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Floor remodeling

All kinds of surfaces on which people walk in their+ premises have changed over the centuries. First, in the foreground was practicality, after that they began to pay attention to aesthetics.

Today they added another mandatory concept – a health friendliness. Periodically, people change ground coverage in apartments, and this operation is called floor remodeling.

Step by step

If you decide to change your flooring or to start their reconstruction, you will need:
1. Contact the company.
2. Wait for the arrival of the employee for measuring the premises.
3. Select the best appropriate flooring material and prepare the room for operation.
4. After finishing the work, accept services and pay for them.

Description of services

When all the conditions stipulated, the team gets to work. If you want the floor to look, as it should, you need to prepare a perfectly flat surface.

For this, build so-called subfloor that should take over the load, and thus cannot be deformed. Subfloor can be the plain concrete screed. To make the surface warmer you can lay sheets of plywood or fiberboard on the concrete flooring.

For the remodeling wooden floors, use special logs, evenness of the installation of which is controlled by a carpenter’s level. The assembled panel should look as a whole, make no creaking or sag from the weight. Floor tiles are lain on a special mastic adhesive.


Benefits of replacing the old flooring with the new one is in the fact that you have a greater choice. We do not argue that craftsmen who worked years ago did their best, and their floors could last twenty years or more. Nevertheless, this time, there were enough flooring material options. The large number of them have been upgraded. Linoleum has become much better and more durable. Such modern materials as laminate and carpeting appeared. Tiles are now not only made of ceramic but of other materials.

Moreover, under the old floors over the years fungal formation may appear which can cause various diseases. New flooring options are made in accordance with modern standards, so they are eco-friendly. In addition, the choice is so wide that if you want you can find a material that matches to the interior perfectly.

The composition and the types of materials

To speak of the composition of flooring options, they are various. Let us list the main ones:

  • Resilient (usually vinyl) materials. In most cases, after preparation of a flat surface, such products are cut into pieces of suitable size and workers lay them without securing in the central part. You should lay the sheets, give them time to spread over the surface and then fix them to the walls with the baseboards.
  • Carpeting. Instead of resilient materials, you can use carpeting. In the same way, the room is covered with whole chunks neatly cut out.
  • Wood. First, you should prepare the perfectly fitting draft floor and then apply dry wooden planks. Often these pieces of material consist of several layers of wood.
  • Laminate. It is flat and very dense fiberboard. They can lay right on the very smooth wooden or concrete surface.
  • Tiles. Tiles can be ceramic, but in recent years tile from PVC is one of the best flooring options.
Colors and assigning materials

Modern materials are versatile, and sometimes it is very difficult to tell which ones will be the most successful flooring choices for you. If you want to replace only the floor, the selected materials must be in harmony with the other parts of the interior. In some cases, the walls, floor, and ceiling are repaired at the same time, so there should be a special approach.

The best way out is the turn to designers who will help you choose good materials. The market of construction materials offers a wide choice of products so that you can choose appropriate combinations easily. If you want to save on the designer, there are plenty of magazines for decoration. In addition, you can find on the Internet successful solutions of decoration for the apartment.

The floor of your kitchen may be more important than you ever considered before. It should be stylish, yet resistant to any possible water damage and stains. It should also complement your kitchen’s design while standing up to the test of time, dirt, messes and heavy foot-traffic. Does this sound like your kitchen floor? If not, it’s time for an update!

We are a locally owned expert in our industry – we know kitchen flooring. Our services are completely customizable to fit your needs and desires. Plus, our wide network of suppliers means we can provide you with more kitchen flooring choices than ever.

With our team of flooring specialists to help, your dream kitchen will become a reality. They will discuss with you all of your flooring options and requirements, until you arrive at the tile flooring that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and home decor. But because we know seeing is believing, we offer a 3D architectural view of your kitchen with state-of-the-art technology.

Our program allows you to select various flooring options, so that you can see and decide exactly how you want it to look before any changes are made to your real kitchen. We want you to be completely confident in your choices which is why we make sure you always approve every step of the process. Our customers are our partners and we work with you as a valued member of our team.

A+ Construction proudly offers its clients outstanding kitchen flooring solutions. We have a wide selection of kitchen flooring choices, including:

  • Vinyl
  • Stone
  • Hardwood
  • Tile

A new kitchen floor can transform your home and make it feel like it truly reflects you for the first time. You’ll find the right style for your home and family with our vast array of choices. And with A+ Construction, you’ll know you’re getting high quality workmanship and the attention to detail you’ve been looking for, all at a price that’s just right.

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