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Italian Restaurants In Sacramento

Italian restaurants in Sacramento
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Best Italian Restaurants in Sacramento

Italian food sticks to the Mediterranean pattern. The meals usually consist of purely natural ingredients. The traditional menu of any Italian restaurant includes a mostly healthy diet, which is delicious and humble. The aim is to make an unforgettable and addictive meal with the use of the plainest ingredients and unique cooking techniques. The objective is to process the food for a short time possible. All Italian restaurants in Sacramento try hard to:

  • Reduce added sugar;
  • Add fibers;
  • Use healthy carbs (healthy grains in pasta);
  • Opt for significant amounts of vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

Let’s get a brief overview of the highly popular Italian restaurants in the area of Sacramento.

OBO’ Italian Table & Bar

It’s one of the most enjoyable places in the area with a friendly and cozy atmosphere. OBO’ Italian Table & Bar is situated in the historic district of East Sacramento. The staff members create an inspiring and, at the same time, a casual atmosphere. It’s one of the places in the area to have a cost-effective meal of top-notch quality from the experienced chefs and their cooks.

The restaurant offers menus for brunches and cocktails parties, special menus, and happy hour options. Invite your significant other for a casual but delicious dinner that will cost you only $25 and include a bottle of wine till the 27th of November! There are regular promotions and seasonal offers. Follow OBO’ Italian Table & Bar in social networks, and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

OBO Sacramento: YELP Users Opinion

  • The place is not over-crowded, and there’s enough room for anyone;
  • Space is zoned conveniently;
  • The dough is one of the tastiest and crispiest in Sacramento and California in general;
  • Deep dish pizzas are flawless;
  • Wide choice of craft beer, cocktails, and alcoholic beverages;
  • The staff is always polite and very helpful — the service is impeccable;
  • The servers will help you get the best experience if it’s your first time in an Italian restaurant — they will promptly guide you through the choice of dishes, drinks, and desserts so that you don’t have to take time to understand what to order for your girlfriend;
  • Insufficient amount of meals for vegans — all pizzas contain meat or cheese;
  • You get a free dessert if you celebrate your birthday there.

Il Fornaio

You’ll need to get to Downtown Sacramento to have a chance to visit this restaurant situated in 400 Capitol Mall. It started as a baking school in 1972, and at present, it’s one of the most appealing areas in Sacramento. The inner space of the place is appropriately arranged. Feel free to order a private sector or join the public in a regular, but convenient semi-private dining area. The staff members have been through a lot of things, and they know how to make the locals and the tourists feel satisfied.

Il Fornaio wants to be as close to the client as it is possible to make the visit memorable. Get a chance to get the taste of authentic Italian food. Arrange a banquet or a quiet family celebration. You’ll be assisted with the planning and cost-effective solutions for parties. Il Fornaio also offers delivery services. Get in touch with the management of the restaurant to find out more about the catering options.

Il Fornaio Sacramento: YELP Users Opinion

  • The staff members are very hardworking and helpful — it’s evident that each of the team members is happy to work there;
  • The culinary skills of the masters in the kitchen are top-notch — you’ll get mind-blowing meats, dishes with fish, pizzas, risottos, plates of pasta, and more;
  • The choice of cocktails and wines is sufficient for any sophisticated client from Sacramento and abroad;
  • It’s one of the most popular Sacramento locations for business communications in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • Some of the products and dishes presented as promotions with significant price reductions are short in number — it’s hard to be in time for an advertised dish;
  • The dishes may seem overpriced — nevertheless, it’s still one of the best places for group celebrations in Sacramento.


The founder of Biba moved to Sacramento in 1969 as a talented and skillful self-taught cook willing to reproduce authentically Italian dishes cooked by her mother when she was a child. In the second part of the 20th century, there was an insufficient number of European-oriented restaurants. Authentic Italian cuisine seemed to be unreachable in Sacramento and the United States.

Biba had to get through a lot of learning and teaching before she managed to arrange a team of adventurous and enterprising pros ready to help her make a significant step into a catering business. Everything started in 1986 with the grand opening of Biba Italian Restaurant in Sacramento. The place is regularly reviewed by trendy magazines, and it’s in the list of the highly recommended restaurants to head to in Sacramento.

Biba Sacramento: YELP Users Opinion

  • The service is prompt and very friendly regardless of the number of people within the area — it looks like the staff members feel proud of working there;
  • Most of the visitors see themselves returning to this place because of the mouthwatering dishes;
  • It’s one of the perfect places for the conservative clients because Biba might seem to look outdated in matters of design and atmosphere;
  • The prices on wine are reasonable, and the choice is sufficient;
  • The only thing that spoils the peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant is the noise of blender used for cocktails;
  • The price tags are quite high, but you get everything and even more for the money you pay.

La Trattoria Bohemia

It’s one of the classiest places where you can enjoy a magnificent evening with impeccable Italian and Czech cuisine. The restaurant is situated in Midtown Sacramento. Pay attention that the place is closed on Monday.

Are you fond of properly cooked fish meat? They add pistachio and their special homemade pomegranate. Combine it with asparagus and incredible gnocchi made of brown potato. The top chefs from La Trattoria Bohemia in Sacramento will offer you a diverse choice of dishes and a home-like atmosphere. Even the most sophisticated gourmets from all over the world will find an outlet there.

La Trattoria YELP Users Opinion

  • The most popular items in the menu are lunch specials — they don’t cost much and include everything you might need for a tasty and nourishing meal: a salad with soup and bread;
  • The number of waitresses and waiters is insufficient for such a popular place, but the service is perfect and as prompt as it can be;
  • The space is combined with a patio, which is very atmospheric and relaxing;
  • The overall atmosphere and décor elements are eclectic — you’ll append a lot of time looking around and trying to get used to this colorful atmosphere;
  • The unusual combination of two types of cuisine (Czech and Italian) is a very unpredictable but appealing fusion — these are two entirely different things;
  • Their pizzas are probably among the best ones in Sacramento, judging by the number of clients ordering the dish regularly.


The place is active for more than 25 years. It’s never lost its popularity, and the locals, as well as the visitors Sacramento, enjoy the dining space and the quality of food. It’s a very successful chain of restaurants gaining experience around the US. They offer cost-effective meals of high-end quality. Every client has a chance to enjoy the cheap promotions and price reductions connected with the upcoming events and celebrations. There are gift cards available.

The cuisine and the set of dishes may have insignificant changes depending on the season. Piatti cooperates with the local farmers and food producers, which adds up the extra charm of the home-made cuisine. The wine list is fine — you’ll always be able to get an option to your liking depending on the budget you have.

Piatti Sacramento: YELP Users Opinion

  • Numerous guests of the USA get to Piatti when visiting Sacramento because it’s got outstanding service and flawless dishes combined with reasonable prices;
  • Rustic atmosphere and unpretentious design are the most appealing things to most of the clients;
  • The customer service will make you fall in love with each of the staff members — it looks like making the visitors feel addicted to them is built in their DNA;
  • The happy hour menu will surprise you with low prices and a wide choice of incredible dishes.

Pronto Sacramento

It’s one of the most popular award-winning chains of restaurants. Pronto is supported by numerous families and collaborative owners running the business not only in Sacramento but in multiple places all over the world as well. Pronto aims to supply the clients with healthy food and deliver a noble Italian atmosphere to every family.

It’s a cute neighborhood restaurant aiming to bring an atmosphere of community to the residents, as well as to the visitors of Sacramento. Pronto menu includes breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. There’s a good choice of wines and a versatile bar menu. Are you interested in the relevant individual suggestions? The restaurant invites you to enjoy their happy hours where you can get an additional glass of wine or beer from 16.00 to 19.00.

Pronto Sacramento: YELP Users Opinion

  • It’s the place where every client has his favorite dish and his favorite table — it’s a very cozy home-like restaurant with appealing prices and warm attitude of the staff members;
  • Most clients agree that Pronto in Sacramento deserves more positive feedback of the clients because they make unique French fries and unbelievable baked pasta;
  • The menu does not offer an extensive choice — it’s minimal;
  • The limited menu results in low prices and flawless quality of the ready-made meals;
  • One of the most excellent options is to spend an evening in the bar enjoying pizza and craft beer.

The Old Spaghetti Factory in Sacramento

It’s one of the most cost-effective and coziest places for the whole family to enjoy. The staff members pay a significant amount of attention to the tiniest details: classy design, cute features, antique decorative elements, and ambient lighting create a very intimate and, at the same time, appealing atmosphere. It will be perfect both for a family and for a couple in love on their date or anniversary.

The Old Spaghetti Factory is a very old-fashioned place creating a unique, authentic Italian atmosphere. Are you interested in a group event? The management will help you pick out the most cost-effective dishes and arrange the dining space. Are you planning a special dinner date? The Old Spaghetti Factory makes your dream come true: they’ll plan your event, offer incredible catering options, and surprise you with the affordable pricing policy. Are you interested in a banquet? This place in Sacramento will serve you right.

The Old Spaghetti Factory: YELP Users Opinion

  • The atmosphere is old-fashioned, but it does not spoil the whole impression — it’s a very classy Italian restaurant serving nice dishes and delivering memorable events;
  • The prices have significantly increased since the 90s, but they are still a lot more affordable than in the majority of the Italian restaurants in Sacramento;
  • The service could have been better — this lack of waiters slows down the process of serving and paying;
  • The restaurant will reserve a parking space for you if you preorder a table;
  • Special lunches a bit smaller in size than the regular portions but the quality is still on top;
  • The staff members are amiable and welcoming — they find contact with the kids and have nothing against the unpredictable guests before closing;
  • Some of the clients say that the bartenders are too talkative.

Buca di Beppo, Sacramento

Buca di Beppo is one of the coolest restaurants in Sacramento that does not ignore special events and festivals. Are you interested in a festive Thanksgiving dinner? They’ll help you out with an incredible Thanksgiving meal with turkey, roasted garlic, sweet sauce, Italian stuffing, mashed potatoes, and home-made wine. Are you planning a romantic evening? It’s high time to get in touch with one of their online members for a reservation.

The restaurant offers a number of catering options, a special menu, group events, and gift cards for your friends and relatives. Join the Buca di Beppo E-Club to get a portion of free pasta with a number of additional bonuses in the future.

Buca di Beppo: YELP Users Opinion

  • Promotions, price reductions, and E-Club bonuses attract the majority of the clients;
  • Unfortunately, the number of waiters and the waitresses is not sufficient for a place with such a high level of traffic — it results in slow service;
  • The atmosphere and the overall design are old-fashioned and worn-out — everything is clean, but numerous furniture is to be replaced;
  • The food is perfect and affordable — you’ll never leave Buca di Beppo hungry regardless of the overall atmosphere because the dishes are great;
  • Irrespective of the lack of the waiters and the slow service, the staff members are very charming with a nice sense of humor — most clients agree to wait for as much as it is needed just because the waiters are so nice and polite;
  • There’s a chance to get a dessert for free if you get a coupon for your birthday — you should be signed up to the Buca di Beppo newsletters;
  • The menu contains a sufficient number of options for the vegetarians;
  • Shrimp Scampi is one of the most recommended dishes — we have no idea why, but most regulars order it almost every time they visit the place.

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