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Living In Sacramento: Reasons To Fall In Love With Your Life There

Living in Sacramento: Reasons to Fall in Love with Your Life There
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Have an abundantly delicious life in Sacramento!

Consider moving to Sacramento — a capital county of California, United States. It’s one of the most prestigious options within the borders of the USA, and it’s surprisingly cost-effective. Why do Sacramento and its districts become so appealing to people from all over the world?

California is one of the most appealing places for most people searching for a way to change their life and affect their perception of the world. It’s a cozy and warm territory filled with happy people and impeccable landscapes. It’s one of the flawless coastal areas for anyone to rent apartments and purchase the property. Real-estate companies, as well as the remodeling agencies, prove that the Sacramento is in growing demand.

We have gathered the statistics of the real estate agencies and the numerous reviews of people from all over the world looking for their perfect homes in the cities and small districts of Sacramento. We’ve managed to find out a lot about the primary reasons making them consider Sacramento appealing.

Sacramento Is Picturesque

All neighborhoods of Sacramento are designed and planned in accordance with the high-end building standards. Of course, every city and town has its drawbacks. Nevertheless, Sacramento is about cozy streets and properly arranged urban environment.

Sacramento itself is not huge. It’s a mid-sized city offering anything an average citizen might need — shops, educational resources, entertainment, recreation, pharmaceutical services, convenient living space, and anything you might desire.

One of the best things about the area is that it’s safe, thanks to the system of the eclectic mix of neighborhoods. The neighborhoods are structured with security in mind. There are four primary areas here:

  • Midtown. It’s one of the highly populated places in the city. If you have particular concerns when it comes to the way your place of residence will look, you’ll have to deal with a bit of inconvenience. This region is stuffed with people of various cultural and religious backgrounds. You can purchase a perfect family apartment with a magnificent garden neighboring a house inhabited by the unstable hippies dealing with nasty things. Yeah, Midtown is a highly walkable area. It will be a perfect place for anyone looking for new emotions and experiences in communication with new people.
  • East Sacramento. It’s one of the highly-priced areas when it comes to the real-estate business. Some of the Sacramento houses and residences are inherited, but most of them are situated in the South Park Land (read further to know more). East Sacramento offers partially pricey, but convenient apartment options with McKinley Park for the lovers of long walks and hogging sessions in the mornings.
  • South Land Park. The territory was constructed in the middle of the 20th century. Most apartments here are inherited by the generations of people who live here since the day they were born. The spot is about 4 miles from the center.
  • College Glen. Don’t get confused — it’s not a regular college town. There’s a number of comfortable and convenient residences for anyone who might be willing to find happiness in Sacramento.

Living in Sacramento: PROs & CONs

  • The area is highly populated, but the transportation system is very stable.
  • It takes an hour and a half to get to one of the picturesque beaches or mountaineering destinations.
  • Sacramento does not experience a lack of fresh water.
  • The place is quite close to Silicon Valley. You won’t have to pay for the purchase of a house or a long-term rental while having a highly-paid job.
  • Sacramento does not look like a habitual capital city. Its mood and the way of living depend on the geographical location of a district. It’s mostly quiet and inconspicuous.
  • Unfortunately, the area is stuffed with a significant number of homeless. They are not dangerous but can still be disturbing for a number of newcomers.

Top 10 Things to See in Sacramento

Numerous Americans agree that Sacramento is an entrance to California. The place is stuffed with the American cultural details and unique places if interest in their history.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park: Explore the Old Sacramento

It’s one of the largest and most picturesque areas for walking, strolling, and jogging. Its development started in the middle of the 19th century. Now it’s one of the main historical landmarks in the area. Google for the Gold Rush if you want to have a clearer idea about the style and the origin of the decorative elements of the old buildings. The Eagle Theatre might be one of the most attractive places for lovers of American history.

The Sacramento Railroad Museum: Dive Into American Historical Pride

More than 500 thousand people get here yearly. Surprisingly, it’s one of the most popular places in Sacramento. The California State Railroad Museum is one of the oldest parts of the city established at the end of the 19th century. It has legendary railroad cars and locomotives. The whole atmosphere was created to demonstrate that the locomotive industry and machinery were among the crucial industries of the United States on all steps of its development. There are photographs and official documents of the past, adding up the charm and informational details to the mood of the place.

Visit Crocker Art Museum: Inspire Your Creativity

At the beginning of its history (which started with its establishment in 1885), the majority of the exhibits revealing the historical development of the USA. Earlier it was considered a regular Art Gallery. Over time, it started to change into one of the most significant and most impressive touristic spots with pieces of art and numerous masterpieces from all over the world.

The museum was founded as a tribute to E.B. Crocker — one of the wealthiest citizens who invested a lot to arrange a vast collection of artworks from all over the world. After two years of traveling around Europe, he made up his mind that each American citizen has the right to see and feel the taste of real art.

Together with his wife, Edwin B. Crocker assembled his ideas and established an art gallery at their own home. Unfortunately, the owner of the collection passed away four years after his return from Europe, and in 1885 his wife turned her husband’s matter of life into an impressive art gallery and made it open to the public.

Visit Sacramento Zoo if You Love Animals

The way Americans treat animals in the sanctuaries, and public zoos demonstrates their moral and intellectual development. The Sacramento Zoo is quite old — it was established in the summer of 1927. There were only forty animals in it, but it was enough to attract a sufficient amount of visitors and turn into a 5.8 ha territory with about 500 hundred animals living here at present.

Throughout the years, the Zoological Society of Sacramento accumulated the funds to develop their Zoo in a comfortable and naturalistic habitat for the exotic animals from all continents of the world. Add this place to the list of attractions and explore the world of:

  • Reptiles;
  • Otters;
  • Penguins;
  • Fennec foxes;
  • Fruit bats;
  • Giraffes
  • Orangutans;
  • Grizzly bears;
  • Aardvarks…

The list will always be twice longer than you might imagine. Google for reviews and photos of the place to understand that this is one of the most decent places in Sacramento and in the United States, where animals are treated with respect and attention.

Sutter’s Fort: Pay Respect to Your Ancestors

Sutter’s Fort was an incredibly popular place established in the first part of the 19th century. It was highly popular in the Californian community before the Gold Rush began, putting a start to the alternative development of the county and the country in general. In the beginning, Sutter’s Fort was a regular trade colony. Their goods were mostly agricultural products, which is not surprising for a climate like this. At that time, the place was known as New Switzerland. It went through several steps of development:

  • 1839 — John Sutter, one of the Californian pioneers, established the settlement and named it New Helvetia.
  • 1841 — The main building of the fort was constructed so that the arriving American pioneers could live and work there. Soon the place became a non-Indigenous community.
  • 1843–1848 — Gold was found at one of the local sawmills, and John Sutter started to build the fort with tall walls, which was added to the infrastructure of the settlement. The place fell victim to the Gold Rush.
  • 1850 — As soon as the fort ran out of gold reserves, people started leaving the area, and in the middle of the 19th century, the place became fully deserted.
  • 1891–1893 — Sutter’s Fort was restored by a society of people who dedicated their lives to the restoration of the county’s famous historical places.
  • Since 1930, Sutter’s Fort is a part of California State Parks and one of the highly popular historical landmarks in the area.

California State Capitol Museum: More Curious Things to See

It was one of the governmental buildings at the end of the 19th century. The building itself is vast, but the most unusual historical items are presented in the basement of it and on the first floor. The museum features:

  • A tiny and cozy theatre where you can get introduced into the history of the Capitol building through short informational videos;
  • The mural belonging to one of the greatest American painters of that time — Arthur Mathews;
  • Rotating rooms;
  • Governmental reception rooms and restored offices;
  • A magnificent statue placed in the center of rotunda

Don’t forget to drop in a gift shop and have a leisurely stroll along the paths of the Capitol Park. It’s about 40 acres with more than a thousand trees of different types. There are over 150 memorials on the territory of the park grouped into streets and sections.

California Automobile Museum: Satisfy Your Thirst for the Retro Charm

There’s not much to say here because there’s no better way to describe the place as at least photos and videos. There are more than 150 exhibits there, including:

  • The earliest models of cars ever appearing on the American land;
  • Muscle cars;
  • Classic cars of different periods;
  • Race cars;
  • Pickup trucks.

California Vehicle Foundation helped to enrich the collection with vehicles used on the territory of the United States for the last 120 years. There’s a possibility to arrange a personal guided tour or to walk around the items on display on your own. Exhibitions are held daily.

B Street Theatre: Let the Show Begin!

At the initial steps of its development, the place was known as Fantasy Theatre. An enthusiastic actor founded it in 1986. Timothy Busfield wanted to recreate his personal, educational project for the kids in Sacramento. The theatre offered regular performances, and more than two hundred children still visit the place yearly.

When Fantasy Theatre turned into B Street Theatre, it started featuring performance for the adult audience as well. At present, the theatre offers the following programs:

  • Educational school tours for the kids destined to contribute to their emotional and artistic development;
  • Regular mainstage shows including dramas, comedies, and new plays of the talented writers;
  • Weekly performances for the families;
  • Events curated by the artists in their workshops;
  • Contemporary series of plays for the sophisticated public;
  • Classes and consultations destined to reveal the artistic qualities among the representatives of the younger generation;
  • Courses for the young actors.

Cathedral of The Blessed Sacrament: Feel the Presence of Holy Spirit

This place is a concentration of the Catholic faith in Sacramento. About a million Catholicism representatives visit the church regularly. Cathedral of The Blessed Sacrament was established at the end of the 19th century. It’s a very peculiar building kept in its pristine condition by the government and social institution. This representative of the cultural heritage is 61 meters tall and 30 meters wide. It can serve to 1.500 visitors at a time. There’s a 4-meter crucifix with more than a 4-meter crown above it. The interior of the church is beyond any words!

Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento: Join and Enjoy a Sports Event!

The arena was officially opened in 1988. Up to 2016, the building was the home and the official residence of NBA teams. Now it’s a regular indoor arena where you can support your favorite team and enjoy the show even if you’re not into sports — you’ll be amazed at the convenience and the preserved retro look of the inner space.
The unusual name was given to the place because of a local chain of retailers in Sacramento dealing with the sales of beds and mattresses.



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