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Historic Folsom

Historic Folsom
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Folsom is an incredible town in California, where you can see many unique attractions, parks, and monuments. As a rule, the concept of "historic Folsom" means a place where tourists and local people can enjoy the fabulous beauty of local parks and relax with family or friends. If you have never been to Folsom before, you need to visit art galleries and theaters, parks, and squares, as well as the Folsom Historic District. Enjoy the rich history of Folsom by visiting the History Museum, Pioneer Village, and the Railroad Museum. You will be fascinated by this beautiful town and its history, as Folsom knows how to surprise you!

Where to start this journey through the historic district of Folsom? What is worth visiting in Folsom to get into the history of this town? Which museums and theaters are worth the attention of tourists? After reading this brief review, you will find answers to all these questions and want to visit Folsom soon. Read this review and take a look into the past of the mysterious Folsom!

1. Folsom History Museum

What is worth visiting in Folsom is the Folsom History Museum. This museum presents many unique exhibitions, artifacts, and documents on the social and cultural history of the region. If you want to immerse yourself in the rich history of Folsom and find out what happened in the town decades ago, be sure to visit this museum.

Moreover, in the museum, you can see unique exhibits and attend special events highlighting the Gold Rush and the history of the development of Folsom. Today, the Folsom Historical Society, founded in 1960, manages this museum and does everything possible to promote knowledge about the history of Folsom.

By the way, the museum focuses on the following aspects:

  • History of  the native people of Folsom
  • Archives of documents on the discovery of gold
  • History of the formation of mining camps
  • Exhibitions highlighting the history of ethnic groups that have contributed to the development of this area

Folsom History Museum is located at Sutter Street. Many tourists recommend this place to learn more about the history of Folsom.

2. Folsom Pioneer Village

Folsom has a rich history and incredible attractions, parks, and buildings. Another unique place in Folsom is the Pioneer Village, reflecting the spirit of past times. Folsom Pioneer Village is not like most museums, as all the exhibits are outdoors. People can view rare collections and also touch on artifacts. The most popular places in Pioneer Village are the blacksmith shop and windmill, as well as the miner's cabin. Tourists come to Folsom Pioneer Village to get in touch with the history of Folsom, learn the blacksmithing craft, and walk around historic Folsom Station.

By the way, you can also try your hand at blacksmithing and gold mining. Do not miss this opportunity to see Folsom from the other side and immerse yourself in the past. You do not need to pay for a ticket, as the entrance is free.

3. Folsom Rainbow Bridge

Folsom Rainbow Bridge is one of the symbols of Folsom. It is a perfect place for quiet evening walks with family or fun bike rides with friends. The Rainbow Bridge is not located in the central part of Folsom, but here you can see an incredible view of Lake Natoma.

As for the historical purpose of the Rainbow Bridge, this bridge provided a two-lane crossing that could carry heavy vehicles. The Rainbow Bridge fits into the architecture of Folsom, and now it is one of the famous attractions of this town. If you want to enjoy a fiery sunset or ride a bike, the Rainbow Bridge is perfect for walking!

4. Folsom Railroad Museum

Imagine that you went on an unforgettable journey through the history of American railroads. You see huge locomotives and carriages that once transported people from one town to another. The Folsom Railroad Museum will impress and surprise you with its exhibitions, thanks to which you will learn about the earliest trains of Folsom.

If you love exploring new places and are interested in the history of American towns and regions, you should visit the Folsom Railroad Museum! You will learn more about American railroads and their impact on the economic and social spheres. Take your camera with you and explore the Folsom Historic District!

5. Folsom Powerhouse Museum

What do you know about the Folsom powerhouse and its construction? Nothing? It is time to learn about the famous Folsom powerhouse, which once supplied electricity from Folsom to Sacramento.

According to history, convicts built a water canal and a reservoir and made all granite blocks in the 19th century. Surprisingly, this facility still has original generators, transformers, and switchboards! Visitors can see all the old turbines and walk around the powerhouse. If you are fond of such granite structures and like to visit such museums, this place will impress you. Invite friends or family to admire the turbines and the powerhouse of the past centuries. Arrange a fascinating journey through the history of Folsom.

6. Popular Wine Rooms

Be sure to visit the most famous wine rooms in Folsom! The history of wine rooms and vineyards goes far into the past, and it is the highlight of Folsom. In addition to beautiful museums and parks, tourists often come to Folsom to admire the vineyards and drink delicious wine.

Below is a list of famous wine rooms:

  • Merlo Estate Vineyard
  • D’Artagnan Vineyard and Crystal Basin Cellars
  • The Filling Station
  • Willamette Wineworks

However, before you come to the vineyards, find out their days and opening hours.

7. Sutter Street

Historic Folsom and Sutter Street are favorite places for many tourists. Here you can see souvenir shops, clothing and shoe boutiques, local cafes, and restaurants where chefs cook delicious food. Take a walk along this Sutter street, visit local shops and buy souvenirs reminiscent of Folsom.

Also, you can have lunch or dinner at any restaurant, choosing dishes of Japanese, Mexican, European cuisine. You can drink delicious cocktails and visit the numerous taverns and wine bars.

Popular bars and restaurants:

  • Folsom State Slickers
  • Pizzeria Classico
  • Powerhouse bar (Scarlett's)
  • Snooks Candies

Choose any bar or restaurant, listen to music, and dance all night to incendiary songs. Folsom is an incredible place where you will see the best sights in the town! Folsom will amaze you with its beauty, rich history, and small streets with shops and restaurants. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the past that Folsom experienced!


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