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Kitchen Remodeling in Granite Bay

Kitchen Remodeling in Granite Bay

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A kitchen is just that place in every house that unites family or friends. Therefore, not only its functionality, but also the cozy interior created by luxury design layout and furniture in a kitchen.

In the event that you want to buy a kitchen or order a contemporary design for your kitchen renovation in Granite Bay, A+ Construction will gladly take on the role of your assistant. We are ready to assist you in buying a custom made kitchen from any U.S. manufacturer without extra overpayments. Do not miss a huge selection of kitchen furniture, presented in our own kitchen showrooms in Sacramento area. Having estimated it, you will understand that we have the most stylish and functional kitchens of different colors for your house.

An aggressive environment constantly tests kitchens. Therefore, it must withstand a high humidity, temperature changes and, at the same time, they should have a stylish look. Every small detail must be taken in account.

For example, the minimum length of the worktop between the refrigerator and the sink, as well as on both sides of the stove is 40 cm. Each kitchen should have a working countertop at least 80 cm long. With a single row layout, it usually separates the sink and stove. You can put it between the fridge and the sink.

Placing a cabinet in the corner, it’s advisable to set a distance between its side part and the wall in order to open cabinets and drawers in a more convenient way. It must be taken into account that both cabinet styles are different in their height, width and volume.

We can transform any kitchen, from cabinet upgrade to full gut and replace.
Refacing is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable way to give your kitchen a facelift.
We understand that not "one size fits all ”, that’s why we offer from semi-custom to fully cabinets.
Designing your kitchen to incorporate everything you want in it and exactly how you want it.

How to remodel your kitchen in Granite Bay, CA?

Before contacting a specialist from A+ Construction, think over the main points that will be taken into account during your kitchen renovation project. Collect a photo gallery, images and videos of what you find interesting to help the designer understand which direction to go. In other words, make your own showroom of new ideas that can be used by our designers. Based on these picks, A+ Construction designers and remodeling contractors will be able to create a functional, visually stunning and custom kitchen at affordable price for your needs.

The idea for a kitchen design is born in the search, but is not always preserved at the time of implementation. After seeing the finished detailed kitchen project with renovation ideas, you can be sure of what you really want. The renovation cost for each individual project is calculated individually. We have a smart cost estimator to help you figure the cost of your kitchen-remodeling project.

The complexity of your design plays a key role. The project documentation of the design can contain the estimation of prices and renovation costs required for the whole process — electric works, dilution of pipes and other technical issues.

The minimum length of countertops between a refrigerator and a sink, as well as on both sides of a stove is 40 cm. Each kitchen should have a working countertop at least 80 cm long. With a single row layout, it usually separates the sink and stove. You can put it between the fridge and the sink.

Placing a kitchen cabinet in the corner, it’s advisable to set a distance between its side part and the wall in order to open cabinets and drawers in a more convenient way.

General Information

Granite Bay is a CDP to Sacramento County in California. The total population is around 22K. The area itself gives rural vibes mixed with modern houses. The residents are of conservative views, and there is the majority of family units. Furthermore, Granite Bay is believed to be safe in terms of crime rates, so many people tend to relocate there to retire or raise a family.


Granite Bay is not rich in ethnic diversity. The racial division is 88% of White, 0.7% of African Americans, 0.7% of Native Americans, 5% of Asians, and 6% of Hispanics.


Nothing special in a climate of the Granite Bay area, as it is similar to the whole Sacramento region. The summers are hot, and the winters are cold. There are 265 sunny days per year, with 0 inches of snow, and 21 inches of rain.


There is only one public high school which is also named after the CDP. Even though there are such limitations in the number of schools, it is still considered to be one of the highest in performance.

To pursue education, residents are obliged to move to other cities including Sacramento itself, Folsom, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills among others.

Notable Residents

  • Eddie Murphy — actor.
  • Johnnie B. “Dusty” Baker Jr. — an American Major League Baseball manager.
  • Dallas Sartz — NFL linebacker.

Interesting Facts

  • Affluence

Granite Bay is believed to be among the most expensive spots in Sacramento. The economic level of this CPD is continuously thriving, with a firm tax base for the development of a community. Among the leading companies or industries presented in Granite Bay, it is possible to outline the medical industry. It is 2.3% of all jobs in the CPD. Along with medicine, there are finance, computer technology, and technology production areas for a career.

On the contrary, this affluence develops some hurdles, as it is quite expensive to buy a house there. Granite Bay is also very expensive in terms of cost of living.

  • Neighborhood Diversity

There are several options to live in Granite Bay. First, residents may have a house in traditional neighborhoods nearby Roseville, while others may reside in guard-gated communities, they are Los Lagos or Wexford. Finally, some may live in completely rural areas if they want.

The living areas like Hidden Valley may also offer residents their own equestrian fields and facilities as well as water supply. In Shelborne you may acknowledge luxury real estates that are safe even with no gates.

Definitely, everything depends on one’s paying capacity, that’s why Granite Bay accommodates many celebrities or notable people. They access privacy and safety.

  • Plenty of Activities

There is no abundance in activities in Granite Bay but it is also hard to say that they are little. People who live there may visit equestrian centers, golf clubs, parks, and of course, tennis courts which are the choice of rich people.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the dining experience. There are wineries, restaurants, cafes for any taste, cuisine, and paying capacity. Again, the prices are most likely to correspond to the high cost of living.

Things to Do in Granite Bay

As was said above, one may always find something to do in Granite Bay. Here is the list of the most popular activities to spend time on.

  • Otow Orchard

If you are persimmon-lover, it is definitely a must-have spot for you. The family-owned business carries a mission to promote the Japanese art of hoshigaki. They dry persimmons complying with Japanese techniques.

Their persimmons are dried each autumn, hand-peeled, and even massaged for several days.

It results in a sweet delicacy many people come for.

They also accept requests if you want to pre-order a box of persimmons.

  • Horseback Riding

Among the most popular things to do in Granite Bay is horse riding. It fits any age, and even paying capacity. You may rent a horse strange it may sound, or ask for classes to learn how to safely ride these beautiful creatures.

The horseback riding may be requested on the lake with a 2-hour guided experience. You enjoy the views on the lake, forest and may even have a picnic while the horses are enjoying the green grass or walking near the lake during hot summer days.

Living in Granite Bay — As Per Residents

It is safe, clean, and amazing in terms of shopping experience. The schools provide a very decent education. The communities that are gate-guarded are definitely the choice of celebrities or very rich families, that’s why the real estate there is very expensive. As for drawbacks, Granite Bay cannot boast many traffic lights, so you may be stuck up there for a long time until you will reach the destination.

All in all, Granite Bay is a choice for those who have enough money to live, study, and go shopping. But, it is worth it, as the crime rate is very low.


Why hire kitchen remodel contractor in Granite Bay?

Our employees complete the planned works in the shortest possible time, being extremely attentive in the implementation of installation of interior items with additional elements. We can come up with an awesome cabinet design as good as with blueprints for an entire kitchen.

Cooperation with us is the best option for ordering an Italian kitchen or European kitchen according to individual sizes, since we are guided by U.S. quality standards. We focus on interests of each consumer and provide guarantees for products. We approach to clients with different taste preferences and financial capabilities, who are invariably satisfied with the furniture ordered.

A+ Construction provides a full range of services — from measuring a room and creating design layouts to the quick, high-quality assembly of kitchen furniture (cabinets, lights, floor plans, etc.). Thanks to the range of services provided, you will need to take minimal steps to get the kitchen of your dreams. But the result will certainly please you!

What can A+ Construction do for you:

Yes, our specialists can make the designs of an entire kitchen or an island. We have worked our own tried-and-tested and well-proven technology that allows us to achieve a consistently excellent result. It is simple and at the same time very effective. In order to use it you only need to come to our office or simply send an application to the designer directly using our contacts. All our customers get really stylish, fully matching the interior of a kitchen furniture.

It is important for us that our customers are satisfied with their kitchens after finishing makeovers by our specialists.

A+ Construction team is confident in the quality of provided services. We are not afraid to come to you even after 2 years since the makeovers are done, because we are sure that we won’t receive any negative feedback. Our contractors are working for many years, offer the great cabinet ideas, designs, furniture for sale as well as a discount for their services. All you need to do is to appeal to our local office of Granite Bay in Sacramento area, California. Contact us right now!

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Our process is organized, streamlined and designed with you in mind.
We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.
Bigger Savings
In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.
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Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.
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Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.
Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.
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We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.

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How much does kitchen remodeling cost in Granite-Bay, CA?

To learn the cost of the kitchen remodeling project for your house in Granite Bay, CA, you need to determine what kind of changes your kitchen needs and to choose all the materials, furniture and appliances.

Kitchen remodeling where to start in Granite-Bay, California?

First, you need to think over the design of the new kitchen and to determine the budget. Afterwards, discuss the remodeling solutions that will suit the kitchen in your house in Granite Bay, CA, with our manager.

What to consider when remodeling a kitchen in Granite-Bay?

To make sure that the new kitchen in your house in Granite Bay, CA, looks great and is practical enough, pay attention to every detail and make use of the recommendations provided by our specialists.



  • The thrilling experience is how I can explain my project ordered at A+ Construction. Their designers made a fantastic job on my new kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The designers turned out to be deep thinkers. They quickly solved any appearing, unexpected problems under your budget. Every my suggestion was taken into account, I felt involved and appreciated — a rare feeling when dealing with home renovation contractors. Plus, they have their own showroom to pick a new kitchen and bath design. I also ordered cherry kitchen cabinets on the average cost. Hooray for A+ Construction — they are real professionals with awesome kitchen décor ideas!

    Tony R.C. Granite Bay
  • A+ Construction’s contractors offers really HQ services, styles and kitchen furniture who can make great design recs. They managed to fix my poor design plan, offered blueprints with pictures. They improved errors in my blueprints of custom white kitchen cabinets and made a full kitchen makeover. At first, I checked their photo gallery. Due to a lack of time, I also ordered attic and bathroom remodeling from these guys. All three projects were developed under the budget and according to my personal preferences.

    Dorothea W. Granite Bay

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