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So, you’ve finally found a lovely home for sale by owner in Loomis or the surrounding area, and you’re looking forward to the renovation and refinishing that will make your new residence unique. Or, maybe, you’re an experienced homeowner willing to brush up your cooking space? The team of A+ Construction Pro is ready to face challenges of all sort. Our professional work is presented in our showroom. Our group of builders and painters deal with:

  • Refinishing of your existing kitchen cabinets;
  • Installation of new hardware;
  • Thought-out layouts for spacious and small kitchens of all shapes according to your dimensions;
  • Custom, semi-custom, and cabinetry in stock;
  • Replacement and installation of countertops of all colors (gray, beige, black, white, yellow, blue, green, patterned, mosaic…);
  • Installation cost estimation;
  • Painting, refacing, clearance, and maintenance.

We have satisfied customers in Loomis, Albuquerque, in the Bay area and a lot of places in the Sacramento area. You need to know that our company can handle numerous building issues:

  • Installations of windows and doors together with hardware and accessories;
  • Custom furniture ideas for your home including unique hardware ideas matching your chosen style;
  • Flooring, tiling, and walls refinishing;
  • Adding new rooms and functional spaces to your home.

We work in collaboration with the top wholesale kitchen furniture makers. We hire best plumbing and electricians – each faucet will be functional, and every single electrical outlet will be safe and durable.

Can I have my cabinet doors and drawers custom shaped?

Yea, you can. We have custom and semi-custom cabinetry for sale and under the order. We can add décor elements to your liking and even adjust to a kitchen cabinet depth you need. Any wholesale kitchen cabinetry warehouse in your area demonstrate numerous stock options. Nevertheless, we always have multiple customization possibilities.

Hardwood or MDF kitchen cabinets?

Hardwood is one of the principal materials. We have a wide range of wood types and color options. Natural dark wood or light wood. We can stain it in any color and tint you may prefer. However, we also install solid and firm cabinetry made of MDF and LDF panels covered with vinyl, laminate, and wooden veneers. Both hardwood and particleboard have their pros and cons – visit our blog for more info on kitchen cabinetry.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, you can. We have seasonal discounts on all types of furniture we have for sale. Just contact us via chat, phone or email to know more about the most winning seasons to purchase kitchen cabinets and renovate your cooking space.

How to Pick Best Kitchen Cabinets in Loomis, CA?

It’s not a big deal. Remember that the base of your renovation is your budget. Estimate your potential expenses before you get to a local warehouse for new kitchen cabinetry kits. Surf the net for online building and renovation calculators. Answer the following questions:

Can I renovate my cooking area cheap in Loomis?

If your kitchen cabinetry is still sturdy with doors and drawers firmly sitting in their places, you might only need a light renovation. Proper painting and refinishing will cost you less than installing new elements. Staining is one of the cheapest DIY options. You can do it on your own.

Can I find solid kitchen cabinets for sale near me on my own?

If you’re not an experienced professional, you’d better trust it to someone who deals with it every day. A contractor works in collaboration with numerous kitchen cabinets makers in your area. He has more chances to get discounts and find the exact style and color you need for cheap.

Additionally, you will need accessories and hardware that should fit the material of the cabinets. The fixing and fastening structures should be able to maintain the weight of the furniture.

Stock and semi-custom cabinetry can be bought directly by a homeowner. However, if you opt for custom solutions, you’ll have to find professional help.

Am I going to live here long?

You don’t have to invest too much in your new kitchen cabinets in case if you’re planning to leave your present residence and move somewhere else. Most people looking for an apartment for sale need basic designs – custom solutions don’t often meet their expectations. If you’re turning your house into a permanent family home, you’d better spend your money on hardwood and metal accessories. Consider adding an island to expand your cooking surface.

Why Hire Kitchen Cabinet Contractor in Loomis?

The first reason is connected with the official building permissions in Loomis and warranty. An experienced contractor won’t bump into unexpected difficulties with the local building laws and climatic conditions. Additionally, an official warranty will sustain your mutually profitable cooperation. You won’t have to spend more on correction of your mistakes if you hand over the official responsibilities to someone who knows how to do this better.

PROS of hiring a kitchen cabinet contractor:

  • A contractor will help you find unexpectedly cheap solutions;
  • The materials and tools used by a contractor have been rated by numerous homeowners in your area;
  • A contractor will show you images of real kitchens before and after results;
  • A team of professionals will face all your specifications: new glass doors, brass rustic door handles, lightweight fronts, pulls and knobs of any size and material, additional lights to go with the position of your cabinets and more;
  • Every corner of your kitchen will be enjoyable by design and functionality;
  • You’ll get not only top-notch repair process but a fast and effective refacing in the shortest period possible;

Do I have a trustworthy kitchen cabinet contractor in my area?

Yes, you do. The webpage you’re viewing right now belongs to one of them.

Are there stores in Loomis with kitchen cabinetry for cheap?

Yes, there are. We work in collaboration with numerous wholesale kitchen cabinetry makers in your area.

Can you install furniture cheap in materials but attractive in design?

Yes, you can. There’s always a way to satisfy the needs of every customer. Just make a call and find out more about what you can do with your existing kitchen.

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