Kitchen Cabinets Colors and Design

Kitchen Cabinets Colors and Design
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Best kitchen cabinets colors and design solutions

Kitchen is a room where all of us want to feel comfort and friendly atmosphere. Design solutions of kitchen can perfectly transform this space. Kitchen cabinet is the main furniture in this room where you can store all necessary things. Nowadays people have a chance to design a kitchen according to their personal tastes and demands, definite style or color range.

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Color ideas for kitchen cabinets

When choosing the right shades for cabinets, first of all you need in focusing on your own tastes and needs to get interior you really like.

Nevertheless, it will be useful to study the latest fashion trends:

  • among colors for kitchen cabinets violate and all its shades is becoming very popular today. This color will look great in rooms of any size and style. If you are hesitant to make your whole kitchen in such color scheme then it will be enough to add several bright violet accents. It will give the room a special rich and elegant look;
  • grey is also popular, it makes kitchen cabinets classic, stylish and sophisticated. It will not look dull if you choose the right shades of grey and combine it with neutral and pastel tones;
  • blue is the next trend of today’s design fashion. You will not make a mistake if you choose for your kitchen style turquoise, navy, aquamarine or any other shade of blue. It will add freshness and originality to any space. It will also look perfectly in combination with white;
  • bright orange will make your kitchen warm and cozy. This lively color will raise your mood every day. It is really great if combined with grey in its dark and light shades, white and even light blue;
  • traditional white is always in fashion. It looks expensive and luxurious, suits any design direction and allows visually expanding the space.

You may choose one color for your kitchen or make some bright accents, try unusual combinations and create your own style this way. You can also trust your kitchen’s design to a professional. A + Construction pro will not only help to install your kitchen but also give necessary advice in choosing the future look of the room.

Choosing the style of the kitchen

Modern kitchen can be designed in various styles – from classic ones to modern. You can also combine the features of different styles and get extremely new style solution.

The most popular colors and designs of kitchen cabinets are:

  • traditional kitchens will never go out of fashion. This style successfully combines features of American and European architecture directions that are popular for several centuries. Kitchen designed in traditional style is elegant and luxury. The most common material is wood of light and dark shades. Various hoods with complete ornament, decorative panel, rich molding and cabinet handles, hardwood or tile floor are the main characteristics of the traditional style;
  • contemporary cabinets usually mean minimalism in everything. There are no unusual ornaments or moldings, only simple flat and smooth surfaces that can be matte or glossy. This style is the best solution for small spaces because simple forms can visually expand it and make it more functional. The most common materials are metal, laminate, plastic, glass. They can be combined with some natural accents of natural stone or wood veneer. As for kitchen cabinet colors in this style monochromatic variant is relevant. Black, white or grey colors will make the room modern and stylish;
  • arts and crafts style is becoming more and more popular. Its simple lines, the absence of decorative ornaments, heavy proportions, combination of wooden cabinets with iron hardware create an unusual look. Such a kitchen will be as functional as possible;
  • retro style create a special nostalgic mood with its old-fashioned details – retro telephones or clocks, toasters, ovens and authentic-looking refrigerator and other kitchen appliances. The most appropriate colors are red, white, black, chrome or blue.

There is a great variety of cabinet styles and colors and the choice depends only on you.

Specialists of A+ Construction Pro will definitely assist you in choosing the right style solution for your kitchen, advice you the most relevant variants and will take care of all work in installing new kitchen cabinets. Our staff is skilled and competent, our experience is great.

If you live in Sacramento CA just contact our company and very soon you will enjoy your new kitchen with your family and friends.

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