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Flooring & Tiling
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Floor Remodeling

All kinds of surfaces on which people walk in their+ premises have changed over the centuries. First, in the foreground was practicality, after that they began to pay attention to aesthetics.

Today they added another mandatory concept – a health friendliness. Periodically, people change ground coverage in apartments, and this operation is called floor remodeling.

Step By Step

If you decide to change your flooring or to start their reconstruction, you will need:

1. Contact the company.

2. Wait for the arrival of the employee for measuring the premises.

3. Select the best appropriate flooring material and prepare the room for operation.

4. After finishing the work, accept services and pay for them.

Description Of Services

When all the conditions stipulated, the team gets to work. If you want the floor to look, as it should, you need to prepare a perfectly flat surface.

For this, build so-called subfloor that should take over the load, and thus cannot be deformed. Subfloor can be the plain concrete screed. To make the surface warmer you can lay sheets of plywood or fiberboard on the concrete flooring.


Benefits of replacing the old flooring with the new one is in the fact that you have a greater choice. We do not argue that craftsmen who worked years ago did their best, and their floors could last twenty years or more. Nevertheless, this time, there were enough flooring material options. The large number of them have been upgraded. Linoleum has become much better and more durable. Such modern materials as laminate and carpeting appeared. Tiles are now not only made of ceramic but of other materials.

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