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Kitchen Design Trends 2019–2020

Kitchen Design Trends 2019–2020
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Are you planning to redesign your kitchen but don’t know what it should be like? Want it to look modern and up-to-date? Today we will discuss the current kitchen design trends and what will be on the peak of popularity in 2020.

Focus on the Functionality

The kitchen design 2019–2020 is distinguished by its versatility, originality, and at the same time simplicity. There should be nothing superfluous: the main value is space (the more spacious a room feels the better). Undoubtedly, minimalistic trends in interior design started to appear when designers when creating a kitchen. The dominant feature of the new kitchen set models is the priority of large free space in the room.

That is why the number of upper cabinets in the kitchen should be minimized. The 2019–2020 kitchen format involves the introduction of European-style kitchens — with open cabinets or shelves, or absolutely without piling in the upper part. At the same time, it does not mean there will not be enough space for storing all essential stuff. Thanks to the multi-functionality of other parts (cabinets and shelves) located in the lower part, there is enough space for all utensils — those places are simply less noticeable.

Optimization of space

Furniture manufacturers and designers try to make use of every square inch. They invent and seek new storage opportunities, even if everything seems to be already designed and implemented. With the modern kitchens, you can organize a highly functional and comfortable kitchen even in a tiny room.

The following details are trendy;

  • Convenient drawers — horizontal and vertical, with dividers and a special place for literally every cutlery.
  • Rotating can holders;
  • Minimalistic kitchen utensils without decoration;
  • Ergonomic solutions for dishes and spices, sponges and detergents.

Hanging cabinets that seem to be floating in the air are not rare for elite kitchens: today, it is an irreplaceable part of the standard collections. Just take care about reliable mounting to walls and ceilings — and enjoy an amazing lightness effect in the interior. An additional storage space will always be an important point in the design of the kitchen, so this solution is not only beautiful, but also functional.

More and more people will want to get rid of the typical buffet shelves and make them open. Open shelves are convenient and beautiful, and if the interior is equipped with the right ventilation system, then will stay clean. Designers claim that floor-to-ceiling devices without plinths or space above the unit are a key design trend that will maximize storage in small spaces.

A trendy kitchen is a kitchen where everything is in its right place. By the way, there is one trendy detail we forgot to mention…

Cabinets With Inconspicuous Handles

The general lines and silhouettes of modern exclusive kitchens are smooth and streamlined. There is no place for superfluous elements, therefore, designers strive to implement facades with handles that merge with the surface as much as possible or even stay hidden. Another advanced solution is lockers that open with a push (no need to use your hands — you can even open them with an elbow or foot).

No Simple Metals

Another trend in kitchen design 2019–2020 is the absence of stainless steel accessories. Since 2017, different colors of metal have come into fashion: gold, copper and bronze replaced silver and chrome. Instead of the silver-grey color of the stainless steel, designers offer things made in shades of gold. This format will refresh any kitchen idea. Use golden and copper metal colors on faucets, on the handles of kitchen cabinets, appliances and fixtures.

High Cabinets

The classic kitchens we are used to always left a small space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. Why? Because a lot of stuff should be stored somewhere. Today, things are different. Designers either get rid of hanging cabinets, or prefer very long models.

Now the useful space does not disappear in vain: tall, elongated cabinets are in fashion. Such a solution visually adds height to the kitchen. In the top drawers, you can store the holiday dishes or some stuff you don’t use often.

Stone Tabletops

The choice of the main work surface, countertops determines the convenience of the entire kitchen. Among the unusual materials, each of which has fans, we can distinguish classic ones — wood and marble. There are unexpected options: concrete, steel, glass. But the trend of next year will be quartz tabletops: this material resembles granite and stays solid, shiny and easy to care for. There are no scratches on it, the absence of microscopic pores does not allow bacteria to multiply — this is a convenient and environmentally friendly solution.

Add Light!

The next trend of the kitchen design is good illumination of the room. Due to that, there will be a large number of highlights and decorative details in the kitchen. Minimalistic large lamps hanging from the ceiling are the real hit in 2019, and will be relevant for the next years. Don’t follow the rule “One room — one lamp”. Light up your kitchen, and it will look more spacious.

Go Eco-Friendly!

Many designers offer kitchens with facades with combined materials, however, the most popular materials in 2019–2020 will be wood and acrylic. Previously popular, plastic cannot guarantee safety for your family, since some of its types tend to emit toxic and poisonous substances.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly, and, therefore, safest material for the production of kitchen units. The interior of the kitchen in 2019–2020 will include a combination of natural wooden shades with bright acrylic facades of green or blue spectrum.

When it comes to the colors of eco kitchens, designers recommend using a neutral color palette and a basic finish: sky blue, a shade of fresh green. Those can be contrasted with berry tones or bright yellow, reminiscent of the summer sun. Choose furniture from natural materials, and do not forget about the textures: eco style means using rough natural materials (linen table clothes, rafia furniture, etc).

By going green we also mean adding live plants: find some home greenery that appeals to your aesthetic tastes and place it near the window or in the free corners of your kitchen. The right accessories add zest to the interior. If you have small kids or pets, make sure that the plants are non-toxic.

Glance vs Matte

Who doesn’t like the soothing shades of a matte finish? Glance shiny surfaces are getting less popular and less practical. To find out what exactly appeals to you, visit showrooms filled with matte mahogany kitchen ensembles and appliances. You will see that are always attractive, and it’s ultimately much easier to keep matt facades clean. Matte furniture won’t go out of fashion thanks to its eternal charm.

Black Is The New White

While white kitchens were on the peak of popularity in 2017–2018, things have changed. Many users have realized that maintenance of cleanliness in all-white kitchen is a nightmare. So designers choose the opposite of white kitchens — black and dark kitchens. No doubt, they will add some elegant notes to your interior. Dark furniture will become an elegant alternative to standard kitchens in 2019–2020.

In fact, dark colors would be a perfect background for a more sophisticated and detailed design. A dark color reflects the identity of the owner much better and will not seem boring even after a few years. The combination of black and white, gray, beige and sand — color schemes are timeless and fashionable, so this trend will clearly last for more than one season.

Kitchen Islands And Bar Counters

It seems like only happy owners of spacious rooms can afford a kitchen island. But the secret to the ever-growing popularity of this kitchen furniture is that the island or bar counter allows you to use even tiny spaces in a more functional way. Bar counters are able to completely replace the dining area, provide an additional surface for cooking and work perfectly in multifunctional kitchens, which act as a home, around which the whole family and guests gather.

Minimalism Still Rules

Designers say that minimalism went beyond the interior style and became a way of life for citizens. Refusing all extra for the sake of maximum functionality is one of the main trends of next year. This also applies to the repair and decoration of kitchens.

Choose a laconic finish, try to avoid bright prints and an abundance of various accessories, at least in prominent places. Get inspired by interiors from fashion designers. To declutter the space, it is not necessary to throw away your favorite mom’s dishes and old kitchen appliances. Think of a storage system and arrange all your belongings behind minimalist facades. The interior will become lighter, we promise.

Visual decluttering is No 1 trend in kitchen design 2019–2020

In a small kitchen, this rule is most applicable. Clean plain facades and a simple dining group fit perfectly into a small footage. Choose the built-in techniques, refuse hardware, make sure the furniture pieces have simple, flat surface.

Kitchen design in 2020 is about high-tech gadgets. Don’t be afraid of installing them! Choose kitchen appliances with a sleek design. If there is an opportunity to buy a built-in stove model, do it. In the same way, you can integrate anything: a microwave, oven, dishwasher and even a coffee machine. Do not keep small equipment such as a yogurt maker, bread machine or dehydrator in sight, organize a place for them in cabinets.

Industrial Style Is Getting Traction

Industrial style kitchens combine the texture of a dramatic black marble top with warm oak surfaces that add a rustic charm to the contemporary composition. The kitchen includes several structures that interweave an illuminated glass display rack with shiny aluminum trim and antiques.

The mixture of durable dark-colored materials and wooden elements
with natural shade and texture looks stylish and cozy at
the same time.

A kitchen in modern style is a mix of complexity: brilliant wooden surfaces consolidate with smooth matte varnish, warm wood tones contrast with the cooler shade of dim metal.

The smooth change from dark-colored tabletops (made of stone, marble or metal) to light wooden cupboards and structures has a charming stylish. Crisp green accents add extraordinary accents to the enchanting composition of materials, surfaces and hues.

This structure of modern kitchen is complemented the warmth of unpolished wood and fresh green accents of living home plants — the blend of oak and cappuccino completely makes up for the coziness and helps to reduce the cold of dark shades.

Loft Stays On The Peak Of Popularity

Loft is one of the industrial styles and has some kind of masculine character. It is characterized by deliberate negligence, use of rough finishing materials and absence of traditional decor. The walls of kitchens in the loft style are made to imitate brick or concrete — decorative brick and embossed plaster are used for that. The floor is most often covered in plank from a parquet board or laminate. Sometimes designers use ceramic floor tiles or leave a bare concrete surface.

Loft is a pretty complicated style, and if you want to create a loft kitchen, you will need help of a professional designer. Everything should be though thoroughly for the room to be convenient and look stylish instead like it was abandoned half-way during the process of repair.

What If You Have A Small Kitchen?

In a large room, you can arrange furniture and household appliances in any convenient way, but in a small room, the choice is limited. Decoration of a small kitchen starts with creating a convenient working area.

The best option for arranging furniture in a small room is the
angular layout, when the working area is created along two walls
located perpendicularly.

In this case, one of the sides becomes longer: this is where a tall cabinet and / or refrigerator is installed. It is better to place the sink and stove in front of the window — the working area will be full of light. Another way to design and furnish a small kitchen is a single-row layout when the main equipment, storage units and work surfaces are located along one wall. The interior of the kitchen in a modern style presupposes that the dining table should be placed at least one meter from the working triangle (stove-sink-refrigerator). This condition is obligatory even for small rooms.

It is recommended to give preference to light colors, hanging cabinets with glass doors, so that the room would look more spacious. Bright spotlights along the perimeter of the ceiling will help to expand the room. Glossy facades perfectly reflect light and visually increase the space.

Bottom Line

The trends in furniture design for modern kitchens include environmental friendliness, creativity and elegance: all that changes kitchen appearance dramatically. Simplicity and accuracy prevail over excessive pomp and decor. The modern kitchen is an ergonomic functional area where there is nothing extra, everything has its purpose and is thought through to the smallest detail. Elegance and respectability of its appearance is achieved via using natural, non-toxic materials.

Designers recommend to use all kinds of tones of natural wood, combined with light, airy tones of white (snow-white, cream soda, milk), as well as noble deep palettes of gray (anthracite, slate, granite). In the new season, manufacturers will offer a combination of wood with dark shades of the yellow-orange spectrum (chili pepper, red brick) and with rich indigo tones.

When planning a kitchen, consider removing hanging cabinets: instead, think how you can place special modules that can be combined with each other. If you have a small kitchen, try to find large and functional hanging cabinets. Depending on specific tasks, the height of the hanging cabinets can rise to the ceiling or, conversely, decrease to half the standard size. Often they are abandoned altogether, creating a lighter and more open space.

Kitchen islands are very relevant. They become one of the functional decorations of the room, while performing zoning between the kitchen-dining room and living room.

So when you will redesign your kitchen, pay attention to three basic principles:

  • Environmental friendliness. Use only natural materials: cork coatings, bamboo floors and wallpapers, furniture without harmful impurities, water-based paints.
  • Ergonomics and functionality. All unnecessary decor is in the past. Leave only necessary things in the kitchen, and most importantly, functional ones. Try to rationally equip the kitchen interior, especially if you have a very small one.
  • Minimalism. Designers recommend installing the minimum number of top cabinets in the kitchen, or remove them altogether, or use open shelves.

Now you know what the secret of kitchen design trends is, and if you follow designers’ pieces of advice, you will surely enjoy coziness combined with exceptional functionality.


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