Kitchen remodeling in Arden-Arcade

Kitchen remodeling in Arden-Arcade

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Tired of strolling over kitchen showrooms in search of fresh ideas? Images in magazines and pictures in advertisements don’t inspire you? Want a new kitchen but have no clue what to start from? Then you definitely need professional help.

In fact, you don’t have to remake the room from scratch to refresh its look: minor refacing and furniture reinstallation can solve the existing problems and alter the space considerably. What does remodeling mean?

  1. Small functional renovation, such as changing of cabinet doors, reorganizing of countertops, table, and appliances.
  2. Makeovers in the decor and interior: wall painting, floor changes, alteration of piping and lights.
  3. New cabinet design. As a rule, our clients ask to add functionality and storage space. This is especially important for small kitchens.

Even with a few minor changes, you can create the best version of your kitchen remodeling design and alter its design. Remodeling is a good idea when you want simply to refresh the look of the room, or need some functional changes to make cooking and dining more convenient for your family. Some of our clients also ask us to perform custom remodeling when the room doesn’t match with the rest of the building by design.

Kitchen remodeling has the following advantages:

  • You can implement new design ideas and change interior aesthetics to the better.
  • By installing high-end functional furniture, you extend the room functionality, add storage space, and make the kitchen convenient for all purposes, be that cooking, working at the dinner table, or just drinking coffee.
  • You cut on the renovation cost. Remodeling presupposes using the existing resources. Therefore, you can try to save the furniture, appliances, and the present wall and floor finishing instead of making dramatic changes. It’s cheaper and faster than changing the room from scratch.
We can transform any kitchen, from cabinet upgrade to full gut and replace.
Refacing is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable way to give your kitchen a facelift.
We can create a more functional, elegant bathroom that will impress everyone who sees it.
We understand that not "one size fits all ”, that’s why we offer from semi-custom to fully cabinets.

How to remodel your kitchen in Arden-Arcade, Sacramento area, CA?

How to remodel a kitchen when you live in a minor town with a couple of home depots around? It’s a challenging and time-consuming process, so prepare for a great job.

Before you rush to the nearest shops, you need to make the design layout and detailed cabinet plans. Calculate the dimensions of kitchen furniture and appliances to make sure that everything will fit in. Decide upon the design solutions: watch online photo gallery, get decor ideas on websites and magazines, visit contemporary design exhibitions and don’t hesitate to ask for professional designers’ help.

As soon as you’re done with renovation ideas, it’s time to buy the furniture and building materials. How to reduce the cost of remodeling? Search for “Discount home stores near me” and check out which sales are being organized. A pro tip: furniture from last collections costs much less. Some shops offer splendid RTA solutions for 30-50% of the initial cost.

Here are some more recommendations for making remodeling affordable and smart:

  1. Use online cost estimator and design planner: such software will perform all calculations for you. Besides, you’ll have a ready virtual layout to see how the final results may look.
  2. If you don’t know how to design a kitchen – in Italian design, modern European style, or luxury design with minimalistic elements – paint the walls in white, light grey or beige. These colors match with all styles.
  3. If you want to install wood furniture, choose maple, cherry, and oak – they resist water and last longer. As for metal elements, stainless steel is the best solution because it doesn’t rust.
  4. Island cabinets look good in large kitchens that are combined with the dining room, or in a studio. When the kitchen is too small design should be more ergonomic. Only galley and L-shape or U-shape cabinets will fit without stealing much space.

Why hire kitchen remodel contractor in Arden-Arcade, Sacramento area, CA?

Wonder how to organize remodeling in your Arden-Arcade house? Trust this work to remodeling contractors! A+ Construction specializes on the living room, kitchen and bath design and performs all kinds of remodeling works. We are ready to fulfill all of your kitchen and cabinet ideas without hurting your budget and taking much of your time.

What do our services include?

We approach all our projects individually and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to help you create the kitchen of your dream. We track the trends and implement a contemporary approach to kitchen design. At the same time, A+ Construction tries to make the price of repairs more than agreeable for all clients.

Read the reviews from our clients to make sure that A+ Construction is the right choice.

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What Makes Us Different

No Subcontractors
Our own team of industry expert craftsmen.
Awards & Certifications
We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.
Bigger Savings
In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.
Designer Showroom
Professionally designed showroom with you in mind.
No Hidden Costs
We provide detailed quotes with breakdowns. No surprises!
Superior Product
Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.
Trusted Sources
Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.
Environmentally Friendly
Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.
No Pressure Sales
We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.


Despite the fact, there’s a wide scope of images with ideas for small kitchens, I couldn’t imagine how to improve my room. I needed to find a place to store a lot of stuff and decided to ask for professionals’ help. A+ Construction team offered me great ideas for making a contemporary kitchen with modern furniture. It looks great and functions so well! Now I can find a place for everything starting from pots and finishing by shaker and blender. I’m really grateful to their team.


As soon as I showed the pics of Italian kitchen of my dream, the guys from A+ Construction understood me without words. They have made a great planning and even managed to find a place for an island, which has always been my wife’s dream. Thank you so much for making our kitchen perfect!

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