Kitchen Remodeling in Folsom

Kitchen Remodeling in Folsom

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Browse through the photo gallery on our website. Do you like what you see? We’re proud to say that our team of specialists is one of the best in matters of renovation in Folsom and its nearby areas. Have you ever dreamt of a perfect Italian kitchen design? Are you sick and tired of the worn out cabinet doors in your kitchen or bathroom? We’re ready to offer the best solutions for your cozy home with custom islands, ergonomic cabinet design and various décor ideas.
Here is the list of basic services we provide:

  • Finding sensible solutions for a renovated kitchen and bath design according to your budget.
  • Evaluating the average cost of the project.
  • Finding affordable materials and hardware for the cabinetry.
  • Building, installing and refacing of the cabinetry.
  • Replacing of the countertops and kitchen hardware.
  • Flooring and tiling renovation + refreshment of walls in any color you need starting from the basic white and finishing with the energetic cherry.
  • RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets, counters and vanities.
  • Inexpensive island cabinets.
  • Creating of completely new kitchen cabinet plans matching your plumbing and electricity systems.
  • Renovation and full replacement of windows and doors.

These are the basic services that we offer. Everything depends on the needs of the customer and his personal ideas. We’re ready to make a convenient design layout for your new kitchen and add a bit of flare to it by means of sensible makeovers and small design hacks. Our cabinetry is fabricated from high-end materials: Cost-effective laminate; Practical vinyl; Noble wood.

Willing to remodel the countertops? Choose: Natural stone; Quartz; Metal; Laminate.
Do you opt for an Italian design or are you looking for simplicity with a shaker kitchen cabinetry? We’ve got a ton of ready-made cabinet ideas and custom contemporary kitchen designs. Are you still asking yourself: “Is it possible to get an experienced contractor near me?” Well, you’d better stop searching, because we’re ready to demonstrate how to design a kitchen and how to turn a small and uncomfortable cooking space into a contemporary galley with custom cabinet styles and WOW effect improvements.

Are you still doubtful about our services? Google the information about us and get a ton of positive reviews from the customers in Sacramento and neighboring cities. We know how to do our work decently and we’re proud to call ourselves one of the best remodeling companies in the area!


How to Remodel Your Kitchen in Folsom, CA?

How to remodel a kitchen? What is the best way to renovate a bathroom on budget? How can I make a European cooking area out of my townhouse retro kitchen with worn-out cabinetry? Making your renovation ideas a reality can be very tricky. Kitchen showrooms all over the country together with kitchen remodeling TV shows make us starve for an unreal luxury design or for a change in the annoying interior of your home.
Firstly, you need to decide what you really want from the remodeling (especially if you’re pressed on budget). In most cases, homeowners don’t need an extreme kitchen makeover for a more comfortable living. A sensible contemporary design can turn out to be a lot more attractive than a high-end kitchen with maple or oak cabinetry and flooring of natural stone. It depends on what you want from your potential kitchen.

Next thing you need to do is to make up a scale map of your kitchen to visualize your new ideas. Start with plumbing and electricity. The main thing in the cooking area is the so-called kitchen triangle consisting of a cooker, a fridge and a sink. Consider adding an island if your kitchen is spacious enough. Look through the pics of our projects – maybe, you’ll find something suitable.
As soon as you finally get what you want from your kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you should use a design planner to get the desired goal. This will help you to estimate the general renovation cost. You can use any online renovation cost estimator for this, but don’t forget to add about 20% to the price, because kitchen renovation always costs more than you expect. It’s OK for the focal point of your home. Besides, kitchen remodeling adds value to any dwelling in case if you decide to sell it. It should only be done wisely.

Why Hire Kitchen Remodel Contractor in Folsom?

Do you still doubt the remodeling contractors? Worried about the prices and warranty? Willing to get the best of the design ideas for your tiny kitchen? An experienced contractor will take responsibility for the cabinetry and floor plans. He works in collaboration with skillful builders of all kind. Just pick out the pictures demonstrating the general concept of what you want including the décor and sophisticated ideas for small kitchen of yours and watch how your habitual environment changes for the better.
So, what makes a Folsom contractor so important?

  • He knows how to do kitchen remodeling right thanks to the experience. He knows how local climate affects the remodeling process. Besides, he knows all about local state building laws and he will not do anything illegal to cause you further unwanted trouble.
  • He is in contact with a time-honored planner, who will take measurements of your kitchen and advise you what appliances and tools you should buy for the renovation.
  • He works in contact with trustworthy cabinet makers and manufacturers of flooring and tiling.
  • He’s able to offer a variety of styles if you have no idea what to choose or he will simply find a perfect match basing on your everyday habits and activity in the kitchen.
  • He gives official warrantee for the work.

A trustworthy contractor will do everything on his own. That’s the way a descent building and remodeling agency works. That’s the way we work in Sacramento and in the surrounding areas. Look through the images of our projects, contact one of our online specialists to find out the cost of your desired kitchen renovation and let us do everything ourselves. There’s always a chance for a seasonal discount.
Get your new kitchen for a moderate cost! Visit our gallery to see the photos of our projects and make a call for a free consultation. You can find contacts on our webpage.

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