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Lincoln, CA, Grows Fast, But It Is Still Safe To Live In

Lincoln, CA, grows fast, but it is still safe to live in
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The level of security of the city for living, both for a short period and permanently, is one of the first criteria that people take into account when picking a place where they want to buy or rent housing. Of course, everyone wants to live in a city where a person, his close circle, and his business will not be in danger. You can learn about the safety of the city from relatives, colleagues, or friends. However, the most reliable source is officially and constantly updated statistics.

From this article, you will learn how safe the city of Lincoln is for living, what place it occupies among other cities, and how many crimes of various kinds are committed in this place. We hope that after reading this article, it will be easier for you to choose a residence in Lincoln.

How is Data Collected to Summarize Statistics?

In the modern world, information comes from a variety of sources. Accordingly, more and more people are asking questions about how verified the information is and what its sources are, how reliable these resources and whether they can be trusted. Statistics for Lincoln city are compiled based on data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the frequency and nature of crimes, as well as data from the American Census, which includes information on the number of households and their composition.

Moreover, all information about the level of security in Lincoln, as in other American cities, is updated regularly and always contains links to official sources. For a better understanding, all data is presented in the format of interactive maps so that it is easier for people to understand the situation with the level of crime and security in the city.

The Crime Rate in Lincoln

To understand the general situation, you can explore some key figures:

  • On average, crimes are committed in Lincoln every 4 hours and 5 minutes.
  • If you, as the owner of the house, do not install a security system, then your house will be robbed with a probability of 300%
  • The crime rating in Lincoln is “D," that is, satisfactory or slightly above average.  

Unfortunately, the “D” score indicates that the crime rate in this city is higher than in most US cities. More precisely, 79% of cities in the country are not as criminal as Lincoln. In terms of per capita, every 43 residents of the city out of 1000 people are subjected to a crime.

These figures may seem frightening, but do not panic ahead of time. Let's take a better look at two factors that show the downside of the situation. Firstly, the figure on the number of crimes per capita may be distorted because the calculation does not take into account where a person is subjected to a crime. Thus, the number of acts of robbery and theft is much more often recorded in the central part of the city in the area of crowds of people, shopping centers, large shops, cafes, and restaurants. However, people do not visit these places so often, and there are also not so many residential quarters in these areas as outside the central city limits. In residential areas, the number of crimes committed is significantly lower and the level of security is higher.

Secondly, the most frequent crime committed is a property crime, in particular:

  • Burglary (12 people out of 1000 are subjected to this crime)
  • Vehicle theft (on average 2 people out of 1000 become victims of transport theft)
  • Theft (no more than 3 people out of 1000 become victims of theft)

All these crimes can be prevented by installing security and alarm systems in your homes and vehicles. Unfortunately, not all people do this and become victims of these crimes. However, in this category, the city has a grade of “C”, which is not so bad.

More serious and terrible crimes, such as murder, rape, child theft, robbery, or drug trafficking are committed in Lincoln quite rarely, and the crime rate of these acts is measured in one value or even smaller values, so rarely are these crimes recorded. Against this background, acts of vandalism stand out, which are often recorded in the city, but mostly vandalism is carried out in parks or recreation centers that are located far from residential neighborhoods.

All these figures indicate that, although Lincoln has a low estimate of the crime rate, before making a conclusion, it is necessary to study in which areas these crimes are most often committed, and with a high probability it will turn out that these are not residential areas, but crowded places and the central part of the city.

Comparison of Lincoln with Other Cities  

In the previous part, we have already partially made this comparison when we noted that 79% of cities in the United States are safer to live in than Lincoln, however, let's study this aspect in more detail.

Speaking of the cities neighboring Lincoln, it can be noted that the level of crime and, accordingly, security is not much different from Lincoln. Only the city of Granite Bay stands out, which, according to the aggregate assessment of the crime rate, has a score above average, all other cities also have average crime rates. Paying attention to property crimes, five cities nearby Lincoln have an excellent rating in this parameter, however, there is a slight bias here. The fact is that these cities are smaller than Lincoln and there are also fewer crimes there.

If we analyze cities whose population is comparable to Lincoln, we will conclude that, again, only one city of Sicklerville in New Jersey is completely safe to live in, since it has an excellent rating for property and violent crimes and, accordingly, an excellent overall rating. All other cities beat Lincoln by no more than one point, and some have the same indicators as Lincoln.

All in all, taking into account only the crime rate indicators, it turns out that Lincoln is safer than most cities in the state of California and also has the same level of security as the national average.

The Level of Safety for Living in Lincoln

It is easy to guess that each district of Lincoln has different crime rates, so it is important to highlight the safest areas of the city. This is important for understanding in which part of Lincoln it is better to purchase housing.

The safest part of Lincoln is the southwest area. The probability of becoming a victim of a crime in this part of the city is 1 in 77. At the same time, if you live in the opposite part of the city to the east, then this probability increases to the numbers 1 to 11. We can conclude that the difference is significant.

A large preponderance remains in the total number of crimes committed – in the southeastern part of Lincoln, less than 900 crimes are committed per year, while the southwestern part retains the status of a safer area since a little more than 50 crimes are committed here per year. From these numbers, we can make an unambiguous judgment that the southwestern part is the safest in Lincoln.  

Conclusion and Recommendations

In this article, we reviewed the number of crimes committed and compared these figures with other cities. Initially, it might seem that Lincoln is a very criminal city unsafe for life; however, during a detailed analysis, it turned out that this is not true. Moreover, some areas of the city are exemplary safe for life.

The most important thing is that when choosing an area, it is necessary to take into account the area and the specifics of crimes. In Lincoln, most crimes are burglaries, but the likelihood of becoming a victim of this crime can be significantly reduced by simply installing smart home security systems or alarms on each of your vehicles.

Regarding the area, we should understand that most crimes are committed in parks, shopping malls, and crowded places, so when you see that a large number of crimes are committed in the city, you need to specify in which places the vast majority of these cases are committed.


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