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Being the central spot in every house, the kitchen should be both functional and cozy. This is the place where we spend a lot of time on a daily basis, that’s why if you don’t like anything, renovation is a great option.

Why remodeling a kitchen?

  1. A custom design is the only way to organize space exactly as you wish.
  2. It’s your chance to fulfill the ideas you might have wanted to realize.
  3. If you have finished redesigning of your building, you need a new kitchen that would match to it, too.
  4. Even minor makeovers can completely change the look and functionality of environment Modern design ideas make everything possible, even if you have a very old or small kitchen.

What do remodeling and refacing include? This is a fast, but the very useful procedure of reorganizing the kitchen space. First, the furniture is re-assembled so that it could fit in the room better and perform its functions properly. In most cases, customers ask to change cabinet doors or install new countertops and island cabinets. Secondly, the redesign also involves installing lights and piping in a new, more convenient way. Our customers trust this task to our specialists – it saves time and money considerably.

Thirdly, remodeling presupposes implementing fresh decor ideas to make the room more aesthetic and comfortable. Design solutions can’t be finished without small details – they play a crucial role. We help our customers to buy everything starting from the towels and finishing by appliances like shaker and toaster. Our aim is to make their lives easier and save your time for shopping.

You want to organize remodeling but don’t know what to start with? Need smart renovation ideas? We know how to remodel a kitchen with minimal efforts and time.


How to remodel your kitchen in Antelope, Sacramento Area, CA?

If you have a tight budget, you can do everything on your own. How to design a kitchen without hiring specialists? Here’s a short guide:

  • First, you should think about how exactly you want to change the interior: should the walls and floor be remade? Are there any cabinet ideas you want to fulfill? If you need inspiration, watch online photo gallery, pictures in magazines, or visit kitchen showrooms.
  • Decide upon the styles. Do you want a classic Italian design, modern European kitchen, or a contemporary room with minimalistic features? Depending on what you prefer, you can select materials: classic room with luxury design will look good with wood furniture (cherry, maple, oak), while metal decor elements and stone custom islands match with minimalistic design. As for colors, it should depend on both design and space: white should be used for small rooms, while the contemporary kitchen can be adorned with bright accents.
  • Making floor plans is a must: it will help you to make proper calculations and figure out how to install the furniture and kitchen appliances correctly. Besides, you should think over piping and lights location. Without a design layout, you face the risk of making irreversible mistakes.
  • Find out where to buy appliances and furniture. Check out the cost of items and calculate the overall price of remodeling. Understanding the average cost of renovations you will plan your budget better.
  • Get rid of the old pieces of furniture, make all necessary purchases, and start the process of renovations.

Imagine how much time all this process will take! Bearing responsibility for everything is hard, and some details are hard to foresee. Why not trusting this work to specialists? With the help of a cost estimator, design planner, cabinet makers, and repairmen, such task as remodeling is not impossible anymore.

Why hire kitchen remodel contractor in Antelope, Sacramento Area, CA?

If you want the process to go smoothly and quickly, working with remodeling contractors is an obvious solution. They can offer new ideas of kitchen and bath design, provide you with RTA cabinet design options, and find inexpensive items for your room.

Being one of the leading organizations in the remodeling niche, A+ Construction has the following advantages:

  • Although our team sticks to the contemporary design solutions, we can fulfill any ideas. Just show us photos from a gallery or images from magazines, or describe the kitchen of your dream, and we will do exactly what you want.
  • We put a heavy focus on functionality and develop convenient cabinet plans. Island, galley, L-shape – we work with all cabinet styles and types.
  • If the help of a planner isn’t enough, we are ready to do all repair works for you! Wall painting, laminate installing, or tiling – our repairmen are capable of everything!

We know where you can buy furniture and appliances with a discount or at a low cost. Our team is always monitoring special offers and sales. Therefore, the renovation cost won’t be as high as you expect.

If your kitchen is small design can be ergonomic and yet still eye-catching. We know how to combine aesthetics with functionality!

A+ Construction guarantees affordable prices, splendid kitchen, and bathroom remodeling ideas, and the best services of qualified professionals. Don’t google ‘remodeling agencies near me’ – you have already come to the right place!

Still, doubt where A+ Construction is what you need? Read our reviews.

A+ Construction Pro Certifications


I wanted to turn my classic style room into a cozy Italian kitchen where we can gather the whole family. Thanks to A+ Construction, my dream has become true! I just showed them the pics of kitchens I like, and they did the rest. All I did was to discuss my requirements and wishes and approve of dates and costs. That’s it! Easy as never before.


Looking at the pictures of modern kitchens with minimalistic furniture and high-end island countertops I didn’t believe that my room can be like that. However, A+ Construction proved me that nothing is impossible. We did a great job together – planned the new design, found non-expensive furniture and repair supplies, and their team remodeled the room completely within 5 days. I’m so grateful.

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