Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
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Add a slight tint of style to you kitchen cabinets if you’re tired of traditional ways to organize your cooking space. As soon as most part of kitchen furniture has cabinets framed with little or no specific style expressed, it’s easy to add modern elements to almost any cabinets simply “facing” them with new modern doors and other components.

Features of Modern Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchen cabinets designs started to appear somewhere in the 90-s.  Modern style of the cooking space was mostly characterized by:

  • Geometric forms
  • Angular elements
  • Minimalism
  • Curves

These entire characteristics found their embodiment in kitchens of our both spacious and tiny homes. Hardware and adornment are at their minimum and the design is mostly straightforward. Modern cabinets leave the accent on edgy, streamlined, clutter-free look.

Materials & Colors

Man-mad materials are preferable. They are plastic, concrete, glass and, of course, metal. If you simply replace your kitchen cabinet doors with the ones made from the listed materials, you’ll see that you don’t need to remodel the entire kitchen to add it a modern flare.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
Contemporary Cabinets in Sacramento

Glass – is one of the key components of modern kitchen design. It can be opaque, semi-opaque, frosted or leaded. In a number of homes all over the world, we can meet kitchen cabinets created out of a mixture of synthetic and natural materials: wood combined with glass or metal. You can also use quartz, unpolished granite and marble.

Color is another vital characteristic of modern-styled kitchens. Of course, natural wood color is always a perfect match, but homeowners of today are extremely fond of bold colors – bold blue, bold red or bright yellow, green and orange.

Materials & Colors of kitchen

You don’t have to paint all of your kitchen cabinets red to make it look modern – just add some bright colorful spots into it and you’ll feel the difference.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Yes, that’s a new buzz of modern kitchen furniture. Several years ago, the word “modular” had nothing to do with kitchen designs. Homeowners used to buy huge, solid and heavy furniture elements. Modularity in kitchens of today is supposed to split the kitchen into smaller functional elements that are independent and easily transformed to give way to a more practically used cooking space.


The choice of furniture and kitchen appliances is just incredible. It’s not only about cabinets, islands and countertops. Modern kitchen are stuffed with built-in ovens, dishwashers, chimneys and electronic gadgets. Let’s discuss the basic things you should pay attention to while designing your modern cooking space.

  • Plan your kitchen space so that every corner is used and no space is wasted. Provide your kitchen with a lot of storage space if your kitchen is tiny. Don’t forget about half open cabinets and trolleys.
  • Modular furniture is a long time investment that later can be easily and cheaply transformed into a new design. That’s why you shouldn’t compromise durability while picking out the materials.
  • Proper measurements taken all together with an experienced specialist will help you create convenient cooking space, where cabinets, shelves and other elements aren’t too high or uneasy to reach.
  • That’s the easiest way to make your modern kitchen look beautiful. Add some lightning into the corners an over the cabinets to get rid of all of the dark corners. That’s not only for the sake of style, but for pure safety. False ceiling will add nice illumination.
Models of kitchen cabinets
Colors of kitchen cabinets

Modern cabinets in the design of up-to-date kitchens give freedom to customize it depending on your mood, space and budget. Modern materials will provide you kitchen with cosmetic appeal and convenience.

Besides, never forget that contemporary minimalistic style is a perfect way to maximize you cooking space. Contact our experienced specialists from Sacramento CA and we’ll help you to find most efficient and up-to-date kitchen look.

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