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Is Elk Grove A Good Place To Live?

Is Elk Grove a Good Place to Live?
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Elk Grove is really a beautiful city in the south of Sacramento county with its vineyards and cellars. But if you ask locals about the goodness and worthiness of the place, everyone will give you diversified answers as for each person, there exist various personal pros and cons. It is also essential to distinguish whether you want to travel to Elk Grove or move with your family there.

Surely, there is no perfect place for everyone. However, how much is Elk Grove close to being the friendliest and most comfortable? Indeed, there are many benefits one may get from living there: fruitful nature and sights, a great variety of environment, a family-friendly setting, and prospering job opportunities. But what are the cons, though?

In this article, we investigated all the possible pros and cons one can meet in Elk Grove. To know whether it is worth it to move to Elk Grove and what are the best and downside features of the city, stay with us!

Living in Elk Grove Pros

Following an established tradition, let’s start with the advantages of the city. Before proceeding, it is important to note that for the list of pros, we focused on several factors, such as a friendly environment for families, ecological and beautiful nature, the presence of shopping centers and gyms, and so on.

The list was conducted according to the feedback of the citizens, opinions of travelers, and opinions of those who moved to Elk Grove in the last several years. Hence, the content is reliable enough to consider.

1. Prosperous Job Market

During some last decades, statistics show that the median income in Elk Grove exceeds the average income in the whole of California, hitting almost $100,000 per year! It is because many companies moved to the city during its historical industrial growth and stayed here till modern times providing many job positions for the citizens. What is more, the local labor market is believed to grow even more in the following years, so there is no need to worry about not finding your tender part.

In Elk Grove, you can find Apple’s local office as well as Kaiser Permanente labs, which are indeed gigantic stakeholders. Also, there are many local companies and branches that are happy to meet and hire newcomers. If you want bigger wages, you can easily find positions in nearby San Francisco, which will take only about 40 minutes to get to.

2. Perfect for Families

Elk Grove is famous for its environment for families. Its private schools are rated as A- along with the growing amounts of parks. What is also attractive, is there exist many suburbs that are created especially for families and couples, where the safety levels are extremely high, the surroundings are fun, the city center is close, and the prices for real estate are determined for newmade families also.

3. The Mix of Nature and Closeness to Big Cities

As is mentioned, you can get to San Francisco or Sacramento only in approximately 30 minutes, which is an extremely useful option for those who work or like to rest in these cities. Furthermore, the Bay Area is also close enough, only 1.5 hours away, so you can easily reach the seaside with your family whenever you want to. There are also plenty of forests and parks in close access for every resident, so one will not have to spend time thinking about where to jog or make a picnic.

4. Safety

Elk Grove is also believed to be the city with one of the lowest crime rates in California. It is due to the well-paid police establishments and the population of the city, which majorly consists of the families and pensioners.

5. Facility of Access

In contrast with many other cities in Sacramento county, prices in Elk Grove are relatively low. Even though the average income here is higher than common, local producers do not drive up prices for their goods. Thanks to the big savings in the city budget, it is affordable for the government to provide many renovations, so the residents can enjoy fresh areas annually.

As you can see, there are definitely many advantages that should be enough for deciding to move to Elk Grove. Being a big prosperous city, it can suggest many pleasant features to the residents, so it is hard to reject the fact it is really good to live in Elk Grove.

Living in Elk Grove Cons

Nevertheless, there are still some noticeable drawbacks to living in Elk Grove and its suburbs. Locals mention several of them, however, they note that these are not crucial and do not spoil the daily experience.

1. Speedy Growth

The growth of the city is always about different sides of the same coin. One side was already mentioned in the pros part, but the disadvantage here is that the population of Elk Grove increases annually making the city less cozy and the labor and estate markets harder to approach. Some residents admit that it may be challenging to send their children to school as free places are melting. Traffic also got more stacked lately as well as shopping appeared to be more crowded.

2. Car Dependence

Talking about the traffic, it is almost impossible to live in Elk Grove without having your own car. As the city grows, some essential areas become too far to approach by foot, so more and more citizens get their cars, which results in bigger traffic.

3. Missing Fun

Since Elk Grove is made for families, there are many environmental activities for children, yet teens and adults may miss nightlife fun. It is likely for them to go to San Francisco for such purposes. However, it is not a very convenient option for many people. Elk Grove is not a city with a prosperous downtown with clubs and fancy cafés, so prepare yourself for spending time at family restaurants or shopping malls.

4. Additional Taxes

In some areas of Elk Grove, especially in new-made suburbs, residents have to pay extra taxes for creating the part of the city's budget that is used for renovating and funding new projects. Surely, it is not a bad thing, but it is better to be aware of such niceties.

In general, Elk Grove is a city that is considered to be better than many other cities of Southern California thanks to its nature and environment. Exactly, it is easier to notice and pay more attention to disadvantages, but try to stay objective and confident when making your final decision about moving there.


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