Kitchen Countertops


Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops play a key role in kitchen allowing you to cut and chop on multiple work surfaces. Due to the fact that we often use countertops for mechanical work like cutting and chopping, kitchen tops often need resurfacing or minor fixes. Counter top resurfacing is a challenging task and requires you to have rich experience in carpentry, stone work, and engineering. There is nearly no way that countertop DIY resurface will end up well.

More than 200 countertops styles available!

Our company has professional painters, carpenters, and designers. With our deep knowledge we can resurface kitchen countertops in a timely manner. Hundreds of projects behind our backs allowed us to develop a perfect production cycle that minimizes time needed for finishing a project. At the same time, we never compromise quality and constantly deliver exceptionally well made shop countertops.

Renovated kitchen and countertops – advantages

New kitchen countertops will significantly improve your cooking experience while making the surroundings in the room prettier. Aside of obvious benefits or remodeling kitchen countertops, there are advantages that some do not even consider.

kitchen countertops marble
kitchen countertops luxury marble
  • Robust construction. Old countertops are often made of soft materials and less resistant to mechanical damage and abrasions. Countertop resurfacing is a good solution. You will receive a much h5er surface capable of withstanding regular contacts with knives and abrasives.
  • Longevity. Modern countertop refinishing is a long lasting solution. We use solid stone and robust composites in order to ensure that your kitchen tops will serve for decades.
  • More work space. I you feel that there is simply not enough space in your kitchen for cutting and chopping, make sure to add more kitchen counter tops. This will allow you to cook without thinking about where to put groceries or cut onions. You will always have a free work surface.
  • Versatility. Contemporary countertops for kitchen look aesthetically appealing and do not interfere with the rest of the interior. This means that work surfaces can be used as tables. The variety of design choices will make it easy to pick the right style of counter top refinishing that will fit your kitchen interior nicely.
Reliable materials and plenty of design variations

You will have various textures and colors to choose from, if you require kitchen countertop renovation. We usually prefer counter tops made of quartz, granite or composite materials. These hard minerals can sustain mechanical damage and easily resist abrasions. Although it is not recommended to use abrasive materials often, a quartz countertop for kitchen is an ideal solution in the vast majority of cases.

Granite is heavier and has even more robust structure which makes it even more reliable solution for your countertops. Kitchen is a place where oil, gases, and other chemicals often interact with work surfaces wearing them down quickly. Granite is highly resistant to all known damage sources that may exist in an average kitchen.

Regardless of what material you choose, kitchen counter remodel will take less time than you think and the result will be more than satisfying!

Make an order now and enjoy your new kitchen!

In order to completely change the way your kitchen looks, you will have a little, just several steps.
1. Order an estimate and provide us with basic information about your kitchen (how many countertops and cabinets need refinishing).
2. Our team will arrive shortly to take measurements and uninstall cabinet parts and/or countertops (in case, they need refinishing). This will take a couple of hours.
3. We will fix your countertops of manufacture new ones at our facilities. We have premium countertop refinishing facilities in Sacramento CA.
4. Our team will deliver your all new countertops and mount them up! This process make take several hours.

If your kitchen countertops are in need of replacing, you can turn to A+ Construction. We have years of experience in professional remodeling and specializes in customized, incredible kitchens for homeowners. When you choose us, you also gain the expertise of our certified kitchen designer.

They will study your kitchen’s current layout and features, escort you to our showroom, and show you options that will ensure you get the most out of the space where family and friends come together for the most enjoyable moments.

Before any changes are made, we can create a 3D architectural view of your kitchen with state-of-the-art technology. Our program allows you to select various cabinets, countertops, backsplash options, or anything else you’ve been thinking about renovating for your kitchen.

If you’d like marble, granite, limestone, or any other kind of kitchen countertop, we can do it all and will display for you how the room will appear before a single hammer is swung. Few companies possess this unique design capability that will ensure your dream kitchen turns out exactly the way you want.

Our craftsmen:

  • Have years of experience working for our company and have completed work on virtually all types of homes
  • Are not only trained professionals but also specialists in their fields
  • Live by our company’s motto, “We’re not done until you tell us we’re done”. Until you are completely pleased with your kitchen, we will never consider our work finished

For more information about the kitchen countertops, contact A+ Construction today.

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