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Custom Cabinets
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Custom Cabinets – Perfect Match for Every Home

No matter how hard you try to organize a party creating a dining table zone in the living room in front of the TV set, everything ends up with your guests gathering in the kitchen. Make this area unique with custom kitchen cabinets picked out and designed to your taste. You deserve exceptionally crafted cooking space inspired by your ideas and created by our specialists.

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Custom Kitchens & Benefits

Of course, cabinets are simply shelves and wooden boxes with drawers set in the kitchen. However, in order to make you feel comfortable there, it’s better to pick out the design that will be able to express your personal designer’s view. Custom built cabinets will make you enjoy your decision.

Why? Here’s a list of benefits
  1. Made to Last. These cabinets aren’t built on assembly lines – they are crafted by hands of skilled masters. Each cabinet custom made is a true work of art.
  2. Broad Choice. No need to get something you actually don’t want to purchase. You use the materials that will last longer and will never make you doubt your choice. Besides, you can order cabinets of different size in order to accommodate all family members to the new kitchen. You can order personalized countertops made of either marble, granite tiles or even stainless steel that serves as an element of modern kitchen designs and gives a nice industrial look.
  3. No Extra Elements. You’ll get a desired number of drawers and shelves of the desired size and depth. You won’t have to pay for wine racks or pullout cutting boards if you don’t need them. You won’t have to get used to handles and other elements of design you don’t want to get used to.
  4. Personal Choice. Personally selected type of wood, personal style and personal finish. Moreover, the best thing is that the kitchen will fully correspond to the number of appliances you’re going to use and their size. Custom made cabinets are a true designer miracle for your home.
  5. Perfect Fit. If your kitchen’s plan is unconventional, with rounded walls or huge windows, custom kitchen cabinets can save the situation. If you purchase a readymade kitchen, you’ll have to get something to fill the areas, to which the counters can’t fit. Cabinets custom design will give your cooking area a fitted finished look.

It feels so good to come home and relax in one of the rooms where your family spends together most of the time having breakfast, partying, cooking, and meeting friends and parents. You don’t need to be a designer to make your kitchen one of a kind – just follow your inspiration and share it with our specialists – we’ll make your dream a reality.

Unusual Storage Solutions

No matter what style you choose - traditional, rustic, modern or casual – there’s always a chance to make your kitchen unique with unpredictable and convenient custom cabinets solutions. These solutions are not just attractive because of the way they look – they are perfect if you want to use maximum of your storage space. Just have a look at some of them:

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Customers often ask us to explain the difference between custom cabinets and semi-custom ones.

  • Custom cabinets are created following design requests of the customer. They are fully personalized in terms of sizing, coloring and shape.
  • Semi-custom cabinets suggest slight freedom in design. It’s clear that custom cabinets are quite a pricey option, while semi-custom ones are cheaper. They are usually basic sized, but there’s a possibility to change doors and drawers’ size plus some of the materials can be picked out by the customer.

Contact our specialists for more details on custom cabinets for your kitchen.

We know everything about custom-made kitchens. Each of our projects starts as a quest for inspiration and convenient innovations. We’ve got a large choice of models, contemporary designs and materials. No detail will be overlooked. Your cooking area will be a mixture of testament to its era and latest artistic trends. Contact Sacramento CA to get sophisticated and elegant custom cabinets for your kitchen!

What Makes Us Different

No Subcontractors
Our own team of industry expert craftsmen.
Awards & Certifications
We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.
Bigger Savings
In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.
Designer Showroom
Professionally designed showroom with you in mind.
No Hidden Costs
We provide detailed quotes with breakdowns. No surprises!
Superior Product
Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.
Trusted Sources
Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.
Environmentally Friendly
Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.
No Pressure Sales
We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.


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