they can run, climb, and hang freely using more than 30 various elements.

Quarry Park is always ready to help you to organize the attendance of the groups of visitors (20+ people) but the reservation should be made in advance. Organization of birthday parties on the territory of the park is also available.

In a word, Quarry Park is the best place for you if you are fond of spending your leisure time outdoors and in an active way.

2. Black Chasm Cavern

Black Chasm Cavern literally represents a hidden place located in Volcano (the town of California). It is a unique and spectacular sight that undoubtedly will be of great interest to people of all ages. The cave was recognized as a National Natural Landmark in 1976 and since then it has been one of the most attractive and mysterious places of interest for both Sacramento dwellers and the tourists.

By visiting this amazing tourist site, you can acquire knowledge concerning such unusual creations of nature as crystal cave formations (stalactites and stalagmites) as well as spacious chambers which have been existing perhaps for thousands of years! The informative audio guide is at your service providing you with tons of useful information.

A constant temperature of 58 degrees is kept 365 days a year enabling you to hide from exhausting heat in summer and from the cold winds in the wintertime. Having explored the cave you can complete your wonderful adventure by buying souvenirs at the gift shop of this natural museum.

Undoubtedly, Black Chasm Cavern is an outstanding wonder of nature and the real hidden gem of Sacramento, California which is worth visiting at least one time in your life!

3. Fountains at Roseville

For those who are tired of outdoor sporty activities or informative sightseeing tours, an interesting entertainment place can be offered.

The location we would like to tell you about represents 40 stores and 9 restaurants gathered together in the same territory with beautiful fountains in the center of the place. Is it not pleasant to shop the whole day long with your family members enjoying beautiful fountains with light and music which are especially attractive and look magical in the evenings? The entire place is very well arranged and well-thought. Original butterfly benches deserve special attention. It is pleasant to spend leisure time there.

Families with children especially like visiting this center as kids can entertain themselves riding the small train that seems to appear from a fairy tale. The train is sanitized after each ride so it is completely safe to use it.

After shopping and walking around the place, you can enjoy your meals in one of the restaurants. Everyone can select the eatery suiting his or her taste.

One of the loyal visitors called Fountains at Roseville “the Heaven on Earth” and, frankly speaking, she was right

4. Cante Ao Vinho

Having had an eventful day full of marvelous impressions, you are likely to complete it with a quiet and relaxing evening drinking fine wines and taking tasty snacks. If you are tired of the standard restaurants and cafes, the quiet and cozy winery bar is what you exactly need.

Cante Ao Vinho represents such a bar with an impressive list of various sorts of wine which you have a great opportunity to taste while listening to the live relaxing music. This interesting and authentic winery is located in the old building, and thanks to this, it has a unique atmosphere that no other place in Sacramento and the outskirts does not have.

No matter whether you want to visit this place to drink a couple of glasses of wine or to book it for your party, the friendly owners and personnel are always glad to receive you and offer the best selection of wines and a marvelous atmosphere for you to desire to return here again!

Summing up

We have reviewed the most remarkable places of interest in our opinion that both tourists and dwellers of Roseville and its nearby area can visit irrespective of the season. We hope that our selection will be useful for you and your family members and will help you to have amazing leisure time in Roseville!


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