Kitchen Refinish


Simple and Easy

Our Dust Free, Hassle Free Process will make your cabinets look like new.


Fast Turn Around

Most Kitchens are completed within just two days!
And it will be established back.


Inexpensive Investment

Save Yourself thousands by restoring Instead of replacing or refacing.


Beautiful Results

We restore the natural beauty of your existing cabinets and make them shine.

New Life of Your Kitchen!

A+ Construction Pro uses the highest quality cabinet coatings in the industry because cabinet coatings are our focus and our specialty.

A new shiny kitchen with brilliant functionality is a lot more than just a place for cooking and eating. It can become a wonderfully comfy place to start a new day, and help create your little family haven, which can bring new traditions and rituals.
Renovating a kitchen makes cooking pure art and pleasure, and we’re sure you’re worth it.

If you’re inspired to have a kitchen remodel project, you need expert assistance to plan everything well and make your dreams of a perfect kitchen come true. Our company offers full-service kitchen remodeling with both design and technical solutions in order to make kitchens ergonomic, modern and stylish. We’re ready to take into account any demands and requirements of homeowners, as our main task is to impress our customers by bringing their ideas to life.

A+ Construction Company will follow every single detail of the design plan you have including inner and outer aspects, from plumbing and light, to cabinetry and counter-tops.

If you want to renovate or augment your kitchen, be sure to invite true professionals that will actualize your ideas and find technologically advanced solutions for your project. Cheap kitchen renovation will take only 3 simple steps:

  • Our specialists and designers will formulate a plan for the project.
  • Our technicians will remove necessary parts of your kitchen and start working on the project.
  • We’ll return in a couple of days and install a brand new face of your kitchen

That’s it! Right after the 3rd step you can start cooking delicious dishes and mixing milk shakes! You wonder how A+ construction handles kitchen renovations on a budget so quickly?

Kitchen Refinish



Kitchen Reface



5 year warranty

All complete refinishing is backed by a 5 year warranty.

No Hard Hat Required

No demolition or unloading of cabinets necessary.

Cost Effective

Less expensive than traditional refinishing, refinishing, refaing, or even paintng.

Electronics Friendly

Since there is no dust, our process is safe around computers and electronic systems.

Non Toxic

Finish Non-toxic finish, no dust, no mess!


An excellent protection for new cabinets too.

Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround! Most jobs completed in as little as two days.

Custom Formula

We have our own custom formula that you cannot get anywhere else.

Done in 2-3 days

Our cabinet painting system allows us to complete any task in a couple of days. Custom paints with non-toxic ingredients dry faster than other options in the market.

Here’s how we work on a project:

  • We disassemble cabinets and move necessary parts to our workshop.
  • We prepare parts’ surfaces for subsequent painting.
  • We let painted pieces dry and add protection layers.
  • Our team takes cabinets and their parts back to where they belong.

Don’t waste time on doing it yourself!

Competitive Prices

Cabinet painting is a mere fraction of the amount you could expect to spend if you were to replace or reface your cabinets. There are dozens of ways to waste money, but our service is certainly not one of them. We focus on decreasing operational costs and using low-cost high-end tools and technology. This means that cabinet painting will be more than just affordable.

This is a good deal for any householder. No mess, no additional expenses, and low prices. You won’t regret working with us!

High-Quality Results

Our work is a subject for your personal review! Our technology yields us high-quality results regardless of how complicated our project is. If you think that nothing can bring life back to your kitchen, talk to our specialists. Chances are we will find an affordable way to make you fall in love with your good old kitchen cabinets once again!

Obviously, we want to make sure that you are confident in our work. We offer you a 5-year warranty for every order you make.

Transparent Work

We want you to be involved in recreating your own house and invite you to discuss with us the general flow of recreational activities. Our processes may look complicated to you, but worry not, our specialists will explain you in details every single step of our work.

You’ll know exactly when we will start painting, how we are going to do it, and when we will finish!

Testimonials About Us

My husband and I wanted our kitchen updated and called A+ Construction Pros. We yelped and googled all the reviews and was very impressed. From the beginning of our project Michael helped us in choosing the products and design, George was there for us answering all our questions and concerns. Thank you again to everyone who was involved in this remodel, we're glad we went with this company.
Elverta, CA
A+ Construction just completed my kitchen remodel. They did exceptional work. You hear of some remodels being a nightmare, this was not the case with A+ Construction. They did an awesome job! From planning to completion it was a totally smooth operation. I would recommend A+ Construction Pro for any kitchen remodeling project.
Roseville, CA
We just got both of our bathrooms remodeled by A+ Construction and had a very great experience from start to finish. They were very accommodating and budget conscious which made the process very smooth and comfortable. Big thanks to the team who was on site from start to finish in the 100 degree heat accommodating our every need! Overall, we will consider them again in the future and highly recommend them due to their customer service and efficiency on completing our project.
Citrus Heights, CA
A+ Construction did a marvelous job on my kitchen. From beginning to end they ensured I was happy with the end result and made sure there were no issues and everything was communicated well. The team is very skilled at heir craft. I will recommend A+ Construction to all my friends and family. They all deserve an A+.
Sacramento, CA
We have been very pleased with the results of our kitchen remodel. Our project coordinator was a pleasure to work with and really helped us on the design concept and the multiple decisions we needed, but weren't really repared to make, like coordinating the various materials, colors and patterns, as well as choosing hardware, lighting, etc. He really hit the nail on the head and gave us a great new kitchen.
Carmichael, CA

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