Home Remodeling in Citrus Heights

Home Remodeling in Citrus Heights

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Citrus Heights is undeniably a beautiful place with lots of great vistas and amazing communities. At the same time, everyone wants to feel special and invests in their house. If you want to create something truly special and unique, you will more than likely think of various renovation ideas. Home remodeling in Citrus Heights may be expensive, but the project will be worth its money to the last dime. When planning an extensive house renovation, working with best builders is the only right choice.
Home restoration is a process that includes a lot of various technological and creative procedures. Only by combining a great idea with excellent execution, you will turn your house into a wonderful place where all your dreams come true. Everything has a purpose in a truly efficient house: furniture, paint job, floor plans, add-ons, HVAC systems, and other elements of the infrastructure. Only a good general contractor will provide you all necessary services that will help you to elevate the quality of your life to the next level.

Our company offers a wide selection of options regarding house renovation. Various design ideas, interesting technological solutions, experienced professionals, and lots of exceptional projects behind our backs – we have it all. Our expertise will help you create a very efficient living space with compact furniture, reliable plumbing, and cost-efficient HVAC systems. From the first nail to the last, we are here to help you transform your life into a better one.
When planning the restoration, one should consider a plethora of factors including the harmony of the neighborhood. While standing out is important, sharing common values within your local community is just as meaningful. By incorporating common design themes in the exterior of your house, you will be able to make your house look exclusive yet balanced. It will harmonize with the environment perfectly. The interior can be classic or weird. You can go crazy!

Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.
Add value to your home by building onto it, or convert existing space.
Wether it's a house or a street, our crews can make it happen.
We will take care of everything, from envisioning to building.

How to remodel your home in Citrus Heights, CA?

Several key moments that you should contemplate about when planning a renovation. Depending on the scale of the project, you should choose certain complementary services. For example, an addition of a room is impossible if the foundation is damaged. There are many important aspects that should be accounted for before starting the project.
Choosing proper materials is imperative. Budget limitations affect the range of materials you can use quite a bit. However, even with a relatively small budget you can easily find ways to cut corners. High quality insulants and long lasting reliable woods will allow you to spend less on utility bills. At the same time, you can shift the costs towards the future utility bills and use less expensive materials to reduce the final price of the project.
It is imperative to account for all possible expenses to properly estimate how much it costs to remodel your house. Consider several important areas.

Plumbing and Heating

These are aspects that define the level of comfort. In a warm house long winter evenings pass by quicker. You will enjoy a great environment if you implement efficient HVAC systems and use good insulants. Our company will gladly offer you all of the following:

  • Upgrading plumbing systems and waterproofing.
  • Upgrading the electrical system of the house.
  • Implementing new or upgrading existing HVAC components.

General Maintenance

You cannot ignore the condition of core structure elements of your house. Without a robust foundation, solid walls, and fully repaired roof, a restoration process will be useless. There are several services that should be considered by anyone planning a renovation of the house:

  • Roof tear-off and further repair (replacement).
  • Installing new windows.
  • Repairing walls, the foundation, and chimney.
  • Paint job.

Add-ons and Room Renovations

By adding a room from the side or on top of your house, you can significantly increase the total amount of living space. At the same time, some rooms can be easily remodeled to serve other purposes. For example, an old attic can be turned into a spare bedroom. Here are some ways to change the floor plan seamlessly:

  • Completely remodeling unused rooms in the house.
  • Changing the furniture layout and the interior of existing rooms.
  • Building new add-ons.

Amongst additions that can be integrated in the house during the renovation are security systems, smart house components, and other additional elements that may change the way your house looks and functions.

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Why hire home remodel contractor in Citrus Heights?

A very high level of expertise is required when planning a renovation project. There are many nuances and intricacies that should be accounted during the planning phase. Only a team of architects, interior designers, and experienced engineers can create a truly exceptional house. You can use a repair estimator, but working with designers and engineers directly is a more preferable option.
Consider working with us to enjoy several benefits:

Call us right now and learn how you can renovate your house. Receive extensive consultations and discover discounts that will be applied to your bill if you order a renovation project. Hire us to work with seasoned veterans with hundreds of successfully accomplished projects in the portfolio.

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Increase Your Living Space with an Addition that Meets Your Budget!


What Makes Us Different

No Subcontractors
Our own team of industry expert craftsmen.
Awards & Certifications
We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.
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In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.
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No Hidden Costs
We provide detailed quotes with breakdowns. No surprises!
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Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.
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Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.
Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.
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Contact us to book a meeting to discuss your project.


Our experienced designers will create a stunning design.


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Once permits and budget are finalizing we begin construction.


We book all inspections to successfully meet local requirements.


We book all inspections to successfully meet city requirements.


I have never thought that renovation can be so easy. My parents told me that the process is bothersome and expensive. Me and my wife even considered moving from the neighborhood instead of restoring the old house. You guys really helped me. The project was finished quickly and without any issues.

Citrus Heights

Thank you for your work! We needed a small room for our growing kids. An add-on looked quite expensive on paper. The designer of this company suggested a better way to utilize the interiors of our rooms to free a lot of living space. After a small renovation, we received a functional bedroom and moved a lot of stuff in the living room.

Citrus Heights

If you are searching for a great contractor, stop right here and right now. These guys are really good at what they are doing. They have a lot of experience and helped me to renovate my old house in just 5 days. I’m not a picky person so the project was relatively simple, but I thought that it would take weeks to finish the job. You guys made it in less than 1. Thank you!

Citrus Heights
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