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Kitchen Remodeling In Folsom

Kitchen Remodeling in Folsom

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Browse through the photo gallery on our website. Do you like what you see? We’re proud to say that our team of specialists is one of the best in matters of remodeling in Folsom and its nearby areas. You can check our rating among all remodeling companies. Have you ever dreamt of a perfect Italian kitchen design? Are you sick and tired of the worn-out cabinet doors in your kitchen or bathroom? We’re ready to offer the best solutions for your cozy home with custom islands, ergonomic cabinet design, and various décor ideas.

Here is the list of the things we can do:

  • Finding sensible solutions for a renovated kitchen and bath design according to your budget.
  • Evaluating the average cost of the project.
  • Finding affordable materials and hardware for the cabinetry.
  • Building, installing and refacing the cabinetry.
  • Replacing of the countertops and kitchen hardware.
  • Flooring and tiling remodel + refreshment of walls in any color you need starting from the basic white and finishing with the energetic cherry.
  • RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets, counters, and vanities.
  • Inexpensive island cabinets.
  • Creating completely new kitchen cabinet plans matching your plumbing and electricity systems.
  • Full replacement of windows and doors.

These are the basic renovation services that we offer. Everything depends on the needs of the customer and his personal ideas. We’re ready to make a convenient design layout for your new kitchen and add a bit of flair to it by means of sensible makeovers and small design hacks. Our cabinetry is fabricated from high-end materials: Cost-effective laminate; Practical vinyl, Noble wood.

Do you opt for an Italian design, or are you looking for simplicity with a shaker kitchen cabinetry? We’ve got a ton of ready-made cabinet ideas and custom contemporary kitchen designs. Are you still asking yourself: “Is it possible to get an experienced contractor near me?” Well, you’d better stop searching because we’re ready to demonstrate how to create a kitchen and how to turn a small and uncomfortable cooking space into a contemporary galley with custom cabinet styles and WOW effect improvements.


We can transform any kitchen, from cabinet upgrade to full gut and replace.


Refacing is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable way to give your kitchen a facelift.


We understand that not "one size fits all ”, that’s why we offer from semi-custom to fully cabinets.


Designing your kitchen to incorporate everything you want in it and exactly how you want it.

How to Remodel Your Kitchen in Folsom, CA?

How to remodel a kitchen on a budget? How can I make a European cooking area out of my townhouse retro kitchen with worn-out cabinetry? Making your remodeling ideas a reality can be very tricky. Kitchen showrooms all over the country, together with kitchen remodeling TV shows, make us starve for unreal luxury designs or for a change in the annoying interior of your home.

Firstly, you need to decide what you really want from your potential remodeling construction (especially if you’re pressed on a budget). In most cases, homeowners don’t need an extreme kitchen makeover for a more comfortable living. Sensible contemporary designs can turn out to be a lot more attractive than a high-end kitchen with maple or oak cabinetry and flooring of natural stone. It depends on what you want from your potential kitchen.

The next thing you need to do is to make up a scale map of your kitchen to visualize your new ideas. Start with plumbing and electricity. The main thing in the cooking area is the so-called kitchen triangle consisting of a cooker, a fridge, and a sink. Consider adding an island if your kitchen is spacious enough. Look through the pics of our plans – maybe you’ll find something suitable.

As soon as you finally get what you want from your kitchen remodel, you should use a design planner to get the desired goal. This will help you to estimate the general remodeling cost. You can use any online remodeling cost estimator for this, but don’t forget to add about 20% to the price because kitchen renovation always costs more than you expect. It’s OK for the focal point of your home. Besides, kitchen remodeling adds value to any dwelling in case if you decide to sell it. It should only be done wisely.

Check our rating position among all remodeling companies to be sure that we are the ones you have to call.

Kitchen Remodeling Folsom (CA): Key Ideas

The things you want to remodel in your kitchen depend on the reasons why you want to perform kitchen remodeling. Something gets old, something gets broken, and something is simply outdated. This section will provide you with current ideas on how to refresh your kitchen.

Changing/refreshing the style.

If you are planning to redesign the entire house, the kitchen must not become an exception. The floors, the walls, and the furniture might require serious renovations. That is why you have to keep the phone number of our kitchen remodeling company in Folsom at hand. We are always ready to help you choose kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and the rest of the kitchen cabinetry so that all these elements created a unique but complete picture.

We would like you to think carefully about what your Dream Kitchen must look like, then contact us, and we will provide the full service, and you will not have to worry about any single thing.

Comfort increasing

We always choose what is best for our family and for us. This is the reason why you have to choose our kitchen remodeling company in Folsom: we provide full service for an affordable price and of high quality. Experience and professionalism are the key components of our job, so you do not have to worry about your home — we are ready to satisfy all the needs. And the needs, actually, might be various, but the constant thing about it all is that we want to make our life easier. There is a clever solution for it: adding smart technologies when kitchen remodeling.

One of the most popular smart devices for kitchen remodel is a smart faucet. Our kitchen remodeling company from Folsom sets them up as well. This is a great solution for cooking needs. If your hands get dirty during the food preparation, just put them under the faucet: the water flow will start without touching, and you will not smudge kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops with your hands. What is the best thing about it — it is the fact that every family member will be able to use it, there is no simpler device.

Another smart element that you have to consider when creating a kitchen remodeling project with a professional contractor like our kitchen remodeling firm in Folsom is a smart electric stove. Basing on our experience, such stoves do simplify the lives of their owners. This is a technology that can work with the help of the app on your smartphone. You can turn it on and turn it off without touching one — think of getting one, and our kitchen remodeling company in Folsom will help you with the rest.

Adding a working zone

This kitchen remodels idea will especially fit those who work from home. The quarantine transformed the kitchen into communication and working place, that is why we want to make it more convenient for these purposes. Our kitchen remodeling company from Folsom would like to demonstrate that this goal can be easily achieved with our help. We specialize in kitchen remodels, that is why we can give professional advice on this topic. You can add a standing table or think of convenient chairs or sofas to increase comfort during the working process. Kitchen remodel is an art in some sense, so let your imagination create your individual construction, and our kitchen remodeling firm will do its best to make your dreams come true.

Now you see that kitchen remodeling is a serious procedure, and you should better trust it to professionals. Our rating position is rather high, and our team is always ready to provide all types of kitchen remodeling services at affordable prices and with the highest quality.

General Information

Folsom is a city located in Sacramento County, California. Typically, people know it thanks to well-known Folsom Prison, and, of course, Lake named after it. Folsom is a city of moderate political views, as well as of highly-rated schools where children may obtain proficiency in many subjects due to highly-developed educational programs.

The total population there is 77K. People from nearby cities tend to relocate to Folsom and enjoy suburban infrastructure among others.

Major Events

Folsom is rich in history. It was named after Joseph Libbey Folsom who managed to buy a rancho out there and develop a town that has been primarily inhabited by gold miners. Alongside it, Joseph Folsom increased the wealth of the city with the railway which has established a connection with Sacramento. In 1980, that railway was abandoned, however, residents returned it to life back in 2005.

Folsom is also famous for its close location to the Gold Rush spot. Tourists yearly visit it to dive into the spirit of gold miners who were desperate enough to find gold to prosper.

Another thing regarding the history of the city belongs to the Chinese American community which has been successfully hosted in Folsom. Unfortunately, their church was driven out of town in 1886 by arsonists.

What do you know about Folsom city? Most probably, your memory accommodates the knowledge about well-know Folsom Prison which has been established in 1880. The prison itself was considered a plan to build a hydroelectric dam using the power of prisoners.

Finally, this city is home to Folsom Lake which attracts people for fishing, picnicking, and general time-spending with a family.


Folsom has both very hot summers and cold winters. Averagely, it can boast 267 sunny days per year but 0 inches of snow, and 21 inches of rain. The temperature itself varies between 39°F to 95°F.


The diversity of ethnicity in Folsom is poor, there are fewer people of other nationalities. Folsom accommodates approximately 74% of White, 5% of African American, less than 1% of Native Americans, 12% of Asians, and 11% of Hispanic and Latino people. As per residents’ feedback, they lack the acknowledgment of other nationalities and find it quite hard to find a community of interests. People are more family-oriented and adults are into work or time-spending at home. Young adults are more open in terms of activities in the city.

Where to Study?

One of the most popular education establishments is Folsom Lake College. Alongside college, there are 3 high schools and 4 middle ones.

In general, their education system is decent, and parents report the high levels of knowledge their children obtain at schools.

Notable People

  • Spider Jorgensen — baseball player.
  • Aspen Ladd — UFC fighter.
  • Brennan Poole — a NASCAR driver.

Top Things to Do in Folsom

  • Folsom Lake. This place attracts people for bicycling, boating, fishing, picnicking. There you may find a camp zone with over 60 sites available. The total area is 19,000 acres.
  • Sutter Street. It is a great place to dive into the 1850s’ history. The district itself reminds you about the previous century history with its buildings, designs. As of now, it is rich in modern establishments as well that provide tourists with dining and shopping experiences.
  • Prison Museum. You may see artifacts, photos as well as contraband items that belonged to the prisoners. The admission fee is only 2$ per person.
  • Zoo. What about time-spending overlooking the animals? Their zoo is a perfect spot to spend time with children. Bears, coyotes, tigers and many more to see there.
  • Harris Center. This is an art and culture center in Folsom. There are shows, events, and performances ongoing every year.

Reviews on Living in Fair Oaks

People who live there have mostly pleasant words about the city such as — Clean, Friendly, Supportive, Safe. There are some drawbacks, however, they are typical for any city in Sacramento. It concerns a lack of diversity for some ethnic groups, and there are fewer job opportunities. Folsom fits those who come to retire or spend calm days in their living after hustle and bustle from megapolises.

As for the distinctive features of this city, residents mention a great number of movie theatres, a zoo, lake, and shopping malls where you may spend time enjoying the shopping and simultaneously a dining experience.

The median home price is $624K.

All in all, it is a safe city with low crime rates. If there are any criminal events, they are most likely to be linked to property robbery. As for assaults, and murder, it is quite calm, as the police department structure is very wide to service more than the whole city. Folsom rankings: 61 out of 525 as the Best For Living in California, 80 out of 525 as the Best for Raising a Family Unit in California, and 91 out of 525 as the Best for Young Adults to Pursue a Career in California — as per Niche.


Why Hire Kitchen Remodel Contractor in Folsom?

Do you still doubt the remodeling contractors? Worried about the prices and warranty? Willing to get the best of the design ideas for your tiny kitchen? An experienced contractor will take responsibility for the cabinetry and floor plans. He works in collaboration with skillful builders of all kinds. Just pick out the pictures demonstrating the general concept of what you want, including the décor and sophisticated ideas for a small kitchen of yours, and watch how your habitual environment changes for the better.

So, what makes a Folsom contractor so important?

A trustworthy contractor will do everything on his own. That’s the way a descent building and remodeling agency works. That’s the way we work in Sacramento and in the surrounding areas. Look through the images of our projects, contact one of our online specialists to find out the cost of your desired kitchen renovation, make an appointment and let us do everything ourselves. There’s always a chance for a seasonal discount.

Kitchen Remodeling Folsom CA: Reasons Why You Have To Contact Us Now

Individual approach: our remodeling company in Folsom (in CA) creates a special project for every homeowner. We never use one and the same plan twice because we understand that every case requires an individual approach.

Customer satisfaction is a number one priority for the Folsom Kitchen Remodeling company. Every project we create takes into account all details a customer wants to implement, which is why the construction never starts without a plan negotiated with the client.

Experience: the kitchen renovation is the procedure our Folsom Kitchen Remodeling company has been practicing for years. Every project our masters have ever worked on was created by them from concept to completion, so they are well-practiced in every step of the project development. People trust experience, and so does our remodeling company in Folsom.
Service variety: our Folsom Kitchen Remodeling Company is ready to make any kitchen remodeling dream come true. You can come to us with your own project, or let us create one for you. We create an individual kitchen design, including such details as the location of kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops, and then help you with setting the renovations — in this sense, our “service area” is broad.
Pricing: every local family can afford our renovation service because we know how important it is for the customers to find a place with the perfect price-quality ratio. Choosing a kitchen redesign service in Folsom (in CA) is a relatively cheap step to your Dream Kitchen. You can go to our site and check every project we have ever created.
Guarantees: The customer always knows the price one will have to pay in the end before the work starts. This is the guarantee that you will not face emergencies if you choose our remodeling company in Folsom. The kitchen remodeling procedure will not start until all peculiarities of the project are negotiated.
Safety: our remodeling company in Folsom understands how important it is now to provide safe service. Covid-19 pandemics made people be afraid of additional contacts, but this is not the reason to postpone the idea of kitchen remodeling. You can trust our firm in Folsom with your house because all our masters wear special equipment during the job from start to completion. We wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers, which also guarantees cleanness at the end of remodeling services.

Get your new kitchen for a moderate cost! Our rating position is reasoned: visit our gallery to see the photos of our projects and make a call for a free consultation and a later appointment. You can find contacts on our webpage.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does kitchen remodeling cost in Folsom, CA?

To learn the price of the kitchen remodeling project in Folsom, CA, you should decide what kind of the interior, furniture and equipment you want to have in the first place. Turn to our manager and tell about your ideas.

Kitchen remodeling where to start in Folsom, California?

Begin by telling about your idea of the ideal kitchen for your home in Folsom, CA, to our manager and discussing the remodeling solutions that can help to realize it within the available budget.

What to consider when remodeling a kitchen in Folsom?

If you want the new kitchen in your home in Folsom, CA, to look perfect and to last long, entrust its remodeling to a reliable and diligent contractor. Choose our company, and you will be 100% satisfied with the result.


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  • We are very happy with the outcome of our kitchen renovation. Planning with Michael Costa and George was great. Ivan from the designing stage made a great 3d of what our kitchen would look like. There were a few bumps but our foreman Serge/Sergio did a fantastic job of getting the crew to fix our concerns. Prices are within reason as well. Thank you very much A+. We looovveee our kitchen.
    Jp A.
  • Thank you so much to the people at A+ Construction & Remodeling for doing a great job on our project from beginning to end. We remodeled our bathroom and kitchen and they did a fabulous job. The team was totally communicative and worked within the timeframe. Nice guys, great job! Would highly recommend for home remodels.
    Austen Bennett
  • My husband and I wanted our kitchen updated and called A+ Construction & Remodeling. We looked at all the reviews and were very impressed. From the beginning, Mike helped us in choosing the products and design. George was there, answering all our questions and concerns. But the biggest asset to this company is Vadim. He's very skilled in all areas of construction and we didn't have to worry about anything. Thank you guys, we're glad we went with this company.
    Judi S.
  • George, Serge and the entire A+ team did an outstanding job on our recent kitchen remodel. They are affordable, efficient and do high quality work! We would highly recommend them for any job. Our kitchen turned out well above our expectations, it was beautiful and better functioning! Great job guys and thank you for what you did with our home!
    Ron Orr
  • A+ Construction & Remodeling is an excellent company that strives to fully satisfy. This was the only company that truly listened to our desires and made sure to explain all possible options and limitations that could lie ahead. They have a trustworthy, courteous and hardworking group of craftsmen. They exceeded all expectations My parents home was even nominated for the most attractive home on the block. You made my parents very happy and proud of their newly remodeled home. Thanks!
    Joseph Miles
  • I couldn't be more pleased with the work quality, product, and integrity of the company's employees. From the receptionist to the laborers and sales, everything went smoothly from start to finish. Price was extremely competitive. We got a few other bids to make sure that we were getting the best price for our remodel. Would highly recommend.
    Steven Harvey
  • A+ Construction & Remodeling helped make our house the home of our dreams! We did a complete kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, and had the house painted. The crew was professional and responsive every step of the way and their attention to detail was impeccable. These are the guys you want working on your home! Highly recommended!!
    Jamie Pope
  • A+ Construction & Remodeling remodeled my 3 full bathrooms including my master. The did an awesome job. They are true craftsmen all the way. Also their material choices were great and the designer did a great job of working with our style and suggesting things we loved. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their home.
    Alan Murray
  • I’ve been hesitating a lot at first, but after reading LOTS of positive reviews I settled on A+ Construction & Remodeling. I’m pretty sure I won’t regret it because they did a 5-star job remodeling our home. They not just met our expectation, but even exceeded them. And the best thing is that they used super-affordable tools and facilities so that our dreams came true on a budget. The best I’ve ever experienced with remodeling contractors!
    Harold Pulse
  • These guys put quality above all. They did my kitchen almost 1 year ago, and it looks great. Working with the guys from A+ Construction, we designed a nice cooking space that is multi-functional and has a nice design. They helped us keep our window sill, turned into a bar counter. First of all, it’s cool when you eat looking outside. Second of all, we can put so many things on it and have them handy (it’s still a small kitchen). They made the most out of our kitchen. Thanks a lot!
    Daniel Johnson
  • We met with three other companies before choosing A+ and we made the best decision. They are professional, available via phone and text, helpful when you have questions or concerns and do excellent work. All of the guys that worked on our bathroom were respectful and so nice while they were here. Even my dogs loved them!! Thanks for the wonderful new bathroom.
    Lee D.
  • Some of the best people to work with! We have 3 children and busy schedules which meant we couldn’t be involved in every detail of this project. They had a designer who basically heard what I wanted and made it a reality for us. We always hesitated to start this remodel because I thought we would have to put our life on hold for this but these guys totally proved the opposite. I now have my dream home completed and it didn’t disturb our lives!
    Sara Ewen

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