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If you’re an El Dorado Hills resident who’s tired of the old design and wants to refresh the dwelling’s look, home remodeling is the best option possible. Even minor house renovations can alter the atmosphere considerably and make you feel at home again.

What to start with? The restoration house process depends on your wishes and requirements. If you have an ancient house and want to repair it, you should focus on major finishing and improvements of lighting and piping system. New houses can be replanned: you may change the wall locations, remove them or build up new ones. Want to change the design style and refresh the interior? There’s a myriad of renovation ideas for turning your home into a paradise.

What does home improvement include? As a rule, people implement the following construction ideas:

Custom house replanning. Some walls can be removed totally or partially. New walls or partitions are built instead. This is usually done to add space and change the room functionality. For example, the kitchen and living room can be united to make them more spacious and organize the dinner zone somewhere in between. Some customers change the exterior – they ask for building an enclosed balcony or porch.
In most cases, remodeling includes a serious repair – walls are finished and painted, the floor and ceilings are evened. It’s a serious task that requires the help of professionals.
Many people with kitchen remodeling ideas ask designers to create an individual design project. Sometimes interior ideas aren’t easy to assemble into one picture. That’s where a specialist can help: design plans developed by professionals combine aesthetics with functionality.
Those who want to add to house aesthetics are usually recommended to change the furniture or reorganize its location. Even such small renovations change the appearance of rooms.

If you think “renovate my house,” there’s no need to make dramatic changes – even slight remodeling can change your home and make it true heaven on earth.


Improve your home to fit your needs and increase its value.


Increase your home’s value by adding to/converting the space.


Wether it's a house or a street, our crews can make it happen.


We will take care of everything, from envisioning to building.

How to remodel your home in El-Dorado Hills, Sacramento area, CA?

If you plan to redesign your house in El-Dorado Hills but have no remodeling experience, you need a few professional tips to make this process faster and easier.

Visit building websites to define the cost to remodel the house. They provide the whole gamut of different tools, such as an online material estimator and price calculator. That will help you to figure out the required budget and materials.
If you’re developing a DIY design project, interior & exterior websites and magazine editions will provide you with the whole scope of restoration ideas. It’s the best way to get inspiration. If you don’t want to hire a designer, but you’re tech-savvy, use 3D modeling software for creating a virtual prototype of your house. It will give you a better insight into the final results so that you could make changes before it’s too late.
Repair works are always the trade-off between time and costs. If you want express restoration, use delivery and remodeling contractor services – that will save you several days. If you’re ready to do everything on your own, that will take more time, but this option is cheaper. Estimate the budget and timelines to find an optimal variant.
Those who need a small remodel project should start either with wall and floor finishing or with furniture – both variants allow for fast refreshing without expensive custom addition.

Implementation of repair and addition ideas is a hard task. Before doing it on your own, think twice: it will take much time and effort. Besides, there’s always some risk of mistakes and exceeding the budget. We recommend working with a general contractor – it’s a more sensible option when it comes to major changes in building and design.

Why hire a home remodel contractor in El Dorado Hills, Sacramento area, CA?

Consider all the renovation costs without repair and materials services, and you will understand that remodeling is a long-lasting, tiresome process. Why not trust it to the best builders? Such companies as A+ Construction can improve the look and functionality of your house without extra additional cost. You just sign a building contract and enjoy the final results that fully comply with your requirements and desires.

Why working with a construction contractor?

A+ Construction specialists will define all remodel plan costs for you and construction companies and perform cost estimates so that to fit in your budget.
We strictly comply with the contract terms: timelines, the scope of works, warranties. Our team tries to perform every service with exceptional precision and accuracy.
Whatever your design wishes are, our designers will always figure out which interior elements and additions can be used to turn your house into the place of your dream.
We stay in touch with our clients: whenever you want our team to come and repair your house, write us or give us a mobile phone call, and we’ll develop a great project for your home.
We know where you can buy the best furniture model or modern home appliances at a great discount. Our team monitors the market on a constant basis and helps clients to shop smartly. Therefore, you can perform a reno with minimal expenses.

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Service Areas A+ Construction And Remodeling Includes

We’re based in Sacramento, CA, and are considered one of the most trusted and recommended contractors in the Northern California area. We provide our services all across the neighboring areas, including Roseville CA, El Dorado Hills, Vineyard, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Elk Grove, and many more. If you do not know whether or not your location is within our service area, call our office directly at (916)970-0047, and our staff members will sort things out about our service range and clarify all further questions. We’re always ready to answer our customers’ questions and heed the home calls.

What Makes A+ Construction And Remodeling Different From Others

Why should a homeowner in El Dorado Hills, CA, refer to our home and kitchen remodeling service?

First, we are a family-owned contractor company, the third generation of skilled business owners, and our history dates back to 1935.
Secondly, our process is organized, streamlined, and professionally designed, which is confirmed by multiple reviews on our official website, Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We are the holders of various remodeling industry awards and certifications, which you can check out directly on our site.
Besides, you can always find our 500+ completed remodeling project reviews on our website. We own a professional design showroom demonstrating advanced and top-quality materials from renowned brands. As we collaborate with the best vendors and suppliers, the materials we provide are green certified, ecological, and non-polluting. The furniture-grade products we equip our clients with all have excellent quality and are offered at cost-effective price rates. Our clients are always welcome to read our reviews and learn more about the contractor company, its staff, and the range of services provided.

Home Remodeling Services We Provide in El Dorado Hills, CA

Our home renovation or repair attitude implies we do the remodeling of the existing home exterior and interior aimed at a long run, extra comfort, functionality, and customer-friendly price rates at the same time. Numerous construction contractors in El-Dorado, CA area, are here to help you.

We assist our clients every step of the long and challenging remodeling process, from elaborating the interior concepts and choosing particular design elements and appliances to the smallest practical and technical details. Among the long list of services we provide in El Dorado County, there are kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, flooring and hardwood, cabinets and countertops, drywall and insulation systems, painting and staining, walls and ceilings, carpentry, plumbing, electrical services, and many more. Kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels in El Dorado Hills, CA, include a wide range of plumbing services, cabinetry, refacing and redesigning, flooring, and more, each of the projects being unique and qualified.

Our Remodeling Projects

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General Information

El Dorado Hills is a lovely CPD with a 42K population (based on 2010 data). It is located in El Dorado County, just 35 km far from Sacramento, and 90 minutes by car from the Lake Tahoe. It is famous for its breathtaking views on rolling hills, Sierra Nevada Mountain as well as the actual Sacramento Valley. This CPD is considered one of the best spots to live or retire in California. It fits those who are into a rural style of living mixed with modern designs of houses and apartments.


The county is located just about 18 miles from the Gold Rush spot — Coloma. It was believed to be home to Maidu, Washoe, and Miwok tribes of Native Americans.

Speaking of the modern stage or history of this place, it dates back to 1960 when Alan Lindsey, started developing the county as a master-planned community in the form of villages with parks, educational facilities, shopping malls, business centers as well as a golf course. Many people from outside areas contributed to the building of this beautiful, practical, and convenient spot where both families and youngsters may find a thing to do.

More prominent development started later approximately in 1970–1990 when people from Sacramento or nearby counties started relocating there to reside in the village-like community or send their children to one of the best schools in California. As of now, El Dorado Hills may boast mixed infrastructure which accommodates movie theatres, hotels, premium car distributors, medical facilities, fountains as well as waterways. Still, there is more to launch, build, or develop in the county.

The exclusive places to live in there are Serran Gold, Marina Hills among others.

Education System

El Dorado Hills has primary schools, private schools, high schools, and nearby colleges. Many families are focused to move from nearby cities to let their children receive education in El Dorado Hills. The schools are of high ratings, for example, Oak Ridge High School which accommodates over 2,457 students. According to the estimations, about 62% of students are proficient in math, and 72% show excellent results in reading.

After graduating, students have high chances to get a job. The median household income in El Dorado Hills is $131K.

Top 5 Things to Do in El Dorado Hills, CA

El Dorado Hills may offer limited activities, as it is a more calm place to reside in, however, they fit everyone including young people, families, and the elderly.

  • Promontory Park. It is a community park with children’s playgrounds, sports fields including tennis court, bocce ball area, and picnic place. It is famous for a water spray ground.
  • Dry Diggings Distillery. A small distillery that is home to 30 brands in the production including brandy, rum, vodka, whiskeys as well as ethnic specialties.
  • El Dorado Hills Town Center. It is all about the shopping experience. Restaurants, bars, amphitheater, jewelry stores as well as a movie theatre.
  • Regal Cinemas&Imax. Best for night-out movie experience in El Dorado Hills.
  • District Church. This place boasts a friendly atmosphere with contemporary worship music. All people are welcomed regardless of their religion.

Residents who are looking for more extreme and engaging activities are most likely to visit nearby cities, while El Dorado Hills serves as a more cozy, family-oriented place.

Notable People of El Dorado Hills

  • Cimorelli — a signing band of six sisters famous for covering popular songs on YouTube. Now, they are signed to Island label.
  • Derrek Lee — a former professional baseman.
  • Cheri Eliot— a cyclist who has been included in the American Bicycling Hall of Fame.


El Dorado Hills has hot summers and cold winters. The temperature varies through the year and is fluctuating between 39°F up to 94°F. Averagely, 62 days per year, the county has precipitations including rain, snow, sleet among others.

It is a semi-arid climate area.

Interesting Facts

  • The median home price in El Dorado Hills, CA is $279K based on 2010 evaluation data.
  • The approximate number of families is 2,204 based on the 1990 evaluation data.
  • The total area of El Dorado Hills is 125,9 km2.

Residents’ Opinion on Living in El Dorado Hills

Based on residents’ feedback regarding the county, they report its cleanliness, safety, school ratings as well as ridiculously luxurious houses. There is poor diversity in nationalities, and it is quite hard to find someone who belongs to the other ethnicity group rather than to White or African American. Also, some reported great choices in the form of entertainment. Even though El Dorado Hills itself is limited to sightseeings, the residents go to nearby Folsom Lake for boating, fishing, camping alongside wine tasting provided by the local distilleries.

Finally, people often mentioned the bothering climate, as the summer afternoons may get very hot but at night the temperature radically drops.


Our Price Rates And Discounts for El Dorado Hills Residents

Our contractor company is proud of having a long backstory – we have been servicing communities in the area since 1997. Now we have over 500 finished kitchen remodels and thousands of kitchen cabinets installed supplied by the satisfied reviews from our clients.

A+ Construction & Remodeling is 100% insured and certified on all of our services. There are mutually profitable warranty conditions such as a 1-year limited artistry warranty which goes with our services. The design and construction materials we provide are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

How much does home remodeling cost in El-Dorado-Hills, CA?

To estimate the approximate cost of your remodeling, first, you should decide on the project, define your priorities, and arrange your budget – is it going to be a bathroom refurbishment, kitchen refacing or cabinetry design, or a patio renovation? Since renovation price rates in El-Dorado, CA area may vary greatly depending on the manifold factors, you have to settle your preferences and expanses first.

Apparently, remodeling does not and can not have one set price at our contractor company – the overall sum depends on how much work is required and done, the conditions, prerequisites, the materials you choose, and the planned timing. However, our contractor company has no hidden costs, which means that the detailed estimates are offered to our clients, showing exactly what they get within the planned budget.

Our next asset is that we offer totally free estimates, which means the quotes we provide in El-Dorado Hills are absolutely free of charge. To schedule a free quote or to have a consultation on our financing options and discounts in El-Dorado Hills, CA, you will only need to call our office at (916) 970-0047.

Whatever your budget is, we strive to do the best we can to get you the interior of your dreams. To do that, all the remodeling costs are estimated in advance, and quotes are always provided for free.

An additional saving option is an in-house team we provide which means vendor savings are passed on to you. With no pressure sales and pushy offers, we respect mutual compliance with all the arrangements.

As our bathroom or kitchen remodeling client, you have the chance to receive a $500 discount for your remodeling after requesting a quote from us, so do not hesitate to call us at (916) 970-0047.

Our Team of Professionals in El Dorado Hills

Most of our staff have worked at our contractor company for many years, and they’re the true pros at both kitchens remodel, and bathroom remodel we’re proud of. All of our specialists are licensed and trained and have impressive remodeling backgrounds with years of practice. Our clients’ comfort and safety are our first priorities. We offer a complete guarantee that our installers, plumbers, technicians, and other specialists will treat your house or apartment with the utmost respect and will never leave your location in any disarray. We are open to our client’s feedback and are proud of hundreds of positive reviews of our job from our customers – this is one of the reasons we strive to give you an even better remodeling experience.

Where to start when redesigning or remodeling your home in El-Dorado Hills, California?

Already planned a kitchen remodeling (kitchen remodel), complex repair, bathroom remodel, or full interior redesign in your Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, or nearby residence?

There are always some critical basic tips on how to cut down on your eventual expenses before the remodeling process is started. First, consider replacing windows and doors with more expensive options. They will reduce your expenses on managing the household and handling the dirt and dust, which always accompany all the repairing procedures. Durable doors and double-glazed windows provided by a renowned and trusted brand will eventually pay off.

Besides, before deciding on your remodeling project in the El-Dorado, CA area, whatever the specifics of your remodeling are, we recommend getting acquainted with our complete interior works – just visit the Recent Projects section of our website, or browse through the Kitchen Remodeling page to check out the examples of our appreciated work. There you will find dozens of inspiring design solutions, remodeling options, and clients’ stories on how to turn old kitchens into aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and stylish spaces with the help of our professional service.

Mind our mail address: El-Dorado Hills, CA, 95762 zip codes.

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We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is home remodeling in El-Dorado-Hills, CA?

Home renovation or home repair means remodeling of the existing home exterior and interior so that it could last longer, be functional, and stay cost-efficient at the same time. Numerous construction contractors in El-Dorado, CA area, will help you.

How much does home remodeling cost in El-Dorado-Hills?

It’s impossible to predict how much to pay for a renovation in El-Dorado, CA area until you make up your mind about the project. Is it a bathroom refurbishment or a reconstruction of the patio? Make up your mind first.

Where to start when remodeling your home in El-Dorado-Hills, California?

Consider replacing windows and doors for more expensive options. They will reduce your expenses on running the household and dealing with the dirt and dust in Al-Dorado, CA area. Solid doors and double-glazed windows will pay off.



  • I didn’t know how much to remodel a house will cost and contacted A+ Construction specialists. Their repair estimator visited my house and provided me with the necessary information. Turned out, I could save more with a remodeling contractor. That’s why I just hired their team and they made the renovations within two weeks. That’s much faster than I expected. I’m delighted!”

    Roberta El Dorado Hills
  • I wanted to remodel my house and needed some walls to be removed. That’s why I started searching for building companies near me. A+ Construction is one of the few companies that provide the whole scope of services – that’s what makes it superb. The repairmen did all the work for me, I only had to approve of the project and pay for services. Marvelous!

    Cindy El Dorado Hills

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