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Life Quality In Roseville

Life quality in Roseville
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When it comes to living conditions in the state of California, it is hard to find downsides of this area, especially when we are talking about small cities such as Roseville!

However, it is still important to know a few aspects about the city which you are considering for moving in: some people will like to live in New York no matter the weather, the pollution or the loudness that comes with it, while for others all of these things will be unbearable!

Thus, it would be better to read an article like this to find out all of the weaknesses and strengths of Roseville, so that your decision whether to move there or not would be made with as much information about this city as possible!

Pros of Living in Roseville, CA

There are many important things one must take into account before deciding where to move, especially if a person is planning to move not alone, but with a family or with a thought of creating one in a new place.

Thus, we might start describing the strengths of Roseville with a reference to its neighbors. The overall population of this city is around 136 thousand people, which means that Roseville will not be too big or too small, a perfect combination for raising your children in a peaceful place with the ability to make new acquaintances still being present.

What is more, almost 70 percent of Roseville dwellers are owner-occupied homes, which could be an indicator of the high level of quality of life in this region: if Roseville is an unpleasant place to live, the city would be more of a rent-occupied location than an owner-occupied one.

Education in Roseville

And as long as we are on the topic of schools and the quality of education presented in Roseville, we might as well present you with a list of its schools in accordance with Niche assigned ranking:

  • As for elementary education, you will be pleased to know that Greenhills, Oakhills, and Ruhkala elementary schools are placed on the list of the 12 A+ rated educational establishments that are suitable for the youngest of the children in this district;
  • Middle schools are not too far in their quality of education as well, which is why your children will have an opportunity to go to John Adams Academy, Barbara Chilton Middle School, or Visions in Education and receive the best education from one of the four A+ rated middle schools in the region;
  • And last, but not least, is the high school level of education. In sync with the two previous levels, Roseville is happy to provide you with 3 out of 10 A+ rated high schools as well. These would be Visions in Education, Center High School, and John Adams Academy.

Although all of the schools listed above are public ones, you would be pleased to know that the rating of the quality of education is the highest. Thus, if you plan to give your children a public school education, you could rest assured that your children are in good hands!

And as for private school education, knowing the level that is provided by public ones, private schools would need to at least provide the same quality or even something more, as the parents would need to see the results provided by the money received by such educational establishments.

However, life with children requires more than simple access to highly-rated schools, you would also need to have some parks with playgrounds and day-care centers on days when you cannot sit with your kids all day long or the nanny became sick.

Recreation in Roseville

Roseville is a city that provides its dwellers with lots of amenities and recreations, and children are its main focus, which is why you would have an opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids in one of its parks or playgrounds, such as:

  • Wacky Tacky;
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park;
  • Promenade Outdoor Family PlaySpace.

Depending on your choice, you can end up spending your evenings on a picnic in the park or on the playground where both kids and their parents can be occupied.

And as for the day-care centers, young parents would be glad to know that there is a number of them placed in Roseville, including Childtime learning centers, Montessori House, Star, and Champions day-care centers. What is more, there is also a few urgent day-care centers that you could use on those sick days of your nanny, such as MD STAT Urgent Care, Med7 Urgent Care Roseville, and Urgent Care Elk Grove.

Life of adults

The last thing that we would like to mention in this paragraph is the amenities for the adults. No matter how much you would like to keep your kids preoccupied, having an opportunity for some quality time alone or with a few close friends and your partner is also a must.

In the morning, you could grab a cup of coffee at La Bou Bakery & Cafe, Cafe N'Z, or Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, or spend your afternoon on brunch with your besties at El Burrito, TOGO'S Sandwiches, or Chick-fil-A. Also, when craving something sweet, there are a few dessert shops that you could drive by and satisfy your need, such as The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs, Crepes & Burgers, and Noah's NY Bagels.

In addition, if you are a Mexican food lover, there are a few places that the locals enjoy the most, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Jalisco Fresh Grill, and Los Cabos Grill. And as for burgers, Buck & Sadies, Joe's American Classics, or Don Z's Family Restaurant seem to be the most popular places.

And although having a lot of places to visit while you are on the go or looking for the best spot for a romantic dinner is important, it is even more crucial that there would be the usual grocery stores near your house. While living in Roseville, this is not a thing that is worth stressing about, as it is always possible to find a store necessary for running your errands nearby, such as Ace Hardware, Nature-Expo, and Roseville Mini Market.

Cons of Living in Roseville, CA

Although we all would like to find a city that has only the advantages and nothing more, it is important to remember that such places do not exist. As long as we are all different from each other, one thing that you consider to be a strength will be a weakness for another, which is why some of us still prefer to live in New York or Los Angeles even though they are presented with an opportunity to raise their children in a friendlier environment of a city like Roseville.

  1. As for the downside of this city, it is important for you to know that Roseville is not the most walkable residence in the state. Almost all basic errands will require having a car or a bicycle. This also means that the noise levels in Roseville would not be as low as they could have been somewhere in an even smaller city.

However, Roseville is still not a big city in which you would need to use your car all the time, but in situations when you need to reach some destination very quick, especially during the weekdays, a car would be a requirement. Other than that, you could easily spend additional 20 minutes during your weekends walking from your house to a park or local restaurant. And with the beauty and the climate of a city like Roseville, you would not even mind doing so!

  1. In addition, you should also be aware of the fact that house prices in Roseville are a bit higher than the average ones across the USA. And it is quite logical if you think about the quality of education received in this city by your kids and thus, the requirements for the neighborhoods in Roseville.
  1. The climate of the city also makes it quite attractive in the eyes of many families, a fact that could explain the pricing policies as well: when everybody wants to live in Roseville, the real estate market’s prices will inevitably go up.

We think that although the pricing in this city cannot be available for everybody, it is still something that you should pay for to receive the quality of life as high as it is in Roseville, with great safety measures undertaken by the authorities, decent air quality, A+ rated school education and lots of amenities and recreations both for kids and adults.

All in all, when you think about all of the great things described by us above that Roseville can bring to you as its citizen, the downsides that it has are not nearly as important. In the end, paying a little bit more will give you a life quality that is not comparable to that of Los Angeles or any other big city!


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