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Kitchen is the central part of any house: this is the place where we cook, spend our breakfasts and dinners, read news while drinking our morning cup of coffee, and rest after a heavy working day. This is why kitchen should combine coziness, functionality, and decor ideas that appeal to the family members.

If you want to create a contemporary design kitchen, it’s time to organize kitchen renovation! What to start with? How to organize makeovers without hurting your budget? Where to search for renovation ideas? This small guide is here to help you.

Where should I get design ideas?

It’s always hard to start, and when it comes to remodeling, many people get stuck at the initial point – kitchen and cabinet design ideas. It’s impossible to create the design layout from the scratch – you need inspiration and, what’s more important, ready patterns. How to design a kitchen professionally? Visit the nearest kitchen showrooms, check out cabinet styles in interior magazine images and photos, surf the Net to find a good portfolio or pics gallery.

How to estimate the cost of kitchen and bath design changes?

There are two ways to do that. If you organize the remodeling on your own, you should calculate the cost of building materials, countertops and cabinets, appliances, and all other details including the decor elements.

However, if you work with a remodeling contractor, you don’t have to do any calculations: a professional cost estimator will do it. The company will estimate the average cost of labor and furniture. Despite common misbelief, such option can be inexpensive, because the remodeling company team can inform you of the lowest prices and recommend stores with discounts and suitable stuff. Therefore, the renovation cost may turn out to be lower than you think.

RTA or custom cabinet ideas?

The choice depends on how much you’re ready to spend, and what the preferable styles are. While it’s easy to find the cabinets for a European or Italian design kitchen, some interior types require an individual approach. Finding worthy cabinet makers is a challenging task – as a rule, remodeling contractors offer their staff specialists. Should you accept their services? It’s a hit-or-miss decision: not all masters are equally skillful and experienced.


How to remodel your kitchen in Woodland, Sacramento area, CA?

In order to organize the refacing and small design changes, you need to follow a few important rules.

  1. Before you buy furniture, make the floor plans: calculate the furniture and appliance dimensions and figure out where you will install them. Alternatively, it can be done by a design planner.
  2. Need galley or island cabinets with an affordable price tag? You can find models with a great discount if you search for what’s left form the old collections – new ideas are always more expensive than outdated ones. But does it matter, if you want a traditional Italian kitchen?
  3. Those who design rooms for full due use natural materials: wood (cherry, maple, and oak are the best for luxury design), metal, and stone. They look great in both contemporary kitchen and traditional style kitchen.
  4. Prior to installing furniture and appliances, you should deal with piping and lighting: some people make custom electricity and piping schemes to improve the kitchen functionality and tailor it to individual requirements.
  5. How to organize the storage smartly? The Internet is full of ideas for small kitchens. Most of them boil down to placing custom islands together with galleys and hanging overhead cabinets with the same style of cabinet doors as in the rest of furniture. With such approach, you’ll be able to place everything in the cabinets starting from plates and finishing by a shaker.

How to remodel a kitchen with minimal stress and efforts? Just hire a remodeling contractor: such company serves as a designer, planner, repair team, and estimator altogether.

Why hire kitchen remodel contractor in Woodland, Sacramento area, CA?

Don’t rush to google for building contractors in your area because you’re already on our website! A+ Construction is one of the most well-established companies that focus on house, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and offers the full cycle of remodeling services. Striving to reach excellence in what they do, our team develops room and cabinet plans, performs refinishing and replanning, elaborates great ideas for small and large kitchens, and helps customers at all stages of remodeling.

There are at least five reasons to work with our company:

  • We have a comprehensive experience of house remodeling – our online photo gallery proves that! A+ Construction isn’t afraid of challenging projects, we’re ready to deal with the design of any complexity.
  • Our designers work with all kinds of styles: contemporary, European, minimalistic, Scandinavian, etc. Just show us the pictures of kitchens you like, and we’ll understand you without words.
  • Our repairmen work fast and professionally: you can rest assured that the finishing will last long, and the furniture is installed firmly.
  • Remodeling contractors’ services aren’t as expensive as you think. A+ Construction helps clients to find building materials and furniture for agreeable prices. Together, we monitor the market and figure out the most suitable solutions that can be covered by the customer’s budget.

Still doubt whether A+ Construction is the right choice? Read our customers’ feedback!

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When we moved to the apartments in a new building, our new kitchen had simply white walls and cheap laminate. I and my wife didn’t know what to start with. We asked the A+ Construction team to develop a design project, and they came up with a great solution! I’m proud of the new kitchen we have, and always recommend this company to all my friends who plan major or minor remodeling.


I didn’t need any drastically changes – just new cabinets and an island countertop. The furniture that I found in the stores near me was awful. I was in despair and called A+ Construction hoping they can help. Indeed, they saved me! Their team proposed a few cool stores with creative furniture. I ordered a custom solution, and the A+ Construction team installed the galley and the island. Now my kitchen is perfect!

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