Kitchen cabinets in Antelope

Kitchen cabinets in Antelope

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Sacramento area is one of the most popular places among the newcomers moving to the USA. People from the Bay area, Albuquerque, San Francisco, LA, and other American cities get to Antelope to stay here permanently. That’s the reason why the services of remodeling contractors are so popular here. A+ Construction Pro painters and builders know how to do their work efficiently.

We know to deal with the refacing of your cabinets cheap and cheerful. Our kitchen cabinets renovation services include:

  • Custom cabinetry renovation. In case if your cabinetry looks worn out but it’s still sturdy, we can help you out with the refinishing that will make your kitchen furniture look like new.
  • Installing new hardware and accessories. Sometimes, the smallest additions to your existing kitchen can result in impressive changes in matters of design and functionality.
  • Replacement of kitchen cabinet doors and fronts of the drawers. We can make additions to your existing kitchen cabinetry basing on your personal dimensions. Visit our expo and look at the before and after renovation photos in our catalogs.

If you’re interested in general home reconstruction and renewal services, you need to know that our specialists successfully do the following:

  • Renovate the walls and floors;
  • Replace the tiling;
  • Install new doors and windows;
  • Reconstruct various parts of your home in accordance with building laws of Antelope;
  • Offer custom, semi-custom and cheap basic layout ideas basing on your budget and preferences;
  • Pick out the matching colors for the walls, floors, and furniture;
  • Estimate your potential expenses;
  • Find matching décor elements and hardware ideas for cheap from a local wholesale warehouse;
  • Repair your existing plumbing fixture and electrical outlets.

We know that renovation is a lot more than painting and installing new countertops. Especially if you’re planning to put your house for sale by owner. Your kitchen should look reliable and attract potential customers who will be ready to pay as much as you expect to get.

A+ Construction Pro team has worked quite a long time in Antelope to find out what the locals really need. You’ll never be disappointed with our refinishing services. Every faithful customer has a chance to get a discount.

Do you have a tiny kitchen? – We have ideas for small kitchens.

Are you looking for a wholesale warehouse? – We already have trustworthy suggestions.

Find our contacts at the bottom of the page to know more about our services or visit our miraculous showroom.

How to pick best kitchen cabinets in Antelope, CA?

It all depends on the type of cabinetry you need and on your renovation preferences.

RTA basic cabinetry

Look for ready to assemble cabinetry for sale in case if you’re not planning your current dwelling as a permanent residence. This type of kitchen cabinetry has numerous advantages:

  • It’s cheap;
  • It’s reliable;
  • It fits any kitchen;
  • It demands simple clearance and maintenance.

So, if you opt to the renovation for cheap in Antelope, start with RTA cabinetry that is always in stock. It’s not as charming and attractive as custom cabinetry, but you’ll have a chance to save a lot on the installation and hardware.

Semi-custom cabinetry

The overall price of these cabinets all along with the installation cost will be more significant. It’s a perfect choice for couples and families having enough money to invest in their home and planning to sell it over the years. The main advantages of semi-custom kitchen furniture are:

  • It is almost always in stock;
  • Better materials are used for hardware kits, pulls, and handles;
  • It is different by design and color;
  • It is released not only in plain colors (gray, green, black, blue, white, or purple) but in more custom versions (light or dark wood);
  • It has better design solutions with glass doors and better-shaped islands.

Semi-custom cabinets are more affordable in comparison with custom versions. They are mostly made of high-quality non-toxic materials and will satisfy you for years to come.

Custom cabinetry

It’s clearly the most expensive type of cabinets. They are not always available for sale that’s why they are generally pre-ordered. Find the images of custom cabinetry in our gallery of the finished kitchen remodeling projects.

The best advantage of custom cabinetry is its ability to adjust to all possible measurements, specifications, and layouts. Your pre-ordered furniture will perfectly fit your existing plumbing fixtures and every single outlet.

Why hire kitchen cabinet contractor in Antelope?

A trustworthy remodeling contractor has knowledge covering all spheres of renovation. You won’t have to ask yourself numerous questions. Here is what you might want to know.

Are there kitchen cabinetry shops near me?

Yes, there are. A+ Construction Pro works in association with numerous reliable manufacturers and stores in Antelope.

Is it a good idea to get second-hand kitchen cabinetry for sale near me?

The ideas are sensible in case if you’re a thrifty, but experienced homeowner. Second-hand furniture can be a real luck. For example, you can easily get a set of kitchen furniture made of hardwood for cheap and pay only for painting and restaining services. This way you’ll get a unique kitchen.

How can I do kitchen cabinets remodeling cheap?

Just buy cabinets cheap in design. In stock RTA cabinetry won’t cost you much, it will be functional and long-lasting. However, you’ll be limited in matters of style and visual layout. You won’t be able to get a kitchen cabinet depth of your liking, but all cabinet makers agree that cabinets like these are perfect to go with any kitchen.

Are there cheap, but reliable accessories in Antelope?

Of course, there are! Cheap additional lights, pulls, handles, and hinges are always for sale. Most manufacturers know that accessories help you save quite a lot.

Building and refacing in Antelope is not a daunting task anymore. Every corner of your kitchen will have its atmosphere, every base element will be long lasting, and every island will meet your expectations in matters of size, materials, and functionality.

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