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Advantages of wood kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinetry with wood doors and fronts create a completely different feeling of the kitchen space, make the kitchen look warm and gorgeous. Solid wood cabinets are durable and long-lasting, you may be well-informed about it after visiting expos, showrooms and stores in Sacramento, CA. Our company offers exceptional design of cabinet doors, including popular raised panel and shaker-style available in multiple color options. If you decided to find new kitchen cabinets for sale, you can use our convenient price calculator to make estimates.

If you’ve been admiring wood cabinets for many years, and already have them installed in your kitchen, you may be willing to give them a fresh look. As everything in this world, with time wood can lose its chic and luster. In sunny kitchens natural dark wood may fade away, besides, due to frequent use scratches and dents may appear on the surface. The door coating can become worn down around the handles. Such small shortcomings may spoil a great impression of your kitchen, and it starts looking sad and unattractive. Good news is that our company knows the way out.

Instead of complete remodeling the base, you can order cheap kitchen refacing in your area. Installation costs for new kitchens are high, and we are glad to offer you a cheaper opportunity:

Natural Maple Wood Characteristics
What does wood cabinet refacing include?
  • Thorough surface cleaning using special agents to prepare the material for further manipulations;
  • Hand-sanding the surface to make it smooth, dealing with imperfections (such as cracks, dents and scratches);
  • Professional color restoration with the help of stains or painting with special brushes – professional pros will make the color look very natural;
  • For long-lasting results, we use protective finish, high-quality coating for natural wood;
  • In some cases, handles and other décor accessories require replacement.

Small repair with refinishing is much cheaper than complete cabinets replacing. Besides, this option will save you a lot of time. But keep in mind, cheap price for such services doesn’t compromise quality. It takes a lot of skills and experience to restore wood cabinets and hardware, as our specialist do that with extra caution. DIY hacks can only worsen the situation and lead to the need of full kitchen cabinetry replacement. Therefore, in most cases, repair and maintenance are much better to be ordered at a professional company specialized in this area.

What are restoration options for cabinets made of natural wood?
  1. Basic renewal – helps a lot, if you just noticed some fading and small defects that appeared with time. Basic renewal implies simple refinishing.
  2. Color shift – helps to neutralize yellowish tinge that appears on wood furniture and makes it look outdated. The color becomes richer and a bit darker, it helps cabinets look natural and luxurious.
  3. Color change – is a perfect solution is you want more serious changes than just darkening the surface by a few shades. Make your kitchen look redesigned!
  4. Custom color finish – is a lot more that amateur painting. It helps to revitalize the kitchen by completely changing the color and let the beautiful grain of wood come out. The finishing technique is up to you to choose.

A+ Construction Pro can show you a lot of tools and ideas on wood cabinets restoration. We have extensive experience in this field and approach every project individually. We discuss colors, design and images with each customer. Such business philosophy helps us render only best quality goods and services.

Can any wood cabinets be restored?

If your kitchen cabinets and their hardware are structurally sound and have no extreme surface damages, it is possible to give your kitchen a new look at low price. We can replace only kitchen cabinet doors, while other services will be ordered on demand. In case you need more space for storage or want to introduce other custom changes, we can offer installation of additionally cabinetry. If you need to learn more - contact our company managers.

How to make it for cheap and how to make estimates?

Please, note that the costs basically depend on the restoration process complexity, materials used, amount of painting required as well as on your individual preferences. In any case, building a new kitchen space will be a lot more expensive. We offer a useful online calculator to make estimates: it considers your kitchen shape and planned work (doors, countertops, islands, drawers etc.) However, the best way to estimate the cost is to contact A+ Construction Pro managers and schedule the visit of the pro. When purchasing materials, we cooperate with wholesalers and get them directly from warehouses – it helps us keep our services cheap.

How a step-by-step process looks like?

Every project is unique, and we treat it individually. Nevertheless, a step-by-step process for kitchen cabinets refurbishing looks like this:

  1. You place the order and specify the details.
  2. Then you need to book the date for our Company pro visit to your household to measure the cabinets and agree with you on the scope of work.
  3. At our facilities in CA Sacramento we manufacture all necessary kitchen cabinetry details for refurbishment.
  4. Our trained staff will remove all cabinet doors, drawer fronts and hinges, prepare the surfaces and fulfill other necessary tasks.
  5. Coverings, doors, drawer fronts, handles and hinges are applied to existing kitchen cabinetry base and trimmed for the perfect fit.
  6. Our specialists will consider the project completed, when you tell them so.

Glass kitchen cabinets

Advantages of glass kitchen cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinets add more space visually and are an attractive and budget solution for your kitchen. Glass can meet almost any style requirements, regardless of what texture preferences you have. Glass cabinet doors match any colors: green, gray, black or blue. So, it you want to add more color to your kitchen space, it is a great option for sale. Cabinet doors in glass can be both classical and modern depending on the materials, countertops surfaces and styles. A+ Construction Pro Company can help you is designing your kitchen: this happy and cozy corner of your home.

Glass-front cabinets are a very practical solution. What are the key benefits of glass kitchen cabinet doors?

  • changing the mood and the style of the kitchen: illuminated, textured or colored glass makes simple things a piece of art.
  • implementing the idea of beautiful and convenient storage items;
  • displaying precious possessions (for example, luxurious porcelain ware);
  • adding more space and sunlight to the room.

Glass kitchen cabinets in any styles are available in custom sizes to fit your kitchen and meet your expectations.

Here are a few classical and creative ideas for implementing glass in kitchen cabinets:

  • Traditional glass-front cabinets. Such cabinets embrace a wood frame with a glass center panel. The glass may have different texture (transparent, frosted, etched, textured or seeded). Depending on the glass, such cabinets can add any style to your kitchen: from vintage to contemporary ones.
  • Picture-window cabinets. To create more storage place for smaller kitchens, the upper part of the window can be covered with a cabinet transparent from both sides. It will showcase beautiful kitchenware and let the sunlight in.
  • Base cabinets with glass-front. Most often, people choose to get their upper cabinetry glass-decorated, but it can be just as good below. Original, but not for families with active kids and pets.
  • Peninsula cabinets with glass doors – a great idea for kitchens with a peninsula. This solution can be used to add more storage to the kitchen and create a more open feeling.
  • Painted glass-front cabinets. The glass is painted on the back side to create a stylish glossy look.
Do you have solutions for small kitchens?

Sure, we do! Look through examples in our portfolio. Not all the kitchens are large and spacy, but glass fronts of the kitchen cabinets extend the visual space and make it look lighter.

How durable is such a solution?

A+ Construction Pro Company has kits of materials with long-lasting finishes, heat-strengthened glass and durable protecting layers in stock. It helps making new durable wood cabinets or perform resurfacing at a discount that will last for a lifetime. We can show impressive before and after pictures in our gallery. There is information about materials and techniques we used, painters and refinishing. Our specialists may also check the state of cabinets construction and tell how sturdy they are. Besides, you can look for more hardware ideas or installation of lights to make the kitchen more functional and give it a flattering look.

European kitchen cabinets

Minimalistic kitchen cabinets are highly valued for their simplicity and streamline. Every single detail speaks about these qualities: from cabinet doors to hinges and cookware. Such kitchens are free of useless details, sophisticated designs and retro ornaments. They can be found in outlets and are great in all dimensions. Such kitchen cabinetry can be L-shaped, U-shaped or shaped in any other way, but it is easily distinguished by minimalistic design. If you are looking for cheap modern kitchen cabinets for sale near you - we offer such type of kitchen cabinets as well: nothing but a very clean, aesthetic and truly modern look.

Advantages of modern kitchen furniture are:

  • Frameless cabinets with plain geometry and flat surfaces;
  • Hi-tech and man-made materials instead of wood: heat-strengthened glass, stainless metals, durable and safe plastic etc.;
  • Combination of textures and materials for creating a unique style (just imagine Semi-opaque or frosted glass combined with metal cabinet doors);
  • Unlimited variety of colors: from natural warm wood-like shades to juicy and bright colors!
  • Clean and sleek surface: no crown molding or decorative carvings;
  • If you want to update wood cabinetry – go for wood veneers or plastic replica of wood;
  • Functionality is above all: large storage space with minimum budget.

If you enjoy features we list above, you are welcome to buy European kitchen cabinets cheap in Sacramento CA, Albuquerque or have your old ones renovated at A+ Construction Pro Company!

Remember, modern can stay modern for long – due to using premium materials, protective finishes and special layers to make your kitchen cabinetry elements last almost for a lifetime.

The minimalistic look of modern kitchen cabinetry creates a feeling of depth and air in the room. If the windows are small, we suggest that you look for flat shiny surfaces for sale near you. They add more light, even if your windows are small. The kitchen is the heart of any home, it is crucial that this place is comfortable, attractive and functional. Contact us to get the kitchen you always wanted!

Why you should choose us
  1. A+ Construction Pro Company works in your area and delivers price-effective kitchen cabinetry and accompanying services.
  2. Our professional team of designers and construction specialists create unique projects or use already existing projects, layouts and design – we consider vision and preferences of our customers first.
  3. Our advantage is offering not only brand-new wood, glass, European or mixed kitchen cabinets, but also bathroom vanities and other storage furniture. At our website you can read more about our services and special offers.
  4. We offer durable solutions due to perfect-quality protective coating for cabinets of wood and other materials. Both new and refurbished kitchens will last for another decade without much efforts from your side. Our specialists can help you check to current state of your kitchen cabinetry and give recommendations on supporting their structural integrity for years.
  5. We do our business on the base of the motto: “We’re not done until you tell us we’re done.” The job is considered finished only when the customer says the project is completed.

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