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An important part of the kitchen furniture

It is not a secret that the cabinet doors are the most critical parts of the kitchen furniture. They require periodic adjustments and frequently used hinges are worn and need replacement. Some people get anxious about that but there is no need to change the whole kitchen set when the door hinges are broken down or the glass dimmed or cracked. You need not worry when you find out that you do not have enough money to buy a new kitchen cabinet. There are some much easier and less expensive ways to crack the problem.

What can we do for you?

If you need remodeling the kitchen cabinet doors, you will need to take with us such steps as follows:

  • Contact us and explain the essence of the problem;
  • Ask for the visit of the expert to your house where they will adjust the door or replace the disused parts;
  • If the magnetic devices have been worn, our worker will replace them too;
  • If the door is worn too much, you need to take the door off its hinges and a worker will take it to the workshop to repair it there;
  • Sometimes, you need to complete the replacement of the door or all the doors in the set, and it will be done taking into account all the wishes of the customer.
When does the time come to repair the doors of the kitchen units?

Custom kitchen cabinet doors require greater attention. While the rest of the furniture can be in a quite good condition, these elements need constant care. Therefore, for the careful use of the furniture it is best to replace worn or broken parts. It can be:

  • The equipment for mounting the door with the adjusting screws;
  • Cracked or stained glass;
  • The mechanisms for tight closing of doors; door handles;
  • The facing of the doors;
  • Plastic or wooden veneer;
  • Warped frames and other things those need repair.

It is essential for the kitchen furniture not to allow excessive moisture to be frequent. For that, you should have good ventilation. Sometimes that is enough to open the window or a vent pane.

Benefits of replacing

All furniture sets have their own unique kitchen cabinet faces and they mainly consist of doors and front parts of drawers. They are first to lose its shape, while the frames, side portions, the rear walls and the shelves may still last a long time. Therefore, you can order the kitchen cabinet doors and our company will replace them so that your guests can assume that you have bought new furniture.

Types of products

If you decide to replace the kitchen cabinet doors only, you need to consult the expert. They will tell you what kind of product will withstand the weight of the furniture frame. A conventional door has a frame made of wood, which structure withstands the load of the frequent opening and closing. Often the doors are made from fiberboard. The doors can be single-leafed and two-leaved. Logically, the double doors are more difficult to adjust, so they should not be too wide and bulky.

How to choose exactly what you need

Colors of cabinet faces usually match the color of the wallpaper or tile. In order to find the best option, it is useful to look through the magazines or some galleries on web sites. It is desirable that the surface was not easily soiled but easily cleaned. The materials from which they are manufactured and which covered the custom cabinet doors should be mechanically strong. At the same time, in order to avoid distortions caused by their excessive weight they should be light.

Where to go

Our company is in Sacramento CA. Now you are on our site, where there is comprehensive information on the different types of repairs in the apartment or in a detached house. Please contact us by e-mail or use a phone call. You are welcome to the office, and we will always find understanding and common ground. Our custom-made kitchen cabinet doors are reliable, aesthetic and practical.

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