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Kitchen Remodeling in Auburn

Kitchen Remodeling in Auburn

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What is the coziest place in the house? Of course, it’s kitchen: here we spend hours not only cooking but communicating and sharing a cup of tea or coffee with the dearest and nearest ones. This is why it’s crucial to maintain convenient and contemporary design: your kitchen should be the place where you can enjoy both foods and interior. Not satisfied with the current design layout and cabinet styles? Then you need to perform renovation of the room!

There are at least four reasons to have your kitchen remodeled:

  1. The old cabinet design and location of furniture may be out-of-date and simply inconvenient. Makeovers of countertops and the rest can bring about positive changes and allow personalizing your space. You can adjust every single detail according to your tastes and requirements.
  2. There’s nothing better than living in the home of your dream that is modeled exactly as you want. With custom kitchen design, you can make your kitchen the best place in the world.
  1. Modern furniture producers offer splendid and smart ideas for small kitchens. If you think your room is too tiny to fit all the necessary stuff (pottery, houseware, etc), you need designers’ advice: professionals will find a place for every single detail even in a very small room.
  2. What if your old European or Italian kitchen simply doesn’t match with the modern minimalistic decor of the entire house? You can make it look harmonically with minimal efforts and changes with the help of designers’ recommendations.

No matter what’s your reason for changing kitchen’s interior, the results are always worth your efforts. You spend a lot of time in this room, and it deserves your utmost attention when it comes to organizing comfort and good atmosphere in your house. Think that remodeling is too challenging a task? Bring your kitchen to the second life using renovation ideas from professionals, and it will turn into a completely different environment!

We can transform any kitchen, from cabinet upgrade to full gut and replace.
Refacing is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable way to give your kitchen a facelift.
We understand that not "one size fits all ”, that’s why we offer from semi-custom to fully cabinets.
Designing your kitchen to incorporate everything you want in it and exactly how you want it.

How to remodel your kitchen in Auburn, CA?

Prior to starting making any changes, you should decide what the main goal you pursue is. Probably, you want just a simple refreshing, and changing cabinet doors with custom islands will be enough. Or maybe you need a deep restyling and a total alteration of kitchen appearance? Those who want to change the location of countertops may need to have plumbing re-installed, as well. Depending on your needs and wishes, you will have to plan what to buy, where to buy, how to make renovations and what it will cost you. The list of tasks is the following:

The list can be complemented and enlarged endlessly! There are so many details to take into consideration, and even one mistake can make the process of renovation be in tatters. Kitchen remodeling is a very time-, effort- and money-consuming task. Are you sure you want to deal with it completely on your own? You don’t have to think about how to design a kitchen if there’s a team of designers and builders to help you!

General Information

Auburn is a small California city with a population around 14 thousand people. Many people heard of it in relation to the California Gold Rush times. Currently, Auburn belongs to the metropolitan area of Sacramento and encompasses the well-known recreation and active sports area.

The city is registered as a historical landmark of California. It was founded at the confluence of two forks of the American river in 1848 under a different name by a group of French gold miners, but a year later in 1849 the city-to-be acquired the name of Auburn and soon the location turned into a famous mining town, trading point and a railway station. Gold was discovered on the 16th of May 1848, making the area popular during the Gold Rush episode in the history.

Throughout its history, Auburn was demolished by fire three times: in 1855, in 1859 and then again in 1863. Today it is a picturesque city with interesting history. One of the key attractions of Auburn is the statue of a miner in the old town neighborhood. Under it one can find drainage tunnels full of graffiti murals that become visible in a flashlight.

The climate in Auburn is mild and sometimes the summers can be hot, even though the city is located on the western fringe of the mountains Sierra Nevada. The closest commercial airport is located in Sacramento in about 30 miles from Auburn. Private airports are available in the city.


If you go to Auburn, you should visit the downtown. It is divided in two districts: a historic one, and a modern one.

In the historic district you should see the impressive Gold Miner statue, the history of which goes back to the times when people arrived to search for gold. It can be found at the crossroads on the Lincoln Way and the Maple Street. If you go there to contemplate the statue, make sure you visit a tiny park behind it.

Above the historic district area there is a Placer County Courthouse — a small museum located in the courthouse, where travelers can get to know some captivating facts from the local history and additional information.

The restored Old Town has several houses and other building from the mid-19th century. For example, the fire station and the post office were founded during that years. Gold-mining tools and accessories become the top artefacts found in the Placer County Museum.

Also, it the old part of the town there is a memorial to Clark Ashton Smith — a fantasy poet and writer, who was born in Auburn.

You will hardly find any tourist attractions in the modern city district, just stores, other buildings and homes, but it’s a good idea to walk there anyway.


Auburn is famous for the endurance sports events held here throughout the year. Some people call it the Endurance World’s capital, as many routes for races either start or end here.

The history of the city and its modern culture are paired with active adventures outdoors. The place has long been a popular pit stop for travelers, whose destination was Lake Tahoe. Lots of people come to see multiple endurance sports events, for example running, trail or equestrian ride, Half Iron Triathlon competitions, bike rides, hiking events, rafting, and more.

Meet Fast Fridays: in summer most of Friday evenings are taken for speedway racing or other bike competitions.


Instead of buying plain souvenir magnets, we would suggest that you visit the Second Chance Thrift and the Luther Rd, if you travel to Auburn: it offers high-quality goods that you won’t find anywhere, like jewelry, collectables, furniture and gifts. Also, there are various art galleries and shops, where visitors can buy antiques and interesting things.

It would also be recommended to buy a bottle local wine as a present to your friends and family as you visit Auburn.

There are no major shopping malls or lanes full of branded stores, but the city is attractive with the parlors and small businesses that offer unique goods.

Food and Drinks

The place is famous for its wineries: so, when visiting Auburn you can take an opportunity to relax and explore the city wine scene. If you are more a beer-person, you should keep in mind there are several successful award-winning breweries in Auburn, famous for its awesome craft beer: Moonraker Brewing Co known for its hazy IPA, and a Knee Deep — a small brewery popular in beer fans for its West Coast-style IPA beer.

Apart from good wines and beers, Auburn has a lot of good restaurants in the old part of the town. Grapes for wine are not the only crop making this area famous: Auburn is known for delicious citrus varieties. Look for the Mountain Mandarin Festival held annually to enjoy the local atmosphere and enjoy original local foods and drinks.


Why hire kitchen remodel contractor in Auburn, CA?

Are you tired of the old interior and want a new kitchen? With the help of remodeling contractors you can turn your kitchen into the room of your dream! There’s no need to search for cabinet ideas in magazines and websites – a company will care about it. A remodel contractor can provide you with a photo gallery to choose a ready solution, or you can visit kitchen showrooms to find a perfect variant.
The list of remodel contractor’s services impresses:

Therefore, a company specializing in kitchen remodeling can perform the entire process of renovation for you, being responsible for every single task. All you need to do is define your requirements and confirm your budget with the contractor. The team of repairmen will take care of the rest. Using the help of kitchen contractors you can save boatloads of time and money!
Wonder where to order such services? “I’m not sure if I have a kitchen remodeling company near me in Auburn” – you’d say? A+ Construction company can be your primary assistant in kitchen and bath design. We help people to turn their rooms into completely new places they fall in love with from the first glance!

Consider looking into West Sacramento kitchen remodeling.

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How much does kitchen remodeling cost in Auburn, CA?

The cost of remodeling the kitchen in Auburn, CA, will be dictated by the scale of the works needed. Have a consultation with our manager and take into account his recommendations on how you can meet the available budget.

Kitchen remodeling where to start in Auburn, California?

First, decide what kind of changes you want to make to your kitchen and determine the budget, which you can bear. Then, have a consultation with our manager and learn about kitchen remodeling solutions that are available in Auburn, CA.

What to consider when remodeling a kitchen in Auburn?

The most crucial point is to find the reliable company that offers a comprehensive range of remodeling services at reasonable and affordable prices. In Auburn, CA, the best choice is A+ Construction & Remodeling.


Happy customers share why you should choose A+ Construction & Remodeling


  • I thought that working with a contractor will break the bank, but, in fact, A+ helped me to save. First, they provided me with ready decor ideas, and I managed to figure out what the kitchen of my dream should be like. Secondly, we found furniture with a huge discount and pretty cheap building materials. Thirdly, their team performed all renovations without my help, which saved me several weeks of my time that I simply spent at work without worrying that anything can go wrong. Brilliant work. That’s the way to go!

    EUGENE Auburn, CA
  • My small kitchen was a total mess until I ordered the services of A+. They came up with a gallery of ideas for small kitchens, and I choose the solution that matched my budget and tastes. Together, we’ve managed to turn the room into a contemporary kitchen with luxury design elements, and the guys figured out where I could store all kitchen appliances: shaker, toaster, coffee machine and all the rest. If you need smart decisions for your house, I highly recommend A+ Construction!

    HELEN Auburn, CA

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