Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets carry out two important duties: they provide storage space and decorate the kitchen. With enough creativity and even limited budget, you can transform your old boring kitchen into something absolutely mind-blowing. All you need is professional cabinet refinishing done by experienced specialists. Kitchen refinishing in general is a fairly complicated task, but it is fairly simple to just renovate cabinets and create aesthetically appealing room.

Renovation without losing feasibility

If you want to restore cabinets, do not be afraid of losing functionality that you are used to. In the vast majority of cases, we only change the appearance and exterior of the cabinets and fix interiors if necessary. It is crucial to preserve utility purposes of kitchen elements. Our company has rich experience of enhancing and refinishing cheap cabinets. After hundreds of successful projects, we learned one important thing – kitchen must continue fulfil their role in the kitchen.

Traditional Antique kitchen in Carmichael, CA

Replacement of all kitchen cabinets. Install new beautiful Antique White cabinets from Vitex Innovations. Replacement of all electrical, flooring and countertops.

Modern Custom Kitchen in Granite Bay, CA

Full remodel of kitchen, windows, ceiling beams, electrical, painting and texture.

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